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A Patch-History of WAR ~ The Age of Aratmetic

June 10, 2011 2 comments

Thus far we have discussed the bygone past of Warhammer Online, looking closely at the first four months of Warhammer which consisted of weekly patches aimed to polish the game – primarily PvE and Exp gain, the next 8 months which consisted at a slower pace of patching which continued to improve upon the game, and yesterday we looked at the second year of Warhammer Online which was about as smooth as a roller-coaster. Today we conclude this journey by looking at the present age, the Age of Aratmetic. No, I did not spell arithmetic wrong, this is very specifically the Age of Aratmetic.

In the many months of playing Warhammer and reading its forums, never before have numbers become the topic of so many discussions. 120% armor mitigation. 3k crits. Renown Rank 100. 1.5k Auto-attacks. Level 30, Renown Rank 60. 2-second time-to-kill. 3 global cool-downs. Triple-potting. Double premades. 475 Warpforged Crests. 24 kills with a single death globe. 100 people staring at a keep door. 6-man scenarios. 33% armor penetration. 40% magical resistance b 75% physical resistance. One-shotted. Quadruple renown weekend. A partridge in a pear tree. Damage this. Healing that. Mitigation this. Renown that. In the midst of all these numbers, WAR was injected with rats. Read more…

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