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1.5 Cycle Conclusion

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Today we look back at the 1.5 Patch Cycle and what it means for the grand scheme of Warhammer. While it appears that this patch cycle did not usher in any new content, it took a very serious approach to looking at existing content, fixing it, and presenting it in a new light.

The 1.5 Patch Cycle began with the three part WAR Anvil series ushered in with 1.5.0a, a focus on balanced PvP. PvP interactions are the core of Warhammer Online and for everyone to have an enjoyable experience the classes need to be balanced both with their mirror counterpart and amongst their archetypical counterparts. The WAR Anvil series continued with 1.5.0b which addressed Open RvR combat and other PvP interactions. While PvP may be the heart of Warhammer Online, it exists within the greater body of ORvR. It is for this reason that the heart must be addressed first before the body can heal, but likewise the body must provide a suitable environment for the heart to thrive. With 1.5.0b ORvR was revitalized with new player roles regarding resource allocation, new zone domination mechanics giving Battlefield Objectives a meaning, the reintroduction of forts to give the campaign a grander sense, and many other improvements. The WAR Anvil series ended with 1.5.0c which took a focus on the PvE aspects of the game which although not the main focus for many players, are still a key aspect of the game and should perform smoothly. 1.5.0c took steps towards making Dungeon gear sets more acquirable and making chapter influence rewards more viable in the changing atmosphere of Warhammer.

After the WAR Anvil series, the 1.5 cycle took two steps towards utilizing existing PvE content in a new way to expand the realm of ORvR. 1.5.1 took WAR back to the Empire v. Chaos pairing in Tier 3 as a new battleground for Renown Rank 90+ players seeking to enhance their performance in the reintroduced fortresses. 1.5.2 escalated the Tier 4 campaign to newer grander levels. Amazing locations which previously only served a role in the PvE storyline have become incorporated into the Tier 4 campaign for rank 40 players. With 1.5.2 the Battlefield Objectives are both meaningful locations in the realm of Warhammer and also locations which provide unique opportunities for PvP interactions.

While the five patches of the 1.5 cycle do not offer new content, they do offer new approaches to existing content which help make the ORvR experience fresh. The reintroduction of fortresses and the expansion of ORvR lakes across the whole of Tier 4 are but the first steps into aggrandizing the Tier 4 campaign into something truly worthy of the word ‘campaign’. The 1.5 patch cycle is not the end of the improvement of Warhammer, it is but the beginning. 1.5 has laid the foundation for a gradual rate of change for the age to come.

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