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Physical Mitigation

March 19, 2011 8 comments

First off, many thanks to those who came to support the mock-battle on the PTS yesterday. Had some fun fights and actually got to show people places they’d never seen before. My particular thanks to Developer Sean McNair for joining us in the fray and assisting with rezes of accidentally killed film-crew members and the slaughtered masses

Yesterday Steve Engle started a thread about upcoming proposed changes to Physical mitigation. Pretty much the Devs have admitted that the 1.4.0 post RR80 armor sets and weapons have made careers go ‘beyond their intended expectations’. The issue lay with the fact that in these new sets melee classes’ armor values are at the physical mitigation cap (75%) while tanks well exceed this value (rendering armor debuffs useless on them) and light armor classes approach the intended armor threshold of medium armor classes. The end result is that tanks are nay un-killable if specced defensively, yet can afford to speck offensively with relative comfort around physical dps classes; melee dps for the most part spec defensively because they can put all their renown points into offensive stats and simply by wearing defensive gear they become un-killable due to ProcHammer at its best. Mr. Engle asks the community what they think the caps should look like. He explains that simply adding more weapon skill or giving classes magic attacks is but a band-aid on the whole issue. Well Mr. Engle, I applaud you for your communication, but let’s be frank – adjusting physical mitigation is but one part of the problem and doing only this would be a band-aid on the whole issue. Read more…

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