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A Patch-History of WAR ~ The Age of the Tortoise’s Progress

June 8, 2011 3 comments

Yesterday I discussed what was in my opinion the Golden Age of WAR’s patch-cycle. Controversially, the time for the best patching was when WAR needed the most help and polishing. This, however, is not to say that the infrequency of patches in the present time is a sign that all is rosy. The Golden Age was when Mythic was taking a serious stance with polishing the game they released in September of 2008, and the 1.0 patch cycle (plus 1.1.0) was the spearhead of this operation. Not only were many aspects of the game fixed and polished, but dozens of new things were added that today are overlooked. The most important aspect of this patch-cycle however was not the amount of things that were changed and improved, but rather the pace of improvement. Today we look at the Age of the Tortoise’s Progress, which as its name would indicate was a time when the game was still changing for the better (overall) but the patch-cycle was slowed to a month-by-month basis. In this installment we conclude the 1st year of Warhammer and look at the patches leading up to the 1st year Anniversary… Read more…

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