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The Stronger Race

Four tactics slots. Four precious tactics slots… Every class has fifteen core tactics and nine mastery tactics, for a total of twenty-four tactics competing for the prized positions in your tactics bar. Of the fifteen core tactics four are common across the archtype, eight are unique to the class, and three are common to the race. While it may seem uncouth to splatter my blog with the words ‘race’ and ‘racial’, alas that is the topic of today’s discussion – the racial tactics and how they compete. So who has Mythic destined as the dominant race…?

Every class has four tactic slots and oh how we wish we had more, but alas the fact is we must make the tough decision and only allow four to pass. Every class has an utterly useless tactic they would never slot, or a tactic which is so situational that it’s not worth slotting – somehow my money’s on the racial tactics making it on one of these two lists.  Players recieve their racial tactics at ranks 11, 17 (resist tactic), and 23. So how do the races pair up? Do you actually bother using your racial tactics?


  • Emperor’s Ward – On being hit, a 25% chance to get a 10 second 375 absorb bubble; cannot proc more than once every 3 seconds. In the world of scaling with the progress of the game, this tactic falls horribly flat on its face. Really? A 375 absorb bubble marks the racial fortitude of the men and women of the Empire? That’s like a third of an auto-attack from a Choppa…
  • Unwavering Faith – 252 Spirit Resistance. While nice, with such low resistance soft caps, most classes will go above the soft cap with a healer’s buff and in the end will always have a better tactic than this one.
  • Sigmar’s Favor – Anytime you are healed by a direct heal, there is a 25% chance you will recover an additional 135 hit points. Um… 135 additional hit points?! This would be maybe acceptable in tier 1… but its a R23 tactic meaning it is absolute crap!
  • Conclusion – The Empire is weak!


  • Warped Flesh – On being hit, 25% chance to absorb 375 damage. Now this one doesn’t have the 10 second stipulation that its Empire counterpart has, but irregardless it is still pretty weak. In lower tiers when damage is still low this would be effective, but as the game progresses this tactic easily loses its place.
  • Tzeentch’s Warding – 252 Elemental Resistance presumably to counter those pesky Bright Wizards.
  • Backlash – On being hit, 25% chance to deal 250 elemental damage back to your attacker over 5 seconds. So… that’s 50 damage a second… Do you know how much health the bunnies in the Lost Temple of Isha have? Well, if they attacked you, you could burn them over 5 seconds… that is assuming they didn’t heal themselves for 1 point and have low elemental resistance.
  • Conclusion – The forces of Chaos need a new god!

High Elves

  • Centuries of Training – On attack, a 25% chance to deal an additional 252 spirit damage over 3 seconds. Thats 84 spirit damage a second. Wait let me get this straight… the High Elves train for centuries to get a crappy 3 second DoT? We’re DOOMED!
  • Bend the Winds – 252 Elemental Resistence… I suppose against the Shaman and Magus O.o Not exactly the most terrifying of foes.
  • Discerning Offense – Your attacks have a 10% lower chance of being defended. Ah, now we have a tactic that makes sense! This one is actually a good tactic, though its really hard to squeeze onto your bar.
  • Conclusion – The High Elves need millenia of training!

Dark Elves

  • Dark Blessings – Direct heals cast on you recover 10% more health. Now we’re talking. That is actually a good tactic. Slap it on three of the most OP classes in the game and a tank that can’t die and you’ve just added to their character.
  • Alignment of Naggaroth – 252 Spirit resistance…
  • Bathing in Blood – Anytime you kill you regain 471 hit points over 9 seconds… that’s 52 1/3 hit points a second. I somehow doubt this will determine the outcome of any battle.
  • Conclusion – Mythic as a spot in their heart for the Dark Elves!


  • Stoutness of Stone – you recover from stuns and knockdowns 50% quicker. While this tactic does have the potential of being very useful, I just can’t see it making the cut… maybe if you’re an IB… maybe.
  • Stubbornness – 252 Corp resistance, considering the two main culprits which deal corp damage have hefty corp debuffs, this tactic would quickly become negated.
  • Ancestral Inheritance – 660 Armor. Here we have a very nice tactic which many dwarves specced for survivability do slot – I use to know a handful of Runies who would slot this in fact.
  • Conclusion – Dwarves are ok I guess…

Greenskins – Orcs

  • I’m Da Biggest – 160 Wounds. Holy crap! A free 160 wounds?! That’s 34 renown points and two +20 talismen! Perhaps a bit too strong, particularly in comparison to all the other crap out there.
  • Don’t Bother Me None – 252 Spirit Resist
  • Stab You Gooder – Your crits deal 25% more damage. My gosh… first 160 wounds, now extra powerful crits…
  • Conclusion – Mythic LOVES Orcs

Greenskin – Goblins

  • Whazat Behind You?! – On being hit, 25% chance to detaunt enemy for 5 seconds causing them to deal 75% damage to you. A free detaunt is a rather potent thing to throw around. Whether or not gobbos slot this I do not know.
  • Too Smart for Dat – 252 Spirit Resistance.
  • RUN AWAY! – On being hit, 25% chance to increase speed by 30% for 5 seconds. Again a rather powerful ability, and many many shaman slot this + odjira. The combination + AoE knockbacks + Piss Puddle + Detaunts = unkillable kiting class.
  • Conclusion – Mythic Loves Gobbos!

There are clear disparities between the different races and which ones seem chosen for success. Mayhaps Mythic should take the time to look at these and scale them properly with leveling AND perhaps make them worthwhile to slot. One thing is for certain in my mind, the Greenskin are clearly the favored race in this situation.

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  1. March 29, 2011 at 3:36 AM

    There was one point when Mythic said they’ll be looking at rebalancing tactics next, presumably racial tactics aswell. Though I don’t know when that is.

    Discerning Offense was particularly nasty in the past because both AMs and SMs already had another tactic (core or mastery) that achieved the same or similar goal, with the SW having a core tactic relying on people defending. Great synergy.

  2. mystery meat
    March 29, 2011 at 9:52 AM

    The armor buff tactic for dwarves does little to help my Slayer if he happenes into the red zone of death. So maybe I too could have the wounds tactic or crit dmg increase? Please and thank you.

  3. March 29, 2011 at 11:19 AM

    The Empire shield isn’t on a 10 second cooldown. For Warrior Priests and Knobs it’s not bad. I was able to wade in and tank loads of people in PVP with minor heals with this and some other defensive tactics equipped. It procs alot.

    The Dwarf Stoutness helps you recover from Stuns. When was the last time you got stunned? 1.05? Earlier? Almost 2 years since stuns were taken out. Herp Derp Mythic.

    • March 29, 2011 at 1:13 PM

      Its a 10 second duration/cannot proc more than once every 3 seconds, so you can say a 3 second CD. Perhaps for a defensive specced Knight who takes low damage a 375 absorb bubble is nice, but I find it hard to believe there aren’t other better tactics out there for defense.

      • March 30, 2011 at 12:06 PM

        It was a nice solo/pug tactic that I would switch out when in a group. The option was worth it for me.

  4. March 29, 2011 at 7:09 PM

    No dark elf I know slots dark blessings, I once was told it was bugged so it’s pretty useless. (They said it only works if a fellow dark elf is healing you, and what DoK will use single target heals.. wait.. Mythic turned us into zealots)

    And poor poor empire 😦 Their racial tactics are certainly worse haha

    • March 30, 2011 at 12:04 PM

      I tested it out and it worked on group heals. This was before the RVR pack so things may have changed. It actually worked on my own group heals so it was really really nice. I used to slot it all the time.

  5. throatgrabber
    March 30, 2011 at 9:55 AM

    # Stoutness of Stone – you recover from stuns and knockdowns 50% quicker.

    from my testing back in the good old days of actually playing, this tactic was bugged to increase your stun/knockdown by 100%… unless destro have a 8sec knockdown i didnt know about

  6. Elemenstor
    March 30, 2011 at 4:58 PM

    Sorry, I got to Chaos and couldn’t help but think, “When your god gives you Backlash, you FIND A NEW GOD.”

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