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Grypon Lancer – Kislev Tank

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“In the dark days the savage hordes of Norsemen descended upon the fair plains of Kislev. Driven mad by the twisted Chaos gods, these men were laying waste to the country and moving through the Northern Wastes towards Erengrad. Frontiers outposts were overrun and their garrisons were massacred by the savages; Erengrad was facing a devastating tide. It was then that the famed Gryphon Legion rushed across the steppes to face the children of Chaos. As the thousands of savages descended upon the outskirts of Erengrad, the Gryphon Legion appeared on the eastern horizon. With dawn setting in, the sun light reflected off the Legion’s polished armor; it was as if a beacon of divine light had shone to give the city hope. Outnumbered at least ten to one, the Gryphon Legion charged forward to strike down the Chaos horde. Shining plate mail, wings bedecked with eagle feathers, leopard skins as cloaks. A sight to strike fear in the hearts of any. Against all odds the five hundred men of the Gryphon Legion charged forth to decimate the foes of Kislev and the carnage that ensued was deafening. This city’s existence is a testament to their valor.” Yuri Pavlov, Royal Historian of Kislev

Grypon Lancer

Archtype – Tank

Armor – Heavy

Weapon – Lance, Sword and Shield

Mechanic – Battlefield Valor

  • You charge into the battlefield and earn your valor with the blood of your foes. You have a meter of 0-100 Valor which will increase while in combat, this meter is divided into three portions: 0-50 is ‘Uncommon Valor’, 51-75 is ‘Exceptional Valor’, and 76-100 is ‘Heroic Valor’. Certain abilities can only be used once a certain degree of Valor has been achieved. Other abilities will exhaust your Valor. At Uncommon Valor your speed is increased by 2%, at Exceptional Valor your speed is increased by 3%, and at Heroic Valor your speed is increased by 5%.

Mastery Trees

  • Lance Formation – You have trained to punch through enemy lines and deal precise devastation.
  • Shield Formation – You have trained to hold your ground against the onslaught.
  • Gauntlet Formation – You have trained to beat your enemy down so your allies can kill them. Read more…
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