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Communication Please!

March 8, 2011 10 comments

Pre 1.4.0 Mythic graced us with a live video Q&A aimed to address the questions players had regarding the upcoming changes. Irregardless of what people thought of the answers, the move was a leap in terms of Mythic’s communication with the player-base. That Q&A however focused primarily on the changes to ORvR and the Skaven (main questions players had at the time), but the need has arose for another Q&A because there are some serious questions that need addressing – primarily Mythic’s view of the new Doomflayer and Warpforged sets. I suspect that in Mythic’s testing of these sets they tested them against eachother (i.e. Doomflayer vs Doomflayer and Warpforged against Warpforged) which would give skewed results. The truth in the world of Warhammer is in fact different, players rarely fight someone in the same gear. Instead we have players in Annihilator gear fighting¬† Warpforged, something Mythic tried to amend by shoving the lower sets and renown ranks down to T3, but the problem still exists.

I’ve seen a Defensive Sov tank be man-handled by a Doomflayer Witch Elf; I’ve seen a melee RR100 DoK kill 6 people; I’ve seen feats performed that should not be possible – all because of the gear. I speak for much of the community when I say we would like to hear from Mythic what their reasoning/logic is for these sets and if they plan to address the issue. History has shown that Mythic is horrendously slow at amending the errs of past sets (Hierophants Grace for example took a year to readjust). Does the matchmaking scenario system even work? Today I fought a scenario with 12 players in a range of RRs from 70-85 on my side, not a single RR90+; the Destro side had 3 RR100s and handful of other RR90+s. Needless to say we couldn’t dent the enemy.¬† The three RR100s alone decimated our 12. This is not my idea of fun. So how about it Mythic, how about answering some of the questions the entire player-base has regarding these sets and the state of RvR?

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