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A Patch-History of WAR ~ Conclusion

With the conclusion of my brief Patch-History of WAR, you may be wondering what was the point of the short trip down memory-lane. First of all, I wanted to remind players how far WAR has come. Many players currently subscribed to WAR did not start with launch and are unfamiliar with the progress the game has made. Secondly, I wanted to gauge the patch-cycle’s process as a way of guess-timating when the next patch can be (following 1.4.3). One of the interesting cycles you can see in the patch-history is the frequency of patches and how it has changed. The first four months of WAR showed weekly patches, but once 2009 rolled around the patches started coming about every 2 months give or take. My guildies always ask me when the next patch is (as if I have some insider knowledge of Mythic) and I tell them Tuesday. They ask ‘which Tuesday? and why Tuesday’, to which I reply ‘well its probably a Tuesday after the patch has been on the PTS, and on Tuesday because they always patch on Tuesdays…’ So if they asked me when 1.4.4 would be I’d tell them August 23rd. Why? Because its two months away from June 21st, and on a Tuesday. No doubt someone at Mythic will read my blog and make 1.4.4 on a Wednesday to spite me and prove how much of a horrible liar I am. Tuesdays.

However, the third and most important reason for this little history lesson was for me to learn the key change in WAR’s history and to learn how to apply them to my upcoming project. The community keeps demanding different things. Some want to fix the existing problems. Some want class balance. Some want new content. Some want better tools for role-play. Kai wants to give us more High Elf heads to spite me. Given the vast array of the desires of the community, and the current cycle of a patch every 2 months, the question is raised – ‘What can Mythic do in a 2-month time-span to address the desires of the community and increase the game’s player base?’ In the coming days I intend to begin my project to attempt to answer this question. In my project I intend to show a gradual process of growth which in my opinion can rebuild Warhammer Online. First and foremost in the project is the final blow for the Age of Band-Aids. Will my solution be something everyone agrees with? Hardly. However, in the past 3 months I’ve spent a lot of time exploring the PTS – trying to find all the bugs I can, trying to understand each class as well as I could, seeking solutions to current problems. My hope is that with this knowledge I can write the final chapter in the Age of Band-Aids (in my Hypothetical world) and begin a new Age for Warhammer Online.

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