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1.4.2 Incoming

April 18, 2011 10 comments

Patch 1.4.2 is set to launch tomorrow, or April 19th whenever you are reading this… For all the discussions that have been started on the forums post-1.4.1 I really expected a bigger whammie in this patch. Let’s take a look at 1.4.2 and what’s missing.

Scenarios – First on the list are scenario changes. I’m all for scenario changes, the 1.4.1 line-up was way too melee-friendly with all the tiny maps. The new list however certainly has room for improvement. I think most people would agree that Thunder Valley was probably the scenario that launched the new system and scraped the sc-to-zone link…. and now we have it again. I can’t possibly see how this map could be improved in any fashion (regardless of rule-set) to be fun.

Renown Rank/Effective Levels – Getting toned down due to the out-of-whack job they did post 1.4.0. A good change.

Career Changes – Um… now players cant use channeled abilities when their target leaves their range (good) and they cant detaunt enemies while silenced. Last time I checked my Shadow Warrior doesn’t draw his bow with his tongue. Why on earth should a silence stop a SW or an Engi from firing their weapon?! Channeled fixes are good, but the changes to detaunts are b.s.

Tome of Knowledge – A slew of typo-fixes. Great I guess, for those who were offended by the typos…

Doomflayer/Warpforged – These sets have been drastically toned down, almost to the degree where they have swung too far int he opposite direction. This story is actually pretty humorous for me – before 1.4.0 everyone said the new sets were OP as hell, once people got the sets they no longer thought they were OP, now the set is getting nerfed perhaps too much and all the people who have the sets are screaming bloody murder (the same people who pre-1.4.0 said the sets were stupid OP). Hypocrisy at its finest! I am happy Mythic took the right step with these sets and ignored the cries of the people who rode the OP-boat for a few months and now have to relearn how to play.

New pets – Um….? Um….??? If only Mythic would devote development towards stuff people wanted. You know… forts, other cities, new scs, new races. But for crying out loud! Pets?!

Now for the things not mentioned in the patch notes that were on the forums. We had this discussion about attacking keep doors – this was not mentioned in the patch notes… is it going live? We had a HUGE discussion about physical mitigation – um whats up with this change? Siphon Vitality got addressed on the forums with the (right) change to make it an ‘on-hit toughness buff’ – not mentioned in patch notes BUT it is on the PTS so presumably it is going through.

I somehow feel odd about this patch. The changes to the power gap are definitely the right step, but it seems like the problem with physical mitigation which was mentioned and beaten into the ground on the forums has been brushed aside. Hopefully this patch will be the first step towards fixing the horrible debacle 1.4.0 was.

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