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Do You Like What You See?

March 4, 2011 1 comment

Two small developments in the world of WAR – first off we have the thread about Keep Doors (because we’ve gotten to the degree where talking about keep doors is the next big thing!) Basically about letting us attack and repair doors. I’m humored by all the mdps saying they have nothing to do during attacks and defenses (you know other than lock-pick in and fight on the first floor) – too many fair-weather players are afraid to lock-pick in and die and run back. Everyone wants siege ladders so they can fight within line of sight and jump off when they’re about to die so they can be healed up and climb back up the ladder. Get a rat ogre to toss you, same concept.

Secondly we have the ‘Like Warhammer’ Campaign to… lower the cost of the pack we all already bought last November. Err now this one really confuses me. Why would I want the cost to go down on something I already bought? Drop future prices, ok… but drop the price on something I already have? No incentive. Mythic, your marketing department needs some help.

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