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Progressive Change

Good tidings to all! Before I leap into my post today, I wanted to issue a quick apology. While fiddling around with my blog, I noticed that some comments were automatically being flagged by ‘Akismet’ as spam and being sent to the e-furnace. Unfortunately dozens of comments have been caught by this system and forever destroyed – if you posted a comment and it somehow never appeared I fear Akismet does not like you. I am saddened that I never got to see these comments, but perhaps with greater vigilance I will now be able to catch the false positives. One of the comments I caught in queue for the e-furnace was Kai’s note on the ‘Heads Will Roll…’ post =)

Now onto the meat of the matter. Progressive Change. For many months now we, the player base of Warhammer Online, have been savoring the thought of change and new content. The general public tends to ask for things and care not how they get it, so long as they get it in a prompt manner its ok. You go to a burger joint and order a burger, you expect it in 5 minutes or less – how you get it, you don’t care. That they had to club an old man over the head and steal his burger is beyond you so long as it is tasty. When I read the forums I get this general sense from some of the people who post on there asking for huge injections of new content in a system which presumably cannot support such an action. One thing many people fail to take into consideration is a question I posed a few nights ago, “What can Mythic do in a 2 month time span to improve the game?” We all have assumptions about Mythic and the WAR population which we cannot verify but nonetheless proclaim as truth; assumptions about the budget, the staff, the remaining population, etc. Even given the worst case scenario, is progressive change possible? I believe it is.

Let us assume the worst that Mythic is down to a skeleton staff, can improvements still be made to the game to bring players back? Of course. It is key however to understand that improvements are different from new content. Can improvements be made to the gaming experience without new content? I believe so. In fact I believe that it is through such actions that Warhammer will revive. Developing new content while leaving old content broken is not the way to go. The first step for moving forward is to acknowledge the mistakes of the past and amend them. Even then players will grumble and mutter that no new content was added, but by fixing the foundation the game can move forward.

After the past has been atoned for and the foundation is rebuilt, the next step would be to make improvements with existing content. No new content would have to be developed, just looked at under a new light. And by these baby steps which change the old, Mythic regains the confidence of the community. People will slowly trickle back after their interest has been peaked by the differences – whether or not they stay for the long term depends on how Mythic progresses. You can only shuffle around existing content so much before there is a cry for new content, but players must understand that the scale of new content they call for is not feasible, at least not with our assumptions of limited staff and budget. So what does Mythic do? They make small additions. Small additions to show the community that things are improving and that Warhammer is growing. Such actions restore a little more faith in the community and perhaps more players return. With more players Mythic can expand its budget and staff, and with greater resources they can slowly build more momentum. Simply put, it is the snowball effect, you start small and keep on rolling until you get huge. WAR is the rock rolling down the hill, and the community is its snow. Without the snow, the rock will never grow in size. For WAR to grow, it needs a community to grow upon.

This Wednesday, June 22, I am launching my project. My project aims to tackle this very question of progressive change. Why has it taken me so long? Because change of this scale is not a simple post on the forums ‘I know how to fix WAR – add scooters’. It is easy enough for someone to spew out a suggestion without considering the process it takes for something of that magnitude to come around. I have gone through the patch history and analyzed the growth of WAR and concluded from it that a patch every 2-3 months is about what we can expect now. I have asked myself what can be done in two months to improve upon WAR and sought solutions. Is my solution perfect? No. But the odyssey I am about to embark on is no mere post on the forums or a neat idea. Day by day for the next 200+ days I have planned out what I want to write and how to present it. On June 22nd I put on my hypothetical producer cap and plot out my formula for growth and change. I am not going to comment on the current goings on of WAR, I leave that to other bloggers. Much like when I wrote about my 6 additional armies or the 4 additional capital cities, I am entering the Hypothetical realm from which I shall not leave until all is said and done {or Mythic says they’ve had enough of my theory-crafting and hires me to shut me up ;)} If you’re reading Hypothetical WAR, buckle up for the long haul.

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  1. June 21, 2011 at 11:43 AM

    T’was about bloody time!:)

    • June 21, 2011 at 11:10 PM

      Says one of the culprits responsible for the delay in the first place XD

  2. June 21, 2011 at 5:13 PM

    Hello all! This is ekaslime here to let you know the project will be delayed until october!

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