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Scenario Matchmaking?

March 9, 2011 10 comments

Tap. Tap. Is this thing working? Yes, the Scenario Matchmaking system Mythic claimed to have introduced in 1.4.0… I’ve grown to believe that it indeed does not work. Scenarios are seen as an escape from the drudgery that is RvR, and lets admit it – RvR is boring as dirt. I don’t know how this matchmaking system is suppose to work but I’m getting rather tired of queuing into scenarios full of RR70ish to mid-80 Order versus RR90-100 Destro. Yesterday I was blessed with a succession of mind-blowing-fun scenarios where we were paired against three RR100 Destruction players (WE, DoK, Choppa) and Order’s higher RR was 86. Just one RR100 is sufficient to sway the tide of the scenario to that realms favor, but three? Seriously? Not only that, but I’ve grown to believe that Destro on Gorfang only knows how to play melee DoKs (with pocket healers) and tanks. Mythic should seriously evaluate which classes are played the most and why.












The last one is from Tor Anroc…. and before someone says ‘but what about Order’s classes’ let me assure you of all these scenarios, the highest amount of healers Order had in any was three – on average order has two healers and one tank per scenario. I recently did a city instance with 13 (Yes, Thirteen) DoKs, its a great pity I forgot to screenshot it.

Somehow things never seem… matched up?

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