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A Patch-History of WAR ~ The Age of Many Ages

June 9, 2011 2 comments

Yesterday we looked at the final 8 months of the first year of Warhammer Online and how these months continued the trend of improvement initiated by the first patch cycle in 2008. The first 4 months of patching consisted of weekly patches fixing numerous bugs that appeared after launch; the latter 8 months however shifted to a monthly patch cycle that aimed on primarily improving the end-game experience and making the armor sets required for this end-game more attainable. Thus far the Patch-History of WAR showed progress and improvement.

A common joke among those trying to sound clever is that if pro is the opposite of con, and progress means moving forward, then congress must mean moving backwards. For many, this patch-cycle could easily have been dubbed the Age of Congress, but in my mind I have chosen to call it the Age of Many Ages because so many new terms arose from this time period. Perhaps things were improved, I will admit that many improvements were made; however, I will maintain that the general trend of this patch-cycle was to remove certain aspects of the game as to ease the attainment of the end-goal (the Sovereign armor set) and in the process of doing this decisions were made with unforeseen consequences. The Golden Age and the Age of the Tortoise’s Progress were a time when the realm had to work together, when cooperation was at its highest. Guilds had strong roles in RvR, alliances held sway in the T4 campaign. In the Age of Many Ages, this realm-unity was slowly dissolved until we reached a point where coordination and unity no longer served a purpose. Let us take a look at how things began to fall apart… Read more…

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