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Northern Allies

July 12, 2011 4 comments

The Battle of Belyavorota by Gregorius Volff of Erengrad


The blood-tide had swept over the northern lands. Despite the best efforts of the forces of Order, nothing they could do could stop the bloodshed. In the defense of Kislev and the assault on Bastion Stair the valiant soldiers of Order had to spill blood to achieve their means, and the bloodshed only served to drive Khorne into an insatiable frenzy. The matter was not made any better by the Destruction assault on Bastion Stairs, an assault meant to purposefully cause as much bloodshed within Khorne’s stronghold. When the two factions met in the center of the complex and clashed over the Blood Arena the balance had shifted beyond the control of Order. Khorne had tasted blood, and Khorne wanted more.

With Khorne’s blood-thirst unquenchable, the forces of Destruction had achieved their aim – to draw Khorne into the greater war against Order. Khorne’s contribution to the cause, his legion of mighty Scions – a force beyond reckoning on the battlefield. These chosen of Khorne are the symbol of his power in the world, men driven by Khorne’s blood-thirst. To counter this onslaught the Tsardom of Kislev has committed itself to Order’s cause to a greater degree. With its lands torn asunder by the Chaos incursion, Kislev had held back and played a reactionary role in the greater struggle. However, the incursion of Khorne’s forces unto the steppes of Kislev spells certain doom for the kingdom, so the Tsarina has chosen to follow a course of direct involvement. Called from her private ranks to join the forces of Order against the hordes of Destruction are the Tsarina’s Gryphon Legion. The mighty Gryphon Lancers are an impressive force which holds sway over the steppes, and they shall break their lances upon the shields of the Scions in the defense of not only Kislev, but in the defensive of mankind.

The realm which gathered the most Enemy’s Blood during the Bloodied Steppes Live Event wins 3 weeks early access to the two new tank classes, the losing realm gets 10 days early access. Destruction players who showed themselves to be tools of unstoppable bloodshed and earned the Elite Reward from the Bloodied Steppes Live Event, the Bloody Missive, can create a Scion of Khorne up to three weeks earlier than their weaker allies. Order players who displayed the greatest resolve to hold back the blood-tide and earned the Elite Reward from the Bloodied Steppes Live Event, the Imperial Communique, can create a Gryphon Lancer up to three weeks earlier than their less committed allies. It is too late to halt Khorne’s entry into the war, but can Kislev’s greater commitment help shift the scales of war to Order’s favor?

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