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Mirror WAR – KotBS v. Chosen

Although completely unintentional, it seems entirely fitting that the final battle in the mirror war is between the noble knights of the realms, oh how we swoon at their lavish feathers and twisted armor bits. Today we look at the Knight of the Blazing Sun (KotBS) and the Chosen (Chosen), two tanks united by a mechanic of buffing their group-mates and debuffing their allies with AoE auras. Auras which affect enemies have a 30 foot range, auras which affect group-members have a 100 foot range. Unlike other classes, the KotBS and Chosen have 6 core abilities per mastery tree. All core abilities are the same so I’ll skip that section with the exception that the Chosen’s Shatter Enchantment is a core ability.


  • For M1 the KotBS has Guardian of Light which is a 4080 absorb bubble on the KotBS for 30 seconds; at M2 Emperor’s Champion which increases the KotBS’s strength, toughness, and wounds by 270 for 30 seconds; and at M3 No Escape which deals 1360 damage to all enemies within 30 feet of the character and roots them for 5 seconds
  • For M1 the Chosen has Inevitable Changing which deals 680 damage to a target and restores all the Chosen’s AP; at M2 Tzeentch’s Amplification which for 15 seconds increases the heals the Chosen receives by 300%; and at M3 Impenetrable Armor which is a 20 seconc 8160 absorb shield.


  • KotBS
    • Banish Darkness – Repel Darkness (knock-back) will cool-down 50% faster and now knock your target back a longer range
    • Bellow Commands – You gain 5AP/s for each active Battle Command
    • Biting Blade – On critical hits you deal an additional 400 damage over 10 seconds and the enemy will have their parry reduced by 5% for 10 seconds.
    • Destroy Confidence – Shatter Confidence removes 3 enchantments
    • Gilded Shield – +15% disrupt with a shield
    • Runefang – Anytime you parry an attack, your strength, initiative, and weapon skill are increased by 276 for 10 seconds
    • Sun’s Blessing – Shield of the Sun (thorn buff) and Perseverance (armor buff) cool-down 50% faster (to 15 seconds each)
    • Well-Trained – Smashing Counter (knock-down), Shield Rush (block buff), and Vicious Slash (interrupt) cost no AP.
  • Chosen
    • Chaotic Advantage – On parry, you regain 75AP
    • Critical Suppression – Suppression (parry buff) reduces the victim’s chance to defend against attacks by 10% for 10 seconds, cannot proc more than once every three seconds.
    • Destined for Victory – On block, you gain 200 points of morale, cannot proc more than once every three seconds.
    • Flawless Armor – Your chance to be critically hit is 10% lower
    • Hastened Dismissal – Repel (knock-back) will cool-down 50% faster and now knock your target back a longer range.
    • Piercing Repel – Repel will decrease incoming armor penetration by 10% on you for 10 seconds
    • Power from the Gods – You gain 5AP/s for each active Aura
    • Quickened Discord – Blast Waves (20-foot AoE with wounds debuff) has its cool-down reduced by 5 seconds (to 10 seconds); Touch of Palsy (damage-while moving debuff) has its cool-down reduced by 10 seconds (to 10 seconds)


  • This mastery tree for both the KotBS and Chosen focuses on the offense and buffing your allies’ offensive potential. Overall, almost all the Chosen abilities have higher tool-tip values than the KotBS abilities.
    • Both classes share: a strength aura which decreases strength of enemy players within 30 feet and increases the strength of group-members within 100 feet (Press the Attack +/- 75 Strength/Dreadful Fear +/- 93 strength); a damaging aura that damages enemies every 3 seconds (All Out Assault ~99 damage per 3 seconds/Dreadful Agony ~119 spirit damage per 3 seconds); a core attack (Precision Strike which deals 390 damage and ignores 25% of the target’s armor/Cleave which deals 415 damage and is un-defendable); an attack which enhances group-member’s next attack (Shining Blade at 390 damage and +101 elemental damage on all group-members’ next attack within 5 seconds/Tooth of Tzeentch at 415 damage and +121 spirit damage on all group-members’ next attack within 5 seconds)
    • Two core abilities are not shared in this tree. The KotBS has Crippling Blow which is a 40% snare over 10 seconds and Arcing Swing which requires a great-weapon and decreases the wounds of all enemies in a 25-foot cone by -75, though its duration is unspecified. The Chosen has Withering Blow which causes the enemy to lose 30AP, and Suppression which increases the Chosen’s chance to parry by 25% for 15 seconds.
  • For mastery abilities both MR5 abilities are an aura which cause the enemy to lose 20AP every 5 seconds while group-members regain 20AP every 5 seconds (To Glory/Dreadful Terror); both MR9 abilities are a 3 second channeled attack with the KotBS’s Myrmidia’s Fury dealing 1260 damage over 3 seconds (420 dmg/s) and the Chosen’s Relentless dealing 285 damage every half second (570 dmg/s).
    • At MR13 the KotBS has Staggering Impact which is a 30 foot AoE DoT of 395 damage over 10 seconds and all targets hit have their chance to defend against attacks reduced by 10% for this duration. The Chosen has Rending Blade which is an attack that requires a great-weapon and deals 400 spirit damage to all enemies within 25 feet and is undefenadable.
  • For tactics none are shared.
    • For the KotBS: at MR3 they have Slice Through which makes Crippling Blow (snare) hit 3 enemies within 25 feet of the character, but it deals 10% less damage; at MR7 Encouraged Aim which makes Press the Attack (strength aura) increase the chance enemy players will be critically hit by 10%; and at MR11 Efficient Swings which reduces the cost of Path of Glory abilities by 35% AP.
    • For the Chosen: at MR3 they have Feed on the Weary which increases the AP drain from Withering Blow to 40AP which the Chosen gets; at MR7 Crippling Strikes which whenever a Chosen ability critically hits, their targets damage is reduced to 75% for 10 seconds; and at MR11 Oppressing Blows which increases the chance to critically hit by 15% while using a great-weapon.
  • For M4’s the KotBS has Nova Strike which deals 1360 damage to all enemies 65 feet in front of the character plus 1360 additional damage over 9 seconds. The Chosen has Warping Embrace which deals 598 damage to all enemies 40 feet in front of the character and snares them by 40% for 15 seconds.


  • This mastery tree for both classes focuses on defensive attacks and increasing the survivability of the group. The Chosen’s abilities have higher tool-tips but in general by single digits.
    • Both classes have: an aura which modifies the toughness of enemies and group-mates by -/+ 93 (Stand Strong/Corrupting Wrath); a standard attack which generates more hate (Sunder/Enraged Blow); a knock-back (Repel Darkness/Repel).
    • Of the differing abilities the KotBS’s second aura enhances group-mates causing them to deal 180 damage once every two seconds back to attackers (On Your Guard); the Chosen’s second aura heals group-mates for 144 over 3 seconds whenever they defend against an attack (Corrupting Retribution).
    • The KotBS’s other two abilities are: an attack which requires a shield and increases the character’s chance to block attacks by 10% for 10 seconds (Shield Rush); and a 10 second armor buff¬† that gives the character back 10AP anytime they are attacked. The Chosen’s other two abilities are: a 40% snare over 10 seconds (Dizzying Blow); and a 10 second buff that deals 121 spirit damage back to attackers.
  • For mastery abilities both MR9 abilities are a 3 second knock-down (Smashing Counter/Downfall), the other two abilities are different.
    • At MR5 the KotBS has To Victory which is an aura that lowers the chance of group-casters to be set-back by 25% and increases the chance of enemy casters to be set-back by 25%; and at MR13 Vigilance which decreases the amount of damage the KotBS takes by 50% for 10 seconds, but also causes the KotBS to deal 25% less damage.
    • At MR5 the Chosen has Corrupting Horror which is an aura that increases the build times of enemy casters by 25%; and at MR13 Oppression which requires a block or parry and deals damage while increasing the Chosen’s armor by 1089 for 20 seconds and recues the damage they take by 15% for 10 seconds.
  • For tactics none are shared.
    • The KotBS gets: at MR3 Coordination which makes Shield Rush (block buff) also increase the character’s chance to parry attacks by 15%; at MR7 Dirty Tricks which on block increases the KotBS’s group-mates’ chance to critically hit by 10%; and at MR11 Laurels of Victory which removes the outgoing damage debuff from Vigilance.
    • The Chosen gest: at MR3 Dire Shielding which makes Bane Shield (spirit thorn buff) affect all allies within 30 feet and lasts 7 seconds longers; at MR7 Mixed Defenses which on block increases the Chosen’s chance to parry by 25% for 5 sconds; ant at MR11 Corrupting Power which reduces the cost of all Corruption abilities by 35%.
  • For M4’s the KotBS has Flawless Defense which increases the group’s defenses by 50% for 10 seconds. The Chosen has Sprout Carapace which increases the group’s armor by 1254 and resistances by 478 for 30 seconds, and gives all group-members 100 AP instantly.


  • This mastery tree for both classes is more about playing a supportive role for the group, primarily by weakening the enemy. In general the Chosen’s abilities are more offensive and deal more damage, while the Knight’s abilities are more defensive and deal less damage.
    • Both classes have: an aura which increases all resistances of group-mates by 292 and decreases enemy resistances by 146 (Gather Your Resolve/Discordant Instability); and a 9-second DoT, though the Chosen’s has a higher value and deals spirit damage, while the KotBS’s DoT is about a third as strong but can stack three times (Blazing Blade at 314+288 over 9s/Seeping Wound at 690 spirit damage over 9 seconds).
    • The KotBS’s remaining abilities are: an aura which regenerates group members’ health and AP on defending (Stay Focused) – almost like Corrupting Retribution from the Chosen; an interrupt with a 5-second DoT (Vicious Blade); a shatter enchantment (Shatter Confidence); and a 10s thorn shield like the Chosen’s Bane Shield (Shield of the Sun which deals 120 elemental damage back to attackers)
    • The Chosen’s remaining abilities are: an aura which affects group-mates dealing 279 spirit damage back to magic attacks (Discordant Fluctuation); a spammable spirit attack dealing 415 spirit damage (Ravage); a 20-foot AoE attack with a 10-second 93 wounds debuff if the target is under the affects of a Discord aura (Blast Wave) which is almost like the KotBS’s Arcing Swing in their Conquest tree; and a 10 second curse which causes the victim to suffer 91 spirit damage every half second they are moving (Touch of Palsy).
  • For mastery abilities both MR5 abilities are aura’s which reduces enemy caster’s outgoing heals by 25% (Now’s Our Chance!/Discordant Turbulance); and both MR9 abilities are a 40-foot cone 9 second stagger (Heaven’s Fury/Quake). Both MR13 abilities are different.
    • At MR13 the KotBS has Unbalancing Attack which, like the Chosen’s Withering Blow, deals damage and causes the target to lose 40AP. The Chosen at MR13 has Tzeentch’s Reflection which is a 10 second buff increasing the Chosen’s willpower by 132 and chance to disrupt by 25% for 10 seconds, and anytime they disrupt an attack the caster is silenced for 3 seconds.
  • For tactics none are shared
    • The KotBS gets: at MR3 Sun Fury which increases the damage of Shield of the Sun (thorn shield buff) to 180 elemental damage (up from 120 elemental damage) and decreases the cool-down of Vicious Slash (interrupt) by 1 second (to 9 seconds); at MR7 Focused Mending which increases the amount of heals group-members receive by 15% under the effects of Stay Focused; and at MR11 Mighty Soul which causes all abilities in the Path of Glory to deal elemental damage.
    • The Chosen gets: at MR3 Siphoned Energy which on disrupt heals the Chosen for 105 and increases their movement speed by 30% for 5 seconds; at MR7 Tainted Wound which makes it so that whenever a healer directly heals someone under the effects of Seeping Wound (9s DoT) the healer takes 271 damage; and at MR11 Embrace the Winds which increases the heals a Chosen receives by 15%.
  • For M4’s the KotBS gets Solar Flare which deals 1360 damage to all enemies up to 30 feet in front of the KotBS and causes them to lose all their morale. The Chosen gets Shatter Faith which deals 1360 damage to all enemies up to 30 feet in front of the Chosen and shatters one enchantment.


In terms of their core mechanic the Chosen and Knight are similar enough, but they are really two different creatures. Most of their core abilities in their offensive and defensive trees are similar, but their right trees differ quite a bit. First lets take a look at their morales and tactics before we look at their mastery trees.

For morales the KotBS has an absorb bubble, a stats buff for their offensive stats, and a root, so 2 out of 3 morales are defensive. The Chosen has an AP regen, a massive boost to incoming heals, and an absorb bubble, all of which are useful in every situation. I can’t proclaim a winner from the core morale abilities because all 6 are good. Even looking at the M4’s they are all different yet useful, making both classes winners in that aspect (though in the end no tank will ever/should ever not spec for Immaculate Defenses).

With no conclusive victor from the morale abilities we turn our attention to the core and mastery tactics. FOr the core tactics two are shared, six are not. Of the Knight’s tactics, four could be argued as defensive – one procing off of parry increasing stats, one requiring a shield, and two tactics which modify defensive abilities. Arguably the strongest offensive core tactic the Knights get is Destroy Confidence which removes three enchantments. The Chosen as a few potent defensive tactics too – an AP regen on parry, a reduced chance to be crit, and a decrease in incoming armor penetration. For offensive tactics Quickened Discord is pretty nice with a more frequent wounds debuff and movement DoT, and a decreased chance to defend attacks on a parry buff ability. In terms of mastery abilities – in the offensive tree the Chosen can increase his crit and on crits can reduce his target’s outgoing damage while the Knight can increase his enemy’s chance to be critically hit and reduce his AP cost; in the defensive tree¬† the Chosen can increase their parry when they block and have reduced AP cost while the Knight can increase his parry on an ability that already increases block, can increase his group’s chance to crit when the Knight blocks, and can remove an outgoing damage debuff on one of his abilities; and in the support tree the Chosen’s nicest tactic is the increased incoming heals on the Chosen. while the Knight can increase incoming heals for his group members. In the end they all have a fair share of nice tactics but the Chosen’s offensive tactics have greater appeal than the Knight’s counterparts, while the opposite is true for defensive tactics. Thus the end conclusion from tactics alone is that the Knight is better geared to be defensive while the Chosen is better geared to be offensive.

Shifting to the mastery trees we observe the same trend as we saw with the tactics. The first inclination of the Chosen being better geared for the offense are the many abilities that deal spirit damage. The offensive trees are pretty similar with no extremely advantageous ability amongst them – the Knight’s only unique ability is their MR13 with a crappy DoT and a debuff on enemies which decreases their chances to defend against attacks; the Chosen in that place has an undefendable AoE spirit cleave. The defensive trees however are very different. The Chosen pulls two of its defensive abilities from the Knights offensive and support trees (the snare and thorn buff), and in that place the Knight has two awesome defensive abilities – an attack which buffs block, and an armor buff. Looking at both of the MR13 abilities in these trees both are very good, but I don’t really thing anything can challenge Vigilance in terms of a defensive ability. In the support trees, the Chosen’s support is really limited to his auras, his other unique abilities seem to focus more on the Chosen dealing damage against his enemy or surviving the enemy’s magical damage. The Knight’s abilities in the support tree aren’t much better, that is until they are enhanced by some tactics – most of the ‘decent’ abilities in the path of Glory have tactics which make them pretty darn good.

So are the Chosen and Knight of the Blazing Sun mirrors? Not really. They share a mechanic and core abilities, but in the end when you look at all the tactics, morales, and abilities you get the impression that the Chosen is better geared for an offensive play-style, while the Knight of the Blazing Sun is lead towards a more defensive play style. Can the Chosen excel as a defensive tank? Sure, any tank does fine with a shield. Can the Knight excel as an offensive tank? Sure, mainly because most of its defensive abilities don’t require a shield, but in the end a Knight will always serve his role best as a defensive tank while a Chosen will serve his as an offensive tank. This isn’t entirely new though, considering after previous examinations we discovered that the SM and IB are both more offensively oriented than their mirrors.

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  1. VonPlinkPlonk
    April 13, 2011 at 11:17 PM

    Very nice post. Like many knights I have watched choosen charge about the lakes churning up the RPs with more than a little envy. One thing that never really was discussed on the forums was that order already had two offensive tanks. It’s one thing to balance two classes another to balance two realms. If I ever get back into war I will use this as a primer to get back up to speed again. Unfortunately this is dependent on Bioware ever remember about this mmo and release some actual new content. Fixing stats, spell checking tool tips and pets don’t count.

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