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Spotlight on Fortresses

June 24, 2011 1 comment

With 1.5.0b Fortresses have been re-introduced to Warhammer Online. In order to eliminate the population caps that existed in old fortresses, the mechanic of locking a fortress has slightly changed.

The population of a contested fortress now has incentive to split apart, this has been done by creating four battle-field objectives within the fortress map. In order to lock the fortress, the assailants need to hold three of four objectives. The key objective which the assaulting realm must hold to lock the zone is the fortress keep – the flag for this objective will only spawn once the fortress lord has been defeated. The remaining three objectives consist in two of the outer gates (the non-central gates) and the city gate. Additionally, both realms have their camps within the fortress map; the defenders by the city gate and the assailants by the zone entrance. Defender NPCs, defender siege weapons, and assailant siege weapons are proportional to the opposing population. The underdog realm will have more resources at its disposal. The fortress maps have also been expanded, but our cartographers are slow to update the maps. Let’s take a look at the location of the battle-field objectives. Read more…

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