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Mythic’s Got it Upside Down

March 11, 2011 2 comments

Today we got a thread asking the community…. what they want to be asked about/what they want to discuss. After a few posts James replied that the questions seemed to be geared more at the devs than what he was hoping for in terms of questions to stimulate discussion. The truth is that while the community may want to be asked questions and feel like their feedback/input means something, we really have more questions for the developers that we want answered. Sure I’d love for you to ask me about my thoughts, but what I really want to know is your thoughts, Mythic. Why haven’t you addressed physical RDPS yet? When will you balance the new armor sets and bring them in line with the rest of the armor sets? Are there any plans to ever give us new locations/T5 to fight in, or are we stuck in Praag for the next 6 years?

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