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Mirror WAR – SW v. SH

March 31, 2011 4 comments

We hear it all the time – ‘my mirror is better than my class’ or ‘that realm has all the better classes’. Players constantly cry for balance with the assumption that balance does not exist. Does it? Are the mirrors truly imbalanced? A while ago I tried to probe my readers’ minds on the issue of class balance, but with such a general question the response was meager. Mayhaps people are shy talking about other classes or do not want to risk saying something that someone else will ridicule, so let me set up the stage for you. Instead of pandering to bias thoughts, I’ve gone a step further and actually done some research into the matter and would like to do an analysis of each mirror to see how they really match up. Maybe if I address each mirror individually and ruffle some feathers I can stir a directed discussion – your responses will be taken into account for my upcoming project =)

*All values for this project are taken from the PTS RR100 Templates. Core ability values were recorded without mastery points in the respective tree. Mastery-tree ability values were recorded at the level the ability was acquired (so if an ability is available at 5 mastery points, I used the tool-tip value from when 5 points were invested into that tree since you cannot use the ability at 0-4 mastery points)

I begin my project today by looking at the class I am most familiar with, the Shadow Warrior, and its archetypal mirror, the Squig Herder. I recognize that the SW’s mechanical mirror is the Marauder, but for all intents and purposes the SH is its mirror.

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The Stronger Race

March 29, 2011 9 comments

Four tactics slots. Four precious tactics slots… Every class has fifteen core tactics and nine mastery tactics, for a total of twenty-four tactics competing for the prized positions in your tactics bar. Of the fifteen core tactics four are common across the archtype, eight are unique to the class, and three are common to the race. While it may seem uncouth to splatter my blog with the words ‘race’ and ‘racial’, alas that is the topic of today’s discussion – the racial tactics and how they compete. So who has Mythic destined as the dominant race…? Read more…

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Renown Abilities Then and Now

March 28, 2011 2 comments

Before I jump into today’s post, just wanted to quickly refer you over to Sir Tru’s Questing Guide Site. Today I wanted to briefly discuss the ‘Renown Abilities’, you know, those abilities you unlock at Renown Rank 10,30, and 40 and hardly ever use (if at all). These abilities are attained via renown rank, and it is presumed that if you are getting renown, you are killing players, ideally in RvR lakes. To better assist your killing of players, particularly in keep sieges, these abilities were designed to address particular elements of the keep siege. However, these abilities only look good on paper, and in the end they are hardly used by their careers. In today’s age of Warhammer these abilities make little sense in the tiers they are handed out (what is a MDPS going to lockpick in T1…? what oil is a tank going to deflect?) and clearly need some re-adjustment – not to mention with 5 minute cool-down timers the abilities are less attractive. Let’s take a look at the individual archtypes and see what they have and how it can be improved. Read more…

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Scenario Design

March 25, 2011 13 comments

A while back Mythic started up a thread regarding scenario feedback shortly after the release of 1.4.1 – when the scenario line-up was shaken up the second time since the institution of the new scenario system. The thread focused on what players were happy to see changed in terms of the scenarios removed and the ones added. A few players have suggested an even spread of the different types of scenarios so players have a greater choice. I wanted to take a quick look at the different types of scenarios and ask you, my readers, if you had the power to design a new scenario, what would be your ideal design. Read more…

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The Drawing Board

March 22, 2011 4 comments

Today’s post is a bit of an extension off of the recent discussion regarding physical mitigation (and the community’s desire for magical mitigation to be addressed as well) and the roles of archtypes and how said roles are being exceeded by new gear and statistical combinations. Mythic needs to step back and go back to the drawing board from ’06 and try to understand what the intended roles of the archtypes/classes were if they are to fathom how to fix them. Was the ‘drawing board’ version of the archtypes perfect? No, but it made a hell of a lot more sense than what we currently have. Read more…

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Physical Mitigation

March 19, 2011 8 comments

First off, many thanks to those who came to support the mock-battle on the PTS yesterday. Had some fun fights and actually got to show people places they’d never seen before. My particular thanks to Developer Sean McNair for joining us in the fray and assisting with rezes of accidentally killed film-crew members and the slaughtered masses

Yesterday Steve Engle started a thread about upcoming proposed changes to Physical mitigation. Pretty much the Devs have admitted that the 1.4.0 post RR80 armor sets and weapons have made careers go ‘beyond their intended expectations’. The issue lay with the fact that in these new sets melee classes’ armor values are at the physical mitigation cap (75%) while tanks well exceed this value (rendering armor debuffs useless on them) and light armor classes approach the intended armor threshold of medium armor classes. The end result is that tanks are nay un-killable if specced defensively, yet can afford to speck offensively with relative comfort around physical dps classes; melee dps for the most part spec defensively because they can put all their renown points into offensive stats and simply by wearing defensive gear they become un-killable due to ProcHammer at its best. Mr. Engle asks the community what they think the caps should look like. He explains that simply adding more weapon skill or giving classes magic attacks is but a band-aid on the whole issue. Well Mr. Engle, I applaud you for your communication, but let’s be frank – adjusting physical mitigation is but one part of the problem and doing only this would be a band-aid on the whole issue. Read more…

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PTS Mock-Battle Update!

March 18, 2011 6 comments

Just a reminder, the mock-battle filming is today, March 18th at 8PM EST. If you wanna shorten the wait time feel free to update the patcher before hand (it may take a while) and create your toons and spec them as you wish. Also as a personal request – please purchase a normal looking mount – not the stupid birds. My wonderful friend Dilek has offered up our guild vent for the event – we will share vent info in region when the event starts. Should we for some unforeseen reason find more people in our vent than it can handle we shall revert to using smoke signals and banging stick against trunks. Bring friends, popcorn, and toe-socks!

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