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Mirror WAR – Engi v. Magus

The Engineer (Engi) and Magus are two range dps classes clad in light armor and with a stationary-pet mechanic. The Engineer dons a rifle and spanner with a assortment of attacks ranging from physical to corporeal damage; the Rifleman tree is primarily a long range tree focusing on physical damage; the Grenadier tree is a medium range tree focusing on Corporeal damage; and the Tinkerer tree is a short range tree focusing on corporeal and AoE damage. The Magus uses a staff and deals spiritual and elemental damage, so purely magical damage; the Havoc tree focuses on long range elemental attacks; the Changing tree focuses on medium range spiritual attacks; and the Daemonology tree focuses on short range attacks which are both elemental and spiritual. Both classes receive a 2% damage buff every 4 seconds they are within 25 feet of their pet, for a maximum damage bonus of 20%


  • The Engineer has three pets, each linked to a tree. The Gun Turret has a channeled attack and an armor debuff, this turret is intended for the Rifleman tree. The Bombard Turret has a corporeal attack and an aoe corporeal attack which hits all enemies within 20 feet of your target; this turret is meant to coincide with the Grenadier tree. The Flame Turret has a cone AoE attack and an 30ft AoE channeled attack, meant to coincide with the Tinkerer tree.
  • The Magus has three pets, each linked to a tree. The Pink Horror has an elemental attack which also debuffs the target’s elemental resistance, and an elemental DoT which also reduces the target’s chance to critically hit by 5%; this daemon is meant to coincide with the Havoc tree. The Flamer has a spirit attack which hits twice, and a spirit DoT which hits all enemies within 20 feet of your target; this daemon is meant to coincide with the Changing tree. Lastly, the Blue Horror has a spirit 40 foot AoE attack and a 30 foot channeled attack; this daemon is meant to coincide with the Daemonology tree.

Core Abilities

  • Aside from the standard detaunt and root the Engineer share several other core abilities, neither varying much. Both have a pet healing ability, the magus’s is stronger by a little; both have a pet-relocation ability which is identicaly, both have a pet self-destruct ability which deals AoE damage and knocks down all enemies within 30 feet for 3 seconds; both have a melee attack which snare their target by 40% for 10 seconds(Magus’s deals 519 spirit damage, Engi’s deals 640 physical damage); and both have a +1012 armor buff which wears off after 20 hits. So for core abilities they are identical.


  • For Morale 1 the Engineer gets Autoloader which increases his AP regen by 30% for 10 seconds. At Morale 2 the Engi gets Armor Plating which decreases the amount of damage his group takes to 80% for 20 seconds. at Morale 3 the Engi gets Cannon Smash which deals 2720 damage instantly to their target and reduces their armor by 1610 for 30 seconds.
  • For Morale 1 the Magus gets Grasping Darkness which deals 903 damage over 6 seconds(150.5dmg/s) and snares the target by 60% for 6 seconds. For Morale 2 the Magus gets Roiling Winds which deals 340 damage every second for 4 seconds to the target and all enemies within 20 feet of them. For Morale 3 the Magus gets Conduit of Chaos which decreases the cost of all their abilities to 0 AP for 10 seconds.


  • Engineer
    • Concussive Mine – Land Mine also increases the Build Time of the enemy’s abilities by 50% for 10 seconds
    • Coordinated Fire – Signal Flare also causes your target to take 15% more damage
    • Hand-Crafted Scope – Increases your Auto-Attack speed by 50% with a gun
    • Proximity Alarm – Your and your group’s chance to detect enemies is 50% higher when within 20 feet of your turret
    • Reinforced Casting – Your turret’s wounds are increased by 184
    • Rune of Forging – When you construct a turret it gains a 1317 absorb bubble for 180 seconds
    • Steady Hand – You have a 50% lower chance of being set back
    • Tangling Wire – Barbed Wire (root) will snare your target by 40% and deal 246 damage over 5 seconds on ending.
  • Magus
    • Daemonic Withering – Withered Soul also causes your target to take 15% more damage
    • Flame’s Kiss – Red Winds and Flickering Red Fire are undefendable
    • Infernal Flash – Your daemon’s wounds are increased by 184
    • Infernal Pain – Surge of Insanity deals an additional 576 damage over 6 seconds
    • Lasting Aegis – Aegis of Orange Fire lasts 10 seconds longer
    • Surging Power – The critical damage of Infernal Blast, Surging Violet Flare, and Surge of Insanity is 50% higher
    • Unearthly Shriek – Daemons have a 15% chance to taunt their target interrupting them and causing them to take 20% more damage from the Daemon for 5 seconds


  • The right-hand tree of both classes focuses on long range attacks. The Engineer deals primarily physical damage in this tree while the Magus deals elemental damage. The Engineer’s tool-tip damage values are only slightly higher despite it dealing physical damage.
    • For core abilities the Engineer’s Incendiary Rounds deal 1625 corporeal damage over 15 seconds (108.3 dmg/s); the Magus’s Baleful Transmorgification deals 1430 elemental damage over 15 seconds (95.3 dmg/s). Both have the same cast-time, cost, range, and cooldown.
    • The Engineer’s Hip shot deals 686 physical damage and was intended to be used as a range attack that had no minimum range, but with the elimination of minimum range a few patches ago this ability lost its uniqueness. The Magus’s Surging Violate Flare with the same cast-time, range, cooldown, and cost deals 432 elemental damage.
    • The Engineer’s Signal Flare costs 40AP and deals 2261 damage over 21 seconds (107.6 dmg/s) and debuffs the targets chance to block and dodge by 5%. The Magus’s Withered Soul costs 25AP with 2060 damage over 20 seconds (103 dmg/s) and debuffs the target’s chance to disrupt by 5%.  The main difference here is AP cost.
    • For the 2s Cast abilities the Engi gets Gun Blast which deals 1033 damage and costs 40AP. At 35 AP the Magus’s Flickering Red Flare deals 575 elemental damage. While the gap may seem large in values, taking resistances at their current state into account, given the target is sitting at maximum resistances the Engineer’s attack would hit at 258.25 after armor check (discounting toughness) and the Magus’s would hit at 345. So once again, the gap is misleading as the Magus pulls out ahead.
    • The final ability in the tree is a tad different for both classes. The Engineer has a channeled attack (Focused Fire) which deals damage per second over 3 seconds (1872 total); the Magus has Mutating Blue Flare which has a burst elemental hit with a following elemental DoT (726+741/9s = 1467), but again taking resistances into account AND the fact that half of the Magus’s damage is a DoT we get mixed results. The Engi after capped resistances is left at 468 damage, while the Magus sits at 880, granted half is a DoT which can be easily healed through.
  • For mastery abilities the classes have some similarities. Both classes MR 5 ability (Crack Shot and Perils of the Warp) are a burst attack with a 3 second disarm, the difference again being physical vs elemental damage. Both MR 9 abilities are a 3s cast undefendable attack  with a 150 foot range, but again the Engi’s 300 tool-tip damage advantage does not compensate for the mitigation difference. The MR13 abilities however differ a little, both however do have a 80ft range and high CD. The Engineer gets Phosphorous Shells deals 449 corporeal damage to the target, then deals an additional 760 corporeal damage over 15 seconds to the target and all enemies within 20 feet of the target. The Magus on the other hand gets Tzeentch’s Firestorm which is a 6 second channeled GTAoE attack that deals 473 damage every 2 seconds to all targets in the affected area. I’d say both abilities while different match up in terms of end result.
  • For tactics the classes differ on all three accounts. The Engineer with Stopping Power can give Hip Shot (1s Cast) a short knock-back (intended to take melee off them); with Hollow-Points Snipe and Gun Blast gain a 725 DoT over 5 seconds; and with Quick Reloader the Rifleman abilities cost 35% AP less. The Magus however gets Fiery Winds which allows Flickering Red Flare (2s Cast) and Surging Violet Flare (Insta Cast) to hit an additional enemy within 15 feet of the target; Changer’s Blessing allows Surging Violet Flare to heal you for 50% of the damage dealt (like Searing Vitality for the BW); and with Chaos Unleashed the Havoc abilities have a 15% higher chance to critically hit.
  • For Morale 4 the Engi gets Scattershot which deals 680 damage/s for 4 seconds to all enemies with 40 feet in front of the Engi. The Magus gets Soul Leak which deals 2712 damage over 10 seconds and causes the target to lose 50 AP every 2 seconds for a total loss of 250 AP.


  • The middle tree for both classes focuses on medium range attacks (65 feet) which deal magical damage. The Engineer’s tool-tip values are slightly higher in most abilities for this pairing. All core abilities have the same effects with the same  AP costs, cool-downs, and cast times.
    • Both classes have a 1s cast ability with no cooldown- the Engineer has Fire Bomb which deals 516 corporeal damage; the Magus has Red Winds which deals 459 spirit damage.
    • Both classes have an insta-cast, no-cooldown, AoE DoT which also lowers the resistance of the respective tree. The Engineer has Acid Bomb which deals 910 corporeal damage over 21 seconds (43.3 dmg/s) to all enemies within 20 feet of the target and have their corporeal resistances reduced. The Magus’s Glean Magic has the same effects except with spirit damage, but lasts 20 seconds and deals 790 spirit damage (39.5 dmg/s).
    • Both classes have a 1s cast AoE interrupt – the Engineer’s Flashbang Grenade deals 546 corporeal damage and interrupts all enemies with in 20 feet of their target; the Magus’s Surge of Insanity has the same effects with 492 spirit damage.
    • Both classes have an AoE DoT which hits all enemies within 20 feet of their target – the Engineer has Fragmentation Grenade which deals 1165 physical damage over 15 seconds; the Magus has Pandemonium which deals 1100 spirit damage. The main difference here being the Engi deals physical damage, unless this is a tool-tip error.
    • The last ability in both trees is a 1s cast short range knock back – the Engi has Concussive Grenade which deals 546 corporeal damage; the Magus has Warping Blast which deals 492 spirit damage.
  • For mastery abilities the classes share the MR 5 and 13 ability, while the MR 9 ability is different for both
    • At MR5 both classes have a 15 second DoT which has an AoE burst at its end. The Engineer has Sticky Bomb which deals 870 corporeal damage over 15 seconds and a burst of 262 on end. The Magus has Seed of Chaos which deals 795 spirit damage over 15 seconds and a burst of 248 on end. Both MR 13 abilities are a 30s 20 foot GTAoE which get’s progressively stronger as it nears the end of its duration.
    • For MR 9 we have our two unique abilities. The Engi gets Strafing Run which is an insta-cast 65 line AoE that deals damage and knocks all targets back. The Magus however gets Indigo Fire of Change which is a 6s channeled atack that deals 744 spirit damage every 2 seconds and if anyone is killed by the ability, the Magus regains 120AP over 6 seconds
  • For tactics the two share only one tactic, the MR 7 tactic which increases the range of the tree by 25% (to 81 feet). At MR3 the Engi gets Extra Powder which increases the AoE of Acid Bomb (corp debuff) and Fragmentation Grenade (15s DoT); the Magus gets Endless Pandemonium (15s DoT) which allows Pandemonium a 50% chance to reapply itself on end – the differences are subtle and not really worth argument. At MR13 however we do have a greater difference – the Engi can reduce the cost of the Grenadier tree’s abilities by 35% while the Magus can increase the critical hit chance of the Changing tree abilities by 15%.
  • For Morales the Engineer gets Artillery Barrage which deals 680 damage per second over 4 seconds to all enemies in a 30 GTAoE. The Magus gets Daemonic Scream which deals 2720 damage to all enemies within 65 feet.


  • This tree for both classes is about fighting in close quarters (20 feet) and using your gadgets/daemons to maximum effect in close quarters. The Engineer deals primarily corporeal damage in this tree, while the Magus deals both elemental and spiritual damage. Overall the abilities are mirrors, and the Engineer’s have higher tool-tip values.
    • Both classes have a 40 foot AoE cone which is a DoT. The Engineer’s Friction Burn deals 1173 damage over 9 seconds; the Magus’s Infernal Blast deals 920 elemental damage over 9 seconds.
    • Both classes have an insta-cast no-CD aoe attack, however the Magus’s is unspecific as to direction and range. The Engineer’s Blunderbuss Blast is a 40 foot  cone dealing 571 physical damage; the Magus’s Daemonic Lash is also a 40 foot cone, I believe, which deals 358 spirit damage.
    • Both classes have a ‘pet’ that detonates when an enemy nears its proximity, which staggers all enemies within 30 feet of the object for 9 seconds. The Engineer’s is called Land Mine, the Magus’s is Daemonic Infestation.
    • Both classes have a group buff which increase the resistance of their mirrors primary damage type. The Engineer’s Burn Salve buffs elemental resistances, while the Magus’s Daemonic Resistance buffs corporeal resistances.
    • The final ability is a little different for both with essentially the same effect. The Engineer’s Static Discharge is an insta-cast 3s CD 30 foot corporeal attack. The Magus’s Warpfire is a 3s channeled 30 foot AoE which deals elemental damage per second, but it has a 13 second cooldown. While the Magus’s lasts longer, in the same time frame of 12 seconds the abilities have the same damage potential.
  • For mastery abilities the classes have similar effects with differences which set them apart.
    • At MR5 the Engineer gets Lightning Rod which is a GTAoE that deals corporeal damage every 3 seconds for 9 seconds to all enemies within 30 feet. The Magus gets Agonizing Torrent which deals spiritual damage every 3 seconds for 9 seconds to all enemie within 30 feet but its from the Magus’s disk so it follows him around.
    • At MR 9 the Engineer gets Bugman’s Best which is a keg that heals all allies within 30 feet for 324 every 3 seconds for 30 seconds. The Magus gets Aegis of Orange Fire which increases the Magus’s wounds by 240 for 20 seconds and has 25% chance to deal back elemental damage on being hit. In effect the Engineer has a potentially higher HP fluctuation (+3240/30s) but it is a HoT; the Magus has a lower one (+2400 instantly for 20s) but it is burst, and at the end it loses this health.
    • At MR 13 both classes have their 75 foot pull and 30ft snare.
  • For Tactics both classes at MR3 can insta-summon their pets and redeploy them at no cost. Also at MR 7 both classes have their damage increased by 15% if they are within 45 feet of their target. At MR 11 however the tactics differ – the Engineer’s chance to critically hit is increased by 15% as long as they are within 20 feet of their turret; the Magus can increase the toughness of their pet
  • For Morales the Engineer once again has a 4s duration morale that deals 680 damage per second to a 30 foot GTAoE – absolutely no different from their Grenadier M4, and only moderately different from their Rifleman M4 simply because that one is a cone attack. The Magus on the other hand gets to summon a Firewyrm for 16 seconds that runs rampant attacking whatever it likes.


By technicality both classes share most of their abilities and are very close mirrors in this aspect. This, however, is not the only aspect by which to judge the two classes. First and foremost, the long range tree has a huge shortcoming for the Engineer – it is physical damage. The Magus retains magical damage throughout all of its trees which due to current resistance caps deal more damage. Even when the Magus’s tool-tip value is half that of the Engineers in the Rifleman/Havoc trees, after resistances the Magus’s attack comes out on top. Unless they are tool-tip errors, the Engineer has some physical attacks creep into his other trees as well hampering his performance. One could however argue that this is compensated for in the middle and right trees, as both classes deal magical damage in those trees and the Engineer’s tool-tip values are higher. Yes, this argument can be made, but in the end the Magus can opt to spec down their single-target long-range tree and excel against all targets, while the Engineer cannot. So in single target damage the Magus wins, but in AoE damage the Engineer does – marginally.

Going beyond the physical v. magical damage divide we come to other spheres in which the two classes compete. The one that comes to mind first are morales – the Engineer’s core morales easily trump the Magus’s, particularly with a very potent group damage reduction buff and a very powerful damage burst and armor reduction at Morale 3. The Magus’s core morales fall short with its morale 3 perhaps being the best, assuming the creature lives long enough to see morale 3. But then going beyond morale 3 we enter the realm of the specced morale 4s in which the Magus wins on most accounts (the Firewyrm being the exception). The Engineers morale 4s are not only bland, but two of them are exactly the same.

When one looks at the other aspect of the class – tactics – the engineer falls short once more. Steady Hand is useful for a tree no one specs into, Proximity Alarm is a joke, and most importantly the MR11 tactics in the Rifleman and Grenadier trees both lower AP cost – a valuable notion no doubt, but it cannot compete with a +15% critical hit chance. The Magus on the other hand has tactic after tactic which directly affects an ability, granted some of these abilities aren’t enhanced by much with the tactic, but nonetheless the tactics are more direct. While the Engineer can attain a +15% crit chance across the board, it is only if it’s ball-and-chained to its turret, which in my opinion is suicide.The tactics don’t differ much, but it seems whenever they do the Magus’s seem just a tad better.

In a game revolving around mobility, the Engineer and Magus are two classes bound to a stationary pet, the Magus less so. Their damage is low, intended to be supplemented by the pet’s damage AND augmented by staying near the pet, but this creates a class with cement-feet. Staying within 20 feet of your pet in order to retain a damage buff you need to stay on par with other dps classes AND kiting is virtually impossible and highly unrealistic.

Are the Engineer and Magus mirrors? They’re pretty darn close. If physical and magical mitigation were ever brought closer to be on par then we could say that they are. The discrepency between the Rifleman’s physical damage and Havoc’s magical damage sets the two apart putting the Magus in the lead. Ability for ability there is little argument for one being stronger than the other. Tactic for tactic they are relatively close, but I believe in the end the Magus has the edge with increased critical damage; however, in the end the argument will always come down to burst vs sustainability. There are certainly some changes that can be made to the Engineer’s tactics and morale 4’s to bring it closer in line with the Magus – I think with a few tweeks in tactics and morales both classes could remain different enough,  yet on par with each other. Likewise, there are certainly changes that can be made to both classes to bring their damage in line with the big kids on the block.

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  1. April 5, 2011 at 4:42 AM

    The Magus is superior to all other classes with two things- epic looks and land surfing! EFFIN LANG SURFING!:D NOTHING competes with that XD

    • April 5, 2011 at 1:53 PM

      SW looks way better

  2. April 6, 2011 at 1:14 AM

    SW are elves..how can you say that they look good?! 😉

    I hope that Riflemen-Spec is useful after the changes to physical mitigation..it’s just frustrating if you hit a sorc for 2,8k..and the next one for 300 damage (both with m2, armor debuff, etc..)

    • April 6, 2011 at 12:34 PM

      Ahh because we wear pants! All those other elves (dark elves included) wear dresses!

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