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Bloodied Steppes ~ Blood Arena

July 10, 2011 1 comment

Introducing the newest scenario for Warhammer Online – the Blood Arena. As the forces of Order and Destro clash over Bastion Stair in an attempt to reign in the power of Khorne, their struggle comes head-to-head in the middle of the stronghold. Regardless of either realm’s aims, the blood they spill in the Blood Arena will server to further Khorne’s bloodlust.

The Blood Arena is a massive circular chamber with three passages branching off the upper tier, and a lower tier serving as the ground floor of the scenario. Players of the two realms spawn in the south and north passages as they rush to the bottom floor to clash. This scenario is a death-match scenario, meaning that victory can only be achieved by killing the enemy and spilling their blood. Khorne will randomly assign his blood-favored marking on a target – killing this target will generate more points for that realm, but whoever kills the marked target is then marked.

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