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Mirror WAR – RP v. Zealot

The Runepriest and Zealot are two healing careers with an interesting twist to their mastery tree division. Whereas the other two healers have their trees divided into healing abilities, damaging abilities and buffing abilities, the RP and Zealot have their trees divided into single target direct heals/damage, HoTs & DoTs, and AoE heals and damage. This set up made it so that prior to recent changes both healers could never be fully efficient in healing as they couldn’t put all their mastery points in the ‘heal tree’. Instead they were fully efficient in say single target heals and damage, or HoTs and DoTs, etc. Recent changes have restructured their mechanic so that their intelligence and magical properties transferred over to willpower and healing properties, and vice versa. In general the Zealot’s damaging and healing abilities have higher tool-tip values than the Runepriest. The Runepriests damaging abilities deal elemental damage, the Zealot’s damaging abilities deal corporeal damage.

Core Abilities

  • Both classes have a core AoE knock back, 15 second HoT, detaunt, a cleanse, a resurrection-upon-death blessing, and a general detaunt which also causes the character’s abilities to cost 25% AP less for 10 seconds – the biggest drawback to this ability is its 3 minute cool-down. So core ability for core ability we have exact mirrors.


  • For Morale 1 the RP has Rune of Insanity which deals 680 damage and causes the target to lose 200 AP. For M2 the RP has Mountain Spirit which increases the armor of the group by 1518 and the resistances by 579 for 10 seconds. For M3 the RP has Rune of Rebirth which heals the RP instantly for 1360 and an additional 2721 over 9 seconds (302.3 hp/s).
  • For M1 the Zealot has Tzeentch’s Talon which reduces their targets armor by 1518 and all resistances by 579 for 15 seconds – I believe the only healing class to be able to do so. For M2 the Zealot has the exact mirror of Mountain Spirit, Eye of Sheerian which buffs the groups armor by 1518 and resistances by 579 for 10 seconds. For M3 the Zealot has Suppressing the Fragile Unbelievers which deals 1379 damage to all targets within 30 feet over 7 seconds (197 dmg/s) and silences them for the same amount of time.


  • Runepriest
    • Blessing of Grungi – Critical direct heals bless your target for 10s causing incoming heals to be 25% more effective
    • Cleansing Vitality – Rune of Cleansing heals your target for 570 over 9 seconds
    • On Yer Feet! – Rune of Life, Rune of Sanctuary, and Grimnir’s Fury (all rezes) heal 360 over 5 seconds (72 hp/s) and restore 70AP to your target.
    • Potent Runes – Rune of Striking (direct damage) and Rune of Immolation (DoT) are undefendable
    • Regenerating Shield – Rune of Regeneration (core HoT) has a 25% chance on each tick to increase your target’s armor by 1056 for 10 seconds and reduce incoming armor penetration by 10%.
    • Sundered Motion – Rune of Sundering’s (AoE KB) cool-down is reduced to 20 seconds and will snare all enemies hit by 40% for 10 seconds
    • Swift Runes – Rune of Cleansing has its cool-down removed but costs 40AP now (up from 25AP)
    • Thick-skulled – Removes the chance to be setback while casting Grungi’s Gift (insta-cast), Rune of Mending (1s Cast), and Rune of Serenity (1s Cast HoT that bounces from ally to ally).
  • Zealot
    • Blessing of Chaos – Critical direct heals bless your target for 10s causing incoming heals to be 25% more effective
    • By Tzeentch’s Will – Critical direct heals increase your morale by 200 points, cannot trigger more than once every 3 seconds.
    • Drink Deeply – Tzeentch’s Cordial (core HoT) heals an additional 392 hit points on end
    • Empowered Alteration – Leaping Alteration (1s Cast HoT that bounces from ally to ally) restores 48 AP over 9 seconds.
    • Endless Gifts – Glimpse of Chaos (cleanse) has its cool-down removed but costs 40AP now (up from 25AP)
    • Scourging Warping – Warp Reality (DoT) deals 10% more damage and each tick has a 20% chance to make the next Scourge (2s cast direct damage) to be an instant cast.
    • Warping the SPirit – Tzeentch’s Cordial (core HoT) has a 25% chance on each tick to increase your target’s armor by 1056 for 10 seconds and reduce incoming armor penetration by 10%.
    • Waves of Chaos – Rituals now pulse 150 corporeal damage every 3 seconds to all enemies within 10 feet, based on level of mastery.


  • This tree for both classes focuses on direct abilities – direct heals and direct damage. The Zealot’s abilities are more potent. All core abilities have the same AP costs, CDs, cast times, and ranges.
    • All core abilities are shared – a 1 hour strength/intelligence/basllistics buff with the RPs buffing their target by +50 (Oath Rune of Power) and the Zealots buffing their target by +62 (Mark of Daemonic Fury); an insta-cast damaging ability (Rune of Fire with 234 elemental damage/Tzeentch’s Cry with 269 corporeal damage); a 2s-cast heal (Rune of Restoration ~1368hp/Elixir of Dark Blessings ~1528hp); a 60 second wounds buff (Protection of Ancestors +100 wounds/Daemonic Fortitude +124 wounds); a 2s-cast damage burst (Rune of Striking/Scoruge); and an insta cast heal with no cool-down, also known as a ‘flash-heal’ (Grungi’s Gift/Flash of Chaos).
  • Both classes have essentially the same mastery abilities: an GTAoE Master Rune/Ritual that grants players in its radius a 20% chance on attack to regenerate 50AP (Mastery Rune of Fury/Ritual of Innervation); a damaging attack that heals the character’s defensive target (Rune of Fortune/Boon of Tzeentch) – with a difference that the RP’s heals the defensive target for 100% of the damage dealt but has no CD, while the Zealot’s heals their defensive target for 150% of the damage dealt but has a 5s CD; and lastly a damaging attack that staggers the target for 9 seconds (Rune of Binding/Aethyric Shock)
  • For tactics both MR3 tactics increase the critical hit/heal chance of the character’s instant-cast damaging ability, 2s-cast damaging ability, and ‘flash-heal’ by 15% (Runic Blasting/Chaotic Force). At MR11 both tactics cause direct damaging abilities on critical hits to reduce incoming heals on the target by 50% for 5 seconds (Rune of Nullification/Changer’s Touch).
    • The only difference in tactics is the MR7 tactic. RPs get Ancestor’s Blessing which grants heals a 25% chance to give targets 50AP, but it doesn’t work on the RP. Zealots get Manipulation which on direct heals has a 25% chance to deal 25% of the healing dealt as damage to the Zealot’s offensive target.
  • For Morale 4’s the RP gets Rune of Ending which deals 1200 damage to all enemies within 30 feet and heals group members for the damage dealt. Zealots get Tzeentch’s Shielding which instantly gives group mates 250 AP and also gives them a 6120 absorb bubble for 20 seconds.


  • This tree for both classes focuses on abilities that have durations (HoTs and DoTs). For this paring some abilities have exactly the same values, for some values the Zealot’s ability is marginally better (as in single digit difference in tool-tip value) and for some abilities the Zealot’s tool-tip value is noticeably higher.
    • All five core abilities are mirrored in function: an insta-cast DoT (Rune of Immolation ~700 elemental damage over 15 seconds/ Warp Reality with the same value but corporeal damage); a 10 second 660 absorb bubble with a heal on end (Rune of Shielding ~453HP on end/Veil of Chaos ~458HP on end); a 1s-cast heal with a 5s HoT (Rune of Mending/Dark Medicine); a buff that increases a group-member’s initiative and willpower by +62 for one hour and can be activated to deal damage over time (Oath Rune of Iron with 488 elemental damage over 9s/Mark of the Spell Destroyer with 552 corporeal damage over 9 seconds); and a damaging attack with a 4 second silence (Spellbinding Rune/Tzeentch’s Lash).
  • For mastery abilities only one ability is shared – the MR9 ability which is a channeled attack that deals damage over 6 seconds (Rune of Burning/Storm of Ravens).
    • At MR5 the RP gets the Master Rune of Speed which reduces the build-times of all players in its radius by .25s; the Zealot gets the Ritual of Superiority which grants players a 20% chance on being hit to gain a 378 absorb shield over 10 seconds.
    • At MR13 the RP gets the Rune of Fate which deals elemental 1750 elemental damage over 24 seconds (73dmg/s) and heals their defensive target for the damage dealt. The Zealot gets the Mirror of Madness which curses the target and causes them to take corporeal damage every time they cast a direct-healing ability.
  • For tactics one tactic is shared, the MR11 tactic which under the mechanic which transforms willpower and healing properties into intelligence and magic properties, direct damaging abilities heal your defensive target for 50% of the damage dealt (Efficient Rune Carving/Transference).
    • At MR3 the RP gets Immolating Grasp which grants the Rune of Immolation (DoT) a 25% chance on tick to drain their target of 30AP and snare them by 40% for 5 seconds. The Zealot gets Lashing Waves which causes Tzeenthc’s Lash (silence) to affect all enemies within 20 feet of your target.
    • At MR7 the RP gets Earth Shielding which enhances Rune of Shielding (Absorb shield) by causing each attack against the shielded player to debuff a random statistic of the attackers by 120 points for 10 seconds. The Zealot gets Tzeenthc’s Refreshment which on direct heals has a 25% chance to give the target 50AP, but it doesn’t work on the Zealot (a mirror of the RP’s MR7 tactic in the Grungi tree).
  • For morale 4’s the RP gets Valaya’s Shield which heals the group for 2712 and 375 AP over 15 seconds. The Zealot has the same morale worded a bit different, Tzeentch’s Scream.

Grimnir/Dark Rites

  • These trees are focused on area-of-effect abilities, both healing and damaging. Some abilities have the exact same values, some abilities the Zealot has higher tool-tip values, and for some abilities the Runepriest has higher tool-tip values.
    • Of the core abilities both classes have: an insta-cast 5s cool-down 30 foot AoE (Rune of Might/Rite of Agony); a group resistance buff (Oath Rune of Warding/Mark of the Vortex); a Hot which bounces between 6 people, with the Zealots healing 846/9 seconds to the Runepriests 750/9s (Rune of Serenity/Leaping Alteration); an insta-cast 40 foot cone DoT with the RP’s at 600 elemental damage over 9s and the Zealots at 528 corporeal damage over 9s (Rune of Cleaving/Demon Spittle); and a 2.5s cast group heal (Blessing of Valaya/Dust of Pandemonium).
  • Of the mastery abilities one is directly shared – the MR5 ability which is a GTAoE that heals allies every 3 seconds (Mastery Rune of Adamant/Ritual of Lunacy).
    • At MR9 the RP gets the Rune of Battle which is cast on an ally and deals damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds to all enemies within 30 feet of the affected ally (Rune of Battle). the Zealot has a similar ability which is cast on an enemy player and deals damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds to all enemies within 30 feet of the target. Both are very similar in their nature but slightly different.
    • At MR13 the RP gets Grimnirs Fury which is an AoE ressurect without resurrection sickness. The Zealot gets Wind of Insanity which is a 6 second channeled ability which knocks back players every 2 seconds a short distance and does not give immunity timers.
  • For tactics only one is shared – the MR11 tactic which gives direct heals a 25% chance to give the target an absorb bubble for 10 seconds (Ancestor’s Echo/Tzeentch’s Grip).
    • At MR3 the RP gets Extended Battle which increases the range of Rune of Battle  (30ft DoT on ally)and Rune of Cleaving (40ft cone) by 50%. The Zealot however has Sweeping Disgorgement which gives Demon Spittle (40ft cone DoT) a 767 armor debuff and 292 resistance debuff for 9 seconds.
    • At MR7 the RP gets Concussive Runes which grant all Grimnir attacks a 25% chance to detaunt the target for 15 seconds. The Zealot gets Swirling Vortex which grants the Mark of Vortex the bonus of hitting enemies for 15 seconds (instead of 9 seconds).
  • For Morale 4 abilities the RP gets a 40 foot cone that deals 2720 damage (Rune of Skewering) while the Zealot gets Wind Block which deals 2040 damage to all enemies within 30 feet of the Zealot and reduces their incoming heals by 50% for 10 seconds.


For core abilities the Runepriest and Zealot are identical, and even every core ability in mastery trees is identical with minor differences. In most cases the Zealot has higher tool-tip values, sometimes by a little, sometimes by a lot; in some cases the tool-tip values are identical.To judge by abilities we are left with 4 pairs of abilities which are not mirrored. The Rune of Battle and Chaotic Agitation are too close in functionality to make an argument of them. This leaves the RPs build-time reduction GTAoE master rune, the 24s DoT and the AoE resurrect; and the Zealot in comparison has a GTAoE absorb bubble proc, a curse that harms healers when they heal, and a channeled AoE knockback that doesn’t give immunity timers. Due to the rounding of build timers to the nearest half-second I find the Master Rune of Speed to not fulfill a beneficial role, while the absorb bubble seems to have more potency. Again, the RP’s DoT is spread out over far too long a time to be considered either an effective damaging or healing ability – 73 damage per second translating to 73 heals per second is rather useless with the burst of today’s game. Given the overall higher tool-tip values and the slight edge in the remaining 3 unique abilities, the Zealot marginally leads the abilities race.

Looking at the morales the Zealot’s morale 1 clearly trumps the RP, being the only healing-support class to have a morale that debuffs armor and resistances AND it being a morale 1. The Zealot’s morale 3 however implies that the Zealot is somehow in the backlines of the enemy so that they can silence their casters – certainly an unlikely position for a healing class. These two morales seem like they were designed for the wrong archtype, they seem more fitting for a tank.Looking at the two different morale 4’s the Zealots M4 in Alchemy easily in my mind trumps the RPs – an instant AP burst and hefty bubble versus the RP’s AoE damage which transfers to a group heal. While the RP can attain a higher end result in terms of heals for his group, this ability implies that the RP is in the thick of the fighting and for this reason is about as silly as the Zealot’s Suppressing the Fragile Unbeliever morale 3. The Zealot’s morale 4 in Dark Rites also has a great edge to it. Though it has a 10 foot shorter range, it hits all enemies in a 360 area, while the RP has  10 foot edge but it is a cone; also the Zealot’s though having a lower damage value has the more important aspect of reducing incoming heals leading to greater implications in the long run. Mathematically speaking the Zealot’s M4 in Dark Rites can simply affect more targets than the RP’s M4 in Griminir.

Shifting over to the tactics, of the core tactics the really good ones are exactly mirrored over. Some tactics are so utterly useless in the end game that they have no place on the tactics bar, oddly it seems the RP has more utterly useless tactics. On Yer Feet healing someone you resurrect for 360 over 5 seconds… a 72/s HoT is insulting. Even if it was made a burst heal this amount is still pretty crappy. You’d honestly be better off taking a rank 10 healer to do the rezzing and healing. Thick-Skulled as another example prevents a player from being interrupted on their…. instant cast. I know Destro are tricky devils, but I don’t think its even in their capacity to interrupt an instant cast. Of the mastery tactics we are left with four to cross compare for parity. Three of the Zealot’s unique mastery tactics seem to me rather undesirable, with Sweeping Disgorgement clearly shining as yet another tactic placing the Zealot in a sphere it should not belong. The RP on the other hand has an two dps oriented tactics – an AP drain and snare proc on a DoT, and a detaunt in an AoE tree. Considering the RP is a healing class I count neither of these tactics as functional. This leaves the tactic Earth’s Shielding buried in the DoT/HoT tree and Extended Battle. Simply put Extended battle modifies two damaging abilities and is clearly out-shined by Sweeping Disgorgement. Given, in my opinion, the limited utility of the mastery abilities in Valaya, I see no reason why a RP should spec into that tree simply for Earth Shielding.

These two classes are in the strange position of not having a ‘healing’ or ‘dps’ tree but instead having their abilities fanned out in a ‘single target’, ‘over-time’, and ‘area of effect’ fashion. While it may seem reasonable that a class with such a split should have a fair assortment of dps-oriented tactics, I believe that they have too many for healing classes, and quite frankly the RP and Zealots dps is rather pitiful for them to go DPS anyway. There are certainly far better classes to roll if one wants to dps, or even if one wants to be a dps-healer. Unless the RP and Zealot’s dps was made viable (which heaven forbid it ever is) I see really no reason why they should have so many tactics and morales focus on damage. So are the Runepriest and Zealot mirrors? For the most part yes, though one cannot overlook the numbers in which case the Zealot does have a slight edge both in DPS and in healing. Taking into account the single target M1 which debuffs armor and resistances and the AoE ability which does the same thing, I think the Zealot is in a far more comfortable position with additional group utility.

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  1. zizlak
    April 7, 2011 at 1:23 AM

    Just a small remark..
    Grimnir’s shield:
    “…general detaunt which also causes the character’s abilities to cost 25% AP less for 10 seconds – the biggest drawback to this ability is its 30 second cool-down.”

    The biggest drawback is that it can be dispelled..just like the self-rez-rune..Because it can be dispelled I don’t count this spell as a detaunt.

    I think that RP/Zelot are quiet close in being Mirrors..maybe even too close *shrugs*

    Oh..btw. I prefer to use the AP-Drain M1 (Rune of Insanity) as a Runepriest. Draining instantly 200 AP is useful in offense as in defense.

    • April 7, 2011 at 12:58 PM

      Whoops that’s a 3m cool-down on Grimnir’s shield, not 30s.

  2. Rikker
    April 7, 2011 at 9:49 AM

    To add to Zizlak:

    For Zealots, it is the same, severable “detaunt”, except for Zealots, ‘Embrace the Warp’ has a 3 MINUTE cd… completely unnecessary, IMO.

    Also, Ritual of Innervation specifically says “attack”, whereas MROF says “activate an ability”.
    Thus: RoI is GREAT for group synergy… but personally useless to the heal-specced Zealot, where MRoF is universally useful.

    As far as M3s go, I actually generally slot “Suppressing the Fragile Unbelievers” rather than the Melee-shield, as the melee shield is useful only situationally (most of the time it is just as useful, if not moreso, to pop FM, rez, and heal), and at least this way I can really bother that clump of healers in the backlines (why do they always stand so close together? I don’t know but I’m sure going to abuse it!)

    7s silence is a brutal thing as a healer, and if your premade’s healers are BOTH silenced… well… you’re toast. For zealots, Kiting = win, so if I happen to “kite” into their back lines around all the melee, and then pop it … I get to laugh as I run all the way back to my tanks.

  3. Dilek
    April 7, 2011 at 1:27 PM

    Hmm. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only healer who likes to kite into the enemy’s backline of healers.

  4. Sylow
    April 8, 2011 at 3:47 AM

    I personally just feel the need to correct the part with the pitiful damage. Even the RP in heal setup can have over 1k of Int with the flick of a switch.

    One of my guildmate uses that quite well and can indeed deal a lot of damage. Of course, he doesn’t field the heal debuff, so heal debuffing is the job of our DDs, but hey, simply adding in the damage in an assist often makes hell of a difference. And as soon as the target is killed (or when the need for more healing arises) he just switches back and delivers full sized healing again.

    Quite a lot of flexibility and power there. It’s not like the RP or Zealot can not deal damage, just most players decided not to use that option.

    • April 8, 2011 at 10:08 AM

      The damage in comparison to the AM/Sham or DoK/WP isn’t great. The damage in comparison to other magic users is pitiful. Specced into their single target tree, yes they can get some power, but even then its in one or two spells – not exactly what I’d call ‘options’. The other damaging abilities from both classes are AoE and DoTs, i.e. fluff damage just to buff numbers. In the current state of WAR the outcome of a battle tends to be decided by the side with the highest burst, and a RP/Zealot doesn’t really pack a high burst.
      I knew a few DPS RPs on my server, amazing numbers, but so much of it was AoE and DoTs that did naught but just buff the enemy’s heal numbers.

  5. zizlak
    April 11, 2011 at 1:24 AM

    Any RP who thinks that AoE is the way to deal damage as a RP is..wrong 😉

    Single/Dot-Spec and you can kill people..everything else is just the way how Engineers play..and fail…i.e. AoE as main dmg-part resulting in a nice numbers in sc-summary, but in no kills.

    • April 11, 2011 at 3:47 PM

      And its great for breaking CCs!

  6. zizlak
    April 12, 2011 at 5:51 AM

    That’t the main purpose of taking an Engineer with your group..

    for other forms of ae-immunity granting SM’s and KoTbS are also great..I’ve heard 😉

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