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What’s In A Name?

June 14, 2011 4 comments

With 1.4.3 Mythic has announced that it will be offering paid name changes. While this is something that many players have been asking for quite some time, I’m not completely satisfied with the offer. The main reason? Well all the remaining servers have been around since launch. That is over two years of players, making characters and abandoning them. How many people have unsubbed and never returned? How many trial accounts were made only to disappear? How many alts never made it out of tier 1?

Like many players, I have a fair share of 500 alts, give or take 495. Making a creative ‘quasi-lore-appropriate’ name isn’t easy, and the random-name generator comes up with absolute crap – it really just takes several syllables of a possible name and slaps them together leaving you with names 16 characters long. As someone who has been lucky enough to stay on their home server since starting WAR, I have nabbed most of the names I wanted. But for the hordes of people who transferred servers and found that their name was taking by a level 8 who hadn’t logged in since October of 2008, tough luck. The result is that people out of frustration create names which are… well to be blunt, stupid. I don’t role-play at all, but part of me feels like the name should be at least somewhat plausible. Seeing names like a string of w’s or everyday objects like ‘Toiletplunger’ don’t strike me as WAR appropriate names. Are the people to blame? No, the name their toon started with was taken by a trial account that was abandoned no doubt.

So whats to be done with this issue? Well plain and simple – Mythic should transfer all accounts from players who haven’t played in over 6 months to a orphanage server. Naturally should they return, they can choose to find a new home and a new name, but until then the names of all their toons will be freed up. All you have to do is roll a new toon in tier 1 to see how frustrated players are with their names. Come on Mythic, its time you freed up the name-database. The poor souls out there are having increasingly more difficulty finding a new way to spell Legolas.

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