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Civil Unrest – Infiltration Quest

July 7, 2011 1 comment

Introduced with the Civil Unrest 1.6.0 patch is the new Infiltration Quest! This quest is in fact an Epic Quest players can follow from Renown Rank 6 to 100. The Quest is broken up into 14 parts, each available at different renown ranks: RR6, RR12, RR18, RR24, RR30, RR40, RR50, RR60, RR70, RR80, RR85, RR90, RR95, and RR100. The reward for each step of the quest is a weapon suitable for that renown rank; players will have multiple options to choose from. To access the Infiltration Quest, players must obtain the infiltration garment (Chaos Cowl or Emissary’s Robe) and then speak with Lycithas the Harridan Seer or the Supreme Patriarch Thyrus Gormann. Should a player fail to obtain this item before the Live Event ends, these garments can be obtained at RR5 by completing a quest from the same NPCs after the conclusion of the Civil Unrest Live Event.

In order to enter the enemy city, players have to don the infiltration garment which will alter their appearance and allow them to move disguised. However, players must be wary for the higher the state of alert in the enemy city, the higher the chances they will be apprehended! That means the lower the enemy’s city-rank is, and the more guards that are on patrol, the harder it is to move around the enemy city. If a player is discovered by the enemy (NPC or player) while in the enemy city, a message will flash across the enemy’s screen alerting them of your presence and general location. When players don the infiltration garment, their action bar is changed to a blank action bar with few abilities. As players progress through the Infiltration Quest-line, they will gain more abilities while using the infiltration garment which will assist in their mission of havoc.

Let’s take a look at the Infiltration Quest-lines! Read more…

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