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A Patch-History of WAR ~ The Age of Aratmetic

Thus far we have discussed the bygone past of Warhammer Online, looking closely at the first four months of Warhammer which consisted of weekly patches aimed to polish the game – primarily PvE and Exp gain, the next 8 months which consisted at a slower pace of patching which continued to improve upon the game, and yesterday we looked at the second year of Warhammer Online which was about as smooth as a roller-coaster. Today we conclude this journey by looking at the present age, the Age of Aratmetic. No, I did not spell arithmetic wrong, this is very specifically the Age of Aratmetic.

In the many months of playing Warhammer and reading its forums, never before have numbers become the topic of so many discussions. 120% armor mitigation. 3k crits. Renown Rank 100. 1.5k Auto-attacks. Level 30, Renown Rank 60. 2-second time-to-kill. 3 global cool-downs. Triple-potting. Double premades. 475 Warpforged Crests. 24 kills with a single death globe. 100 people staring at a keep door. 6-man scenarios. 33% armor penetration. 40% magical resistance b 75% physical resistance. One-shotted. Quadruple renown weekend. A partridge in a pear tree. Damage this. Healing that. Mitigation this. Renown that. In the midst of all these numbers, WAR was injected with rats.

1.4.0 Nov 2 2010
 Introduction of RvR Packs
RR100 increase, including new Doomflayer and Warpforged armor sets and RR81-100 scenario weapons
New Heavy Mounts
Barber Surgeons in Capital Cities
Over a dozen new dyes
Increased renown gain
New pets
Verminous Horde introduces Thanquol’s Incursion and the 4 ‘Monster-play’ Skaven classes available in

Aerial Bombers introduced to RvR
Complete redesign of ORvR
-Resource Carriers to rank keeps; Rank 4 keeps offer rams for offense
-Rams and Rat Ogres only deal damage to doors
-Players respawn within keeps
-Zones flipped simply by taking enemy realms keep
-Keeps can no longer be claimed
-Victory Points and Zone Domination Timers removed
-Siege Pads removed, Siege weapons available in limited numbers and can be deployed anywhere
-Keeps now drop Warlord Gear
Contested cities now drop Sovereign to Warpforged Gear
Guild Banners introduced into cities
Fall damage reduced
Tier ranks reshuffled; T1 R1-15; T2 R12-26; T3 22-39; T4 40
Renown Abilities Completely revamped, with introduction of many new defensive and offensive abilities and
passive bonuses

Decimator to Annihilator Gear costs Silver
Conqueror Gear no longer costs Conqueror Crests
Final round of scenario weapon art updates
Emotes default to hostile target
Numerous API changes and updates
Introduction of Scenario Match-making system

1.4.1 March 1 2011
Claim Window introduced
Armor sets’ requirements changed and lowered so players can equip them sooner
Introduction of ‘Worn Sovereign’ gear
Scenario line-up changed
Renown penatlty for killing players who were recently killed lowered
Quitter’s Debuff added to Contested Cities
DoK and WP careers balanced
Doomflayer and Warpforged sets had bonuses reduced
Chat Window available in Layout Editor
Renown Rank Cap doubled for players below Rank 36

1.4.2 April 19 2011
Effective Level Changes
Doomflayer and Warpforged item stats reduced
Scenario lineup change
New Vanity pets
Hand of Ualatp Fixed to be affected by Knock-Downs
Siphon Vitality changed to Virtue of Fortitude, triggers on being hit and increases fortitude
Chaos Mirror can no longer be used in combat
Mourkain Temple received update to layout
Guild Recall scrolls cannot be used in combat

1.4.3 June 21 2011
Launch of new Live Event: Sigmar Tide
Introduction of RvR accessory sets with 9 day expiration timers
Paid name changes
Scenario Shake-up
Gutter Runners not able to sabotage oil or rams
Magus and Engi get new tactic that restores AP around pet
Squig Herder’s Bad Gas now fires from SH not pet
WE finisher’s range adjusted
Numerous Quest/PQ/ToK fixes
The Age of Aratmetic began with 1.4.0, the first patch after the 2nd year anniversary. 1.4.0 was a huge patch for WAR players, hungry for new content. For months Mythic had been teasing the community with references  to Skaven (Red Plague, Rats in T2/3 EvC RvR lakes, Gutter Runner in Eternal Citadel SC), and with 1.4.0 the new manifestation of the Skaven was finally revealed. Apart from the introduction of the Skaven-themed zone, which turned out to be a RvRvE dungeon, and ‘monster-play’, 1.4.0 made a massive changes to RvR. First and foremost, the Renown cap was raised to 100 with accompanying armor sets and scenario weapons. Secondly, the ORvR scene, which had gotten much attention in the 2nd year and was refined to a better state, was completely redesigned with 1.4.0. In this new design Zone Domination timers and VPs were completely removed – zones were captured simply by capturing the enemy’s keep. However, with this stroke, the Underdog System introduced in December of 2009 with 1.3.3 was made obsolete. Also, to make room for the new 20 renown ranks in T4, the ranks were reshuffled in the lower tiers, so Tier 4 went from being level 32+ to being level 40. The massive injection of new content, though greatly praised by players who simply hungered for something, anything, new, 1.4.0 would kick off the Second Age of Band-aids.

Four months passed after the launch of 1.4.0 – Mythic took its typical Thanksgiving – February break (but this time stretched it a tad more into March) before Mythic launched 1.4.1. The faces behind the Verminous Horde disappeared, new names began to appear on the Developer Forums. The gear-gap from the new gear sets began to quickly show in Tier 4 – something many protested when the new sets were on the PTS. The Doomflayer (RR90) set was to Sovereign (RR80) as Sovereign was to Annihilator (RR33) – the gear-gap was incredible. 1.4.1 was the first stroke in the Second Age of Band-aids to fix the wrongs of these sets.

First off all to narrow the gap (measured by renown) Mythic doubled the capped renown level players could attain, making it so you could be rank 35 and RR70 before you could pass your renown-level cap – this way you could leap into Sovereign when you hit tier 4. To accommodate this shift in Renown Ranks, Mythic also shuffled down the renown sets to fit the new levels (the same changes were never made for the 12 other armor sets in the game). Secondly to adjust for the lowering of all the lower 7 sets from Decimator to Warlord, a new set was introduced called ‘Worn-Sovereign’ which was pretty much Sovereign gear with like 3 less stat points, and this set was available at the RR60s (where Warlord was). So players now sit in Tier 3 wearing Conqueror and can don Invader at level 39, and then in the blink of an eye they hit 40 and jump straight to Worn-Sov/Sov – rendering the Invader and Warlord sets almost useless. Tier 4 now being intended as the Sovereign-Warpforged gear got a little attention with a slight decrease in set bonuses on the Doomflayer and Warpforged sets, very slight changes… To round off the first round of band-aids Mythic gave players the Claim Window so those players who purchased the new RvR packs could claim their new trinkets whenever they wanted and didn’t have to let them expire in the mail. Now, because everyone can buy all their RvR sets from Decimator to Worn-Sovereign with gold/silver, players have no need to work for their gear in RvR! And because level 30s can still enter the contested city, which now drops Sovereign-Warpforged Gear, they can win their Warpforged gear before they are even level 40, let alone Renown Rank 100.

A quick six weeks after 1.4.1, 1.4.2 was launched to further amend the wrongs of the evil rats. Those damn rats, wherever they go, trouble goes. Games Workshop wrote it into the lore, and Mythic coded it into the game. Tier 4 had become a nightmare. Returning players (many who left when they were level 40, but RR 40ish) were far behind on the curve and could not compete with the RR90s and 100s. Needless to say many people who returned with the prospect of playing the new Skaven race were stomped into the dirt and subsequently unsubbed again; the persistent ones re-rolled. One could not compete with a Doomflayer-clad player unless they either a) were in Doomflayer themselves, or b) outnumbered their enemy – the sets were that powerful. 1.4.2 took a hefty chop to the stats on the two new armor sets lowering them down to earth. Also changed with 1.4.2 was the Siphon Vitality proc on the defensive melee sets – a proc that healed the MDPS on attack, making them virtually un-killable so long as they spammed enough AoE. Lastly, with the 20 new Renown Ranks, Mythic added new effective levels to the formula, which also caused great problems in RvR – this effective level formula was re-evaluated with 1.4.2. Finally 6 months after the catastrophe of 1.4.0 Mythic took a serious stance in fixing the over-powered Doomflayer and Warpforged sets.

Luck and timing is on the side of Hypothetical WAR. Today the patch notes for 1.4.3 were released allowing me to discuss them. This patch is rather small in terms of fixing/balancing content. Thus far it is hard to comment on the changes without seeing specifically what they are – primarily a few class changes (on Destro for the most part) with vague descriptions. Again, without specifics and some quality testing on the PTS it is hard to judge, but at first glance these changes do not look good. The Squig Herder’s AoE CD increasing ability is now on the SH and not the pet – presumably to ‘mirror’ Shattered Limbs, though the SH’s will be ranged making it more viable. Likewise we have a vague comment on the change of the Witch Elf’s finisher ranges; since all of these abilities had a 5 foot range, I cannot see that they will be getting lower range, but instead I foresee them getting longer ranges to match the WH’s finishers. This is not the right step. The WH’s ranged finishers are for the most part crap (Dragon Gun ftw?), the WE will not be a closer mirror to the WH just by making the WE’s finisher ranges longer. I am pretty disappointed that no thought has been put forward to address Torment/Agonizing Wound. Also I am sorely disappointed that the armor mitigation changes are not only not included, but are now (in the words of Kai Schober) “From my understanding listening to the Devs, the changes to the armor mitigation formular are no longer necessary.” No longer necessary?! I may take things a little too logically, but I personally think something is wrong when a zealot is mitigating the same amount as a chosen. Here I thought that Light Robe classes have less in terms of protection to stop a massive axe from cutting them in half; but no, they are on equal footing with tanks clad in plate-mail. I guess Squiggies can still play in order to spew Bad Gas everywhere, and Engis can play to heal with their kegs and give everyone AP with their turrets, but the SW community can go hide under a rock.

Looking over the 1.4.3 patch notes and evaluating the 1.4 cycle, 1.4.3 does not fit with the Age of Aratmetic. 1.4.3 is in fact the spearhead of a new age in Warhammer. 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 amended the wrongs of 1.4.0 – the Doomflayer and Warpforged sets are finally in a place where they should be. Tiers 1 to 3 are healthy once more (though I personally disagree with the changes for other reasons). I personally feel that 1.4.3 will launch WAR into the next Age, but what will its title be? Only the future patches can hint at the direction of this Age.

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  1. June 11, 2011 at 10:21 PM

    Know what I want? I want SWs to be the most OP class in the game come next patch, increase the damage of their abilities all around but lower festerbomb damage so people can figure out new combos.

    That’s what I want.

  1. September 23, 2011 at 11:50 PM

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