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Civil Unrest – Infiltration Quest

Introduced with the Civil Unrest 1.6.0 patch is the new Infiltration Quest! This quest is in fact an Epic Quest players can follow from Renown Rank 6 to 100. The Quest is broken up into 14 parts, each available at different renown ranks: RR6, RR12, RR18, RR24, RR30, RR40, RR50, RR60, RR70, RR80, RR85, RR90, RR95, and RR100. The reward for each step of the quest is a weapon suitable for that renown rank; players will have multiple options to choose from. To access the Infiltration Quest, players must obtain the infiltration garment (Chaos Cowl or Emissary’s Robe) and then speak with Lycithas the Harridan Seer or the Supreme Patriarch Thyrus Gormann. Should a player fail to obtain this item before the Live Event ends, these garments can be obtained at RR5 by completing a quest from the same NPCs after the conclusion of the Civil Unrest Live Event.

In order to enter the enemy city, players have to don the infiltration garment which will alter their appearance and allow them to move disguised. However, players must be wary for the higher the state of alert in the enemy city, the higher the chances they will be apprehended! That means the lower the enemy’s city-rank is, and the more guards that are on patrol, the harder it is to move around the enemy city. If a player is discovered by the enemy (NPC or player) while in the enemy city, a message will flash across the enemy’s screen alerting them of your presence and general location. When players don the infiltration garment, their action bar is changed to a blank action bar with few abilities. As players progress through the Infiltration Quest-line, they will gain more abilities while using the infiltration garment which will assist in their mission of havoc.

Let’s take a look at the Infiltration Quest-lines!

Renown Rank 6
Destruction : Fragile Alliances
The war in Ulthuan strains Finubar’s heart. His homeland is torn asunder while his army is crushed defending the feeble Empire. Go to the center of the Empire city, to the Emperor’s Circle, where a recent display of the High Elf banners is meant to show respect for the High Elves who have fallen in the defense of Altdorf. Go there my minion and steal a banner and bring it back to me, let us drive another nail into Finubar’s heart.
Order : Reclaiming Honor
The High Elves have paid dearly for their alliance. The realm of men is plentiful, but every loss of an elf is a severe blow to the declining race. Finubar’s resolve and commitment to our cause grows weaker as news of Ulthuan’s plight grows more sorrowful, and every High Elf lost in the Old World is but another argument among his councilors for him to pull his army back to the defense of Ulthuan. Journey to the center of the Inevitable City where the forces of Malekith display the banners of defeated High Elf regiments and reclaim one of these stolen banners to rekindle Finubar’s resolve.

Renown Rank 12
Destruction : Ambassador’s Plight
A ship recently arrived from Lothern delivered an ambassador bearing an important missive. The foolish Dark Elves have let their plans fall into the hands of the High Elves, and should this information reach Teclis their conquest of Ulthuan can quickly turn sour. The ambassador can be found walking among the Altdorf Docks. Find and slay him, dumping the body in the river, and return to me with the missive. It may prove of use yet…
Order : Butcher’s Bill
A Dark Elf envoy has recently be dispatched by Morathi to secure a fresh batch of prisoners for her dark blood-ritual. It seems the old hag fears to show her true age. Stuck in the Inevitable City holding Malekith’s hand every step of the war, she has been deprived of her supply of slaves from Har Ganeth. Should her precious shipment be delayed, I imagine her rage would greatly warm the hearts of our elven allies who have shed much blood trying to stop her. Kill the envoy as he wanders the Lost Narrows seeking his purchase and stow his body among the allies. Return with his orders so I can see if there is more in them than just an order for fresh blood.

Renown Rank 18
Destruction : Lethal Beauty
You have proven to be of some value yet… Our recent blows to the High Elves within Altdorf have done much to further our cause. It is time you arm yourself for true battle within the city. No, your weapons will expose you too quickly in the enemy city. You must arm yourself to appear as one of them, and no shoddy weapon will do. Sneak into the Siege Workshop of Altdorf and pillage a shipment of weapons from Vaul’s Anvil. Once you have obtained a weapon you can freely display in the city you will be of greater use to me.
Order : Blade of Ruin
We must better arm ourselves for the true struggle against Chaos. Mere daggers and back-alley assassinations will not win the war. You have been tested to prove your fortitude, but now it is time for you to further your disguise. An unarmed figure in the Inevitable City is more suspicious than an armed one, such is that barbaric civilization’s way. Your weapons will expose your true allegiance too quickly and poorly crafted weapons will do us little use in future exploits. The flames of Aqshy have recently shown me a crate of swords from the Dark Elf blood-smithy’s in Hag Graef located in the Khorne War Quarters. Vicious blades with a deadly edge, more suitable for future needs…

Renown Rank 24
Destruction : Deadly Business
The High Elves try to make the best of their time in Altdorf. One particular past-time of theirs has been to further teach the pathetic humans the arts of the Winds of Magic. A worthless pursuit in my opinion, but this matters not. One of their precious Archmages, Ryleos Shadow-whisperer, who has been working with the College of Shadows in an attempt to root out our Chaos agents has proven a dangerous threat to our cause… to your mission. He must die, but killing him will not be easy. He spends his free time bargaining with the merchants in the Merchant Square of Altdorf, not only a bustling district of the city, but also remember – he specializes in the Shadows and is prone to expose you before you reach him. Either he dies or you do. Kill him and bring me his bloody robes as proof of your worth.
Order : An End To The Slave Trade
The Dark Elves crave for slaves to feed their bloodlust and toil in their mines. The Greenskins seek a meal. The slave trade in the Inevitable City has boomed in this time of war and Tchar’zanek has realized how powerful of a commodity slaves can be to bind his allies to his cause, so much so that he has called upon his twisted minion Kavarek the Eyeless to harvest the lands of men for the freshest crop. His exploits ravage the lands of our northern allies in Kislev and must be put to an end. He operates from the Apex in the central Inevitable City which will greatly complicate your mission. This central location is abuzz with the forces of Destruction, and don’t let the magus’s name fool you. Blind he is, but Tzeentch has gifted him with a far-seeing eye in his mind. It is likely he will be aware of your presence before you can land the first blow, so tread carefully. You must succeed in your mission if we are to weaken Tchar’zanek’s hold over his allies with… voracious appetites.

Renown Rank 30
Destruction : Heresy Unbound
There is something I need of you my chosen minion… a book located in the heart of the Altdord Library. I know a brute being such as yourself has no knowledge of dark texts, but locked up in that library is a text which could ignite the Empire and unleash the flames of Tzeentch. Do not open the tome under any circumstance or the screams of Chaos that cry out from it will alert every Witch Hunter in that wretched city of your presence! Find it and bring it back to me, for Tzeentch!
Order : Ways of the Umbra Chaotica
Our forces struggle to locate a clear war-path to the Inevitable City. My powers are enough to send you forth to the hidden passages in the mountains, but to send a whole army… not possible. Go myself? Nonsense, Karl Franz needs me here! The winds of change sweep the plains of the Umbra Chaotica and drive the minds of our men mad. Send in the women I say, but Karl Franz would not hear of it! I digress, there is a way you can help, naturally. Located along Fate’s Edge is the Lyceum of the Inevitable City, a hall of twisted texts and tomes which shriek out seeking to twist your mind. Within this dreadful hall which will test the limits of your mind is a book which will certainly push these limits to their extreme, the Ways of the Umbra Chaotica. Under no circumstance open the book or your mind will be twisted into a foul being and your soul doomed to damnation. Find the book and bring it back so that the flames of Aqshy can light the way for the forces of Order.

Renown Rank 40
Destruction : Assassin’s Plot
You return once more, the rush of death whets your appetite does it? Lie not to me, your weak mind hides nothing from me. Very well I will give you another task to satisfy your lust for death, though if it is your own death which comes of this task… Well, as I was saying, a task for you. It seems the Empire has been rallying troops to its cause despite our best efforts to spread rebellion. One particular wealthy baron is funding a regiment from Averland to march north. His financial assets have equipped far too many soldiers for him to live freely, and now he will make his last payment, he will pay with his life. Go to the Lord’s Row and locate this bothersome baron and slay him, but do so unseen. He is too heavily defended for a melee to take place in this heavily patrolled district. Take the Arrow of Night and let loose at the baron. Kill him and you may find your quiver blessed by Tzeentch.
Order : Payment in Kind
Soldier of Order we meet again. Your exploits have gained you some fame amongst the Imperial Court, and some infamy amongst the minions of Destruction. They seek your head, though they do not yet know it is your head they seek. Aqshy has shown me a ritual being undertaken in the Temple of the Inevitable City, a ritual being divined to discover your identity. A vile zealot leads the ritual in the heart of this accursed structure. There is no way you could enter it and leave unchanged, so necessity demands that you save your life by taking another; and in this case you must take the life from afar for you are too weak to kill the zealot like the true warrior you are. A shame that your mind is too weak to withstand the Temple of Change, but these Charcian arrows should suffice for the mission and perhaps be of use for future endeavors within that damned city.

Renown Rank 50
Destruction : Disorderly Conduct
Even now as we spread confusion through the heart of the Empire they rally still. Do those fools think they can resist the change that the Lord of Change brings? Futile resistance… it must be broken! The center of this resistance is Sigmar’s Hammer  located in the War Quarters, where the wretched elements of the Order of the Griffon, the Shining Guard, and the Oathbearers gather with vain hopes of victory. Go there and take these forged orders and swap them with any you find. Spread distrust among the guilds and let havoc ensue!
Order : Seeds of Distrust
The forces of Chaos are forged by an uneasy alliance between the false gods of Tzeentch, Khorne, and Slaanesh. Slaanesh has always been the runt of that foul litter. Fate slipped up when she let that foul spawn enter our world, but alas I cannot send you to amend for that wrong. But there is something you can do yet… As I said, Slaanesh has always been pushed aside by his elder kin, his minions more so. The Slaanesh Chambers in the Inevitable City are the hive for this dark cult and are just the right grounds to plant the seed for rebellion amongst the followers of the false gods. Go there and swap these forged documents with those you find in the Slaanesh Chambers and let those vile twisted minds tear themselves apart and save us the trouble.

Renown Rank 60
Destruction : Soulfire
You again? I had hoped Tzeentch would have destined you for… another fate. You grow powerful, but so long as I can control your power and mold you to my designs I suppose I can make use of you still. You seek glory and I… seek more intricate ways to kill you. Don’t worry you’ll forget I said that after this is all done and through… The Aqshy wizards have proven to be the root of all our woes in this struggle against Altdorf. That cursed flame is beyond my power and no flame can be beyond Tzeentch! The situation must change, you must go into the Bright Wizard College and obtain the Soulfire of an Aqshy flame for me so that I may better serve our god. Now then my mighty valuable warrior, go forth and champion my cause.
Order : A Bit of Chaos
We meet again in this ongoing struggle against the forces which seek to rend the world undone. Aldorf has recently become increasingly plagued by agents of Chaos, agents sent against us by that whore of Tchar’zanek, Lycithas the Harridan Seer. I cannot fathom how she sees into our city despite the powerful wards the College of Aqshy surrounds the city with. The other Colleges could not fathom her power either… Go into the Monolith and use this Glass of Aqshy to capture a bit of chaos essence surrounding that vile creature. Do not attempt to confront her or she will render you undone, and with you our plans and hopes for success.

Renown Rank 70
Destruction : Legacy of Sigmar
You live yet… Very well you shall be my instrument of the destruction of the Empire. Those weak humans hold onto their pitiful belief that one of their own transcended into the realm of god-hood. Tzeentch laughs at the thought that this would be even considered possible among the realm of men. We are blessed to have his favor or he would rid the world of us all. Now you must do his bidding and crush the beliefs of the Empire once and for all. Located in Altdorf is the Temple of Sigmar, you may have seen it in your past exploits. Located within this house of the pathetic soul the men of the Empire choose to worship is a sacred text depicting the life of their beloved Sigmar. It is a text so sacred and so fundamental for their beliefs to exist, that to lose it would be to challenge the very existence of Sigmar, and without Sigmar the Empire will crumble. Taking this text will be no easy struggle, but I have not found an easy way to kill you yet, so we shall see. Go now!
Order : Issue A Challenge
Ah my friend you return and grow more powerful with each visit. The realm of Chaos rallies around the chosen of their gods. Few such chosen exist, but their presence always shakes the world and threatens the very foundations of our civilization. While Tchar’zanek is the champion of Tzeentch, his minion and general Engra Deathsword spells a different fate for the Empire. Engra represents the blade of destruction which will come crashing down on the walls of Altdorf and his demise would do the realm of men a great favor. What I ask of you is no easy task and I dread to think of the consequences should you prove unready, but the Empire has need of you now and you must prove capable! Journey into the Sacellum where Engra presides over the senseless blood-matches, go there and issue a challenge. You cannot possibly defeat Engra, not yet, but deal a blow so savage as to render his armor free of that damned soul. Buy us this time and the Empire will forever greatful.

Renown Rank 80
Destruction : Royal Escort
Wipe that smug look off your face you simple creature! You have achieved much but do not think for a moment that you achieved any of it without the hand of Tzeentch propelling you forward! The Lord of Change has done much to alter your fate, which rest assured was destined for a far more inglorious path before you set out to aid me. You are ready now to begin the final leg of your journey, now you have attained the power to test the very limits of Altdorf’s defenses. Go into the Imperial Palace and seek out Finubar’s Swordmasters which patrol the outer halls. Test your power against them and show me if you are ready for more formidable opponents.
Order : Soul Eaters
Sigmar be praised! You return ever stronger, and you shall need your strength for where you are about to go… I send you forth now to the fringes of the Eternal Citadel along Fate’s Edge. You are not yet ready to grace its halls, but that time will come. First you must prove your mettle, no not as a soldier, for you have done that already, but as one of a stalwart mind. Patrolling the causeway to the Eternal Citadal are a newly commissioned breed of foul creatures – the Soul Eaters. Foul creatures, Dark Elves feed on the blood of the Changer of Ways’ victims. Malekith is rather fond of them, but I personally think their name is naught by a scare-tactic. Fear not and fight strong. Go and prevail!

Renown Rank 85
Destruction : Phoenix Shield
You are clever, I will give you that… but just how clever are you? Well asking you that will clearly give me no favorable results for you are of a simple mind. And for your simple mind I have a simple task. It requires brute force, something you have displayed that you are good at. Guarding the inner sanctum of the Imperial Palace are Finubar’s chosen Seaguard. Unfortunately they are more clever than you… Don’t come back to me unless you’ve proof of their demise.
Order : Waaagh Frenzy
You have survived the perils of Fate’s Edge, but you must push further and test the strength of your resolve. Guarding the entrance of the Eternal Citadel are Gazbag’s minions, his own cohort of shamans which do his biding. I suspect his ambition would have them placed in such a perilous position as to have them die first, but this matters not. The fact is simple, and that is that they must indeed die before we can enter the confines of the Eternal Citadel and pursue our greatest enemies. Defeat the little runts and shatter the spirit of the so-called ‘waaagh’.

Renown Rank 90
Destruction : Taking Hoeth
I will be terse for I care not to waste words on your simple mind. You have proven you can handle mere minions and weak warriors, but there is a far greater force within the walls of the Imperial Palace – Teclis. I had hoped your defeat would meet you on many occasions, but fate had had you victorious. Rest assured I have little doubt your pitiful soul will accomplish this task but it seems the Lord of Change has greater designs for you. Find Teclis and bring me back his staff. I trust a simple brute like you knows how to obtain it…
Order : Winds of Naggarond
The thought of that icy wasteland burns the flames of Aqshy brighter within me!  Bah! Those cold plains breed a dark magic which threatens us all, but the meager sorceresses of Naggaroth are of little concern to me. It is not them I am concerned over… no, there is another. Malekith has called forth the matriarch of the Dark Covenant of Naggarond to protect his twisted body. I do not know her name… but we call her the Frozen Kiss. No attempts can be made on the heads of Destruction so long as she is present. Go to the Eternal Citadel,seek her out and eliminate her.

Renown Rank 95
Destruction : A New Grudge
My my… you’ve done it now. The defenses of the Imperial Court lay defeated and you still stand. Well in that case it is time you go forth and see if you are fit for the final challenge. Located in the ante-chamber of the Imperial Palace is the war room with High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer and the Phoenix King Finubar. The fate of the elf concerns me not, time and time again we have shown them to be a weak race. The true and untested force is that of the dwarves. Yes, they are a stout people… they would make wonderful slaves I gather if only they could be broken… Defeat the dwarf king and bring me his shield. That will do nicely and will prove that you are ready for the final task.
Order : Block This
The time draws near for the final task that awaits you, but before you are ready for that dreadful encounter you must done one more thing to reaffirm our alliance with the dwarves. Karak Ankor is hard pressed by the greenskin waaagh, and those simple green creatures are held together only by the power of their warboss. Defeat the warboss and the waaagh dissolves. This will be no easy encounter however, for the Bloody Sun Boyz are led by two minds – the brains and the brawn. Grumlok and Gazbag will prove formidable opponents. Though Malekith is typically located in the same room it is unlikely that spineless wretch will stay and fight, but your hands will be full enough with the greenskins to deal with.

Renown Rank 100
Destruction : Seal of Order
Tzeentch has foiled all my attempts to have you killed… he smiles upon you child of Chaos… Do not dare to smile back, for the Lord of Change does not will it. You have not yet proven yourself to be a true champion of Chaos, nor will you for defeat is written in your future. Nonetheless I must let you attempt to prove yourself, for Tzeentch wills it and I am but his humble servant. Your final task is to return to the Imperial Palace and deal the final blow to the Empire and the forces of Order – defeat Karl Franz. Fail the Lord of Change at this point in your journey, and grim tidings await you…
Order : Tzeentch’s Champion
Champion of Order, your deeds thus far have won you enough merit to emblazon your name in the annuls of history. Alas there is a final task for you, the one for which you have been preparing for all this time. The hordes of Chaos will not cease to assail the realm of men until the head of their champion lay severed on the floor. Tchar’zanek must fall. Return to the Eternal Citadel and fight your final battle. Defeat Tchar’zanek and wrest the badge of his office from his dying body and bring it back to me so that it may be consumed forever in the flames of Aqshy.

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  1. July 8, 2011 at 5:20 AM

    I absolutely adore this concept! Every single aspect of it! It’s bloody brilliant! It’s both PvE and RvR with a twist! Oh if only there were something like this in the game! And if it were repeatable for each RR.

    Ah well… Still, my sweet dreams for WAR are henceforth made of this!

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