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College of Corruption

Today we got to check out the new SC for the Sigmar Tide Live Event, the College of Corruption. Let’s take a closer look at this new SC and try to analyze how it will play out.

I fail at perspective. If you’ve explored Altdorf enough, then the scenery for this scenario is not new – it is the Bright Wizard College. Surprise! I took on the SC from the perspective of Order, which spawns on the third floor of the structure above the pillar of fire, seen in the screenshot above. Destro, presumably, spawns in the courtyard of the structure (where you zone into the BW College). In its current state the scenario, there is only one objective for this SC – the pillar of fire/Aqshy core. By technicality Order can reach this location first by dropping down the fireman-hole, but no promises you’ll survive the fall, otherwise Order gets to circle down the stairs.

On the PTS we tested two different approaches to the SC – 6v6 and 12v12. In a 6v6 the fight is certainly less hectic, but the area seems perhaps too small for a 12v12. The main problem I had with the scenario was the points-ticker. I am no proponent of 40-second scenarios like the Eternal Citadel (my record time finishing it), but in the same regard I abhor scenarios which drag out the full 15 minutes – particularly when one side is being spawn camped. Pointed generated by single-flag capture points tend to drag on painfully – I’m thinking Caledor Woods and Lost Temple of Isha. Capping the flag is pretty hard because it is a proximity lock, not a click-to-capture mechanic – meaning if you’re fighting on the flag, no one will flip it. Sometimes a 15 minute stalemate can be fun (in rare cases when the sides are evenly matched) but more often than not one side gets spawn-camped by the stronger force.

In terms of class-favoritism, this SC has some more generous leeway than the Eternal Citadel and the Ironclad. Those two scenarios screamed melee train/bomb group, the CoC is a little more generous in the mobility department. The terrace around the Aqshy core is large enough for kiting one person with tunnel vision. Range classes and healers can perch themselves on ledges to fire from, but they have to do so carefully, for there are two lava-pits at the bottom of the stairs which currently are instant-dead lava pits. However, if Destro pushes faster than Order, the stairs Order has to descend can very easily become a melee-train death-trap corridor.

The final tid-bit of this scenario is the Aspect of Asqhy which a player can take control of by interacting with these little altars or whatever they are on the sides of the SC structure. Technically this qualifies as Mythic’s second injection of monster-play into WAR, but this monster is tied to a SC and has only 4 abilities. First and foremost my characters hit-points seemed to double when I became an Aspect, I am unsure if it is a simple doubling of wounds, or if there is a flat base amount your health is adjusted to, or if there is another formula. I hate numbers so I didn’t dwell on this very long; I was content to know I had more health than the rest of my party combined.

Secondly, the Aspect has only 4 abilities. The first ability is the Blast of Aqshy (same icon as the BW’s fireball, appropriately enough) and it is just that, an instant-cast fireball. The tooltip damage on it seemed rather poor, I am unsure as to how this damage relates to a players stat-points or if it does at all. If it is based off of intelligence as all magic attacks are, then there is little reason for a magical rdps to don this monster since a Sorc or BW can easily do more damage. The Second ability, the Wrath of Asqhy, summons two sprites which were hero-level mobs. Thirdly the Unquenchable Fires of Aqshy are more or less the Warlock Engi Deathglobe, that really is the simplest way to describe it, but I had issues rendering the location it was cast so I had no idea where not to walk. Lastly we have the Grace of Asqhy which is an AoE rez. Given the cool-downs of the last three abilities, all you are left with is spamming fireballs, something I very quickly grew bored with. Sadly I think the novelty of these Aspects will fade fast due to the sheer fact that you really have one ability to use – an instant cast fireball. Sure you have 3 other abilities, but their cooldowns don’t easily fit in the TTK of a regular battle in a SC.

Depending on whether or not this SC goes 6v6 or 12v12, this SC will be interesting when it goes live. It is very hard to judge PTS battles as everyone is clad in full Warpforged; on live servers people will be wearing different gear sets with different potion/lini/pocket item combos thrown into it. My main concern with this SC is that it will drag on forever because there is only one capture-point that generates victory points. Time will tell.

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  1. June 17, 2011 at 3:01 AM

    College of Corruption… is this the electoral college? LOLOLOLDOALTROLOTROLAOLOLOLTROLOL

  2. Chris
    June 17, 2011 at 7:28 AM

    Nice write up I look forward to the SC.

  3. Elemenstor
    June 17, 2011 at 2:03 PM

    This seems to have turned out a lot better than I expected it to.

    • June 17, 2011 at 2:08 PM

      The best analogy I can offer the scenario is – its like fighting at the fortress of Nordenwatch. Some perches to stand on from which you can rdps freely, but can also get punted to death, and a fairly wide area for a fight that is enclosed primarily on 3 sides.

  4. June 18, 2011 at 6:10 AM

    This sounds quite dull. Ah well, it will get farmed for the live event rewards 😛

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