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1.4.1 Reactions

March 2, 2011 6 comments

Well yesterday 1.4.1 launched and my poor SW was tossed head first into the blender of the tiny SCs. My experiences thus far have proven rather unsatisfactory, but such is the life of a SW. Already today we’ve had three bits of info hitting the news reels – James Nicholas leaving for Rift which I shrug at; SC Feedback thread by James Casey which I give thumbs up to – at least J.C. is communicating with the community and trying to process our desires, or so it seams; and lastly the February Producer’s Letter.

In terms of communication I’d say Mythic is improving, but I still have my concerns considering this patch was released at the launch of Rift and in my eyes would be the patch to compete with Rift, yet all we got was a few tweeks here and there, nothing new. The accelerated renown bonus this week which will no doubt launch more people into Doomflayer is most likely intended to quell the cries of people saying those sets are OP because I’m sure once players get those sets and are OP themselves, they will not complain about them. For this reason the renown bonus is troubling – it seems to be sidestepping the issue of the DF/WF renown sets.

The February Producer’s letter is a mixed bag. I do not want to revisit Grovod Caverns, the scenario was never anything but a spawn-camp fest, and I most of all do not want to see Mythic put the square peg in the circle hole by introducing a Skaven theme which can potentially lead to Order playing Skaven more. And then James mentions the Ironclad… great another SC where healers can heal through walls and melee trains bulldoze tight corridors. And here I thought Mourkain Temple and Gates of Ekrund were enough. The mention of a new live event is interesting, but it all depends on what it does and what it ushers in. If its just a quest and a ‘kill 50 enemies of chaos’ and ‘/smile at every career’ to win a 60-day event item.. this wont sell anyone. If this live event doesn’t usher anything new in then it will be horribly received. And of course a picture of more useless vanity pets which are once again… destruction friendly. Almost every armor set in the game is Destruction themed… then they gave us the snotlings as pets… now more gobbos… No one wants new useless pets. We want actual new content.

I’m still a casual player, I’m barely reaching the mid 80s and by the time I get DF others will get WF – the divide will still exist. Considering Mythic takes months to patch, and sometimes longer to reverse errors (if at all), I do not foresee them fixing the defensive DF/WF sets before it is too late. Morale among casual players is plummeting. You can give us a renown bonus for what its worth – but when we’re zerged in the RvR lakes and stomped in SCs by Rr90+s the end result is a further growing divide. I don’t know how much heart I’ve got left for WAR, I’ve been playing a SW since 2008 and the class has been side-lined into oblivion. Getting stomped in the RvR lakes and SCs is one thing, but to feel that the developers are doing nothing to address the glaring disparities in the game is another.

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