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Scion of Khorne – Khorne Tank

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“Some men grow weak at the sight of blood, others are unmoved by the sight of blood, and there still some men who are driven forward at the thought of bloodshed. But there are few men who thirst for blood. I do not mean a metaphorical thirst, but an actual daemonic thirst from within – the desire to consume the blood of other men. It is these men, the blood-crazed, that we must keep a vigilant eye for. Here in the northern reaches of human civilization the weak of mind are preyed upon by the Chaos gods, and the worst we can face are those preyed upon by Khorne. It is we, the men of Kislev, who are the first line of defense of humanity against the horrors of Khorne. And it is we, the men of Kislev, who shall be the first to die if we do not keep a vigilant eye on the icy mountains to the east. From there come the Scions of Khorne, men who scream like wild beasts and fight like daemons. Those are the blood-crazed men, and they will stop at nothing to have at your blood.” Colonel Bukarov of the Fortress of Zenilev

Scion of Khorne

Archtype – Tank

Armor – Heavy

Weapon – Axe and Shield; Greataxe

Mechanic – Khorne’s Thirst

  • You charge into the battlefield and satiating the thirst of your god with the blood of your foes. You have a meter of 0-100 Thirst which will increase while in combat, this meter is divided into three portions: 0-50 is ‘Unquenchable Thirst’, 51-75 is ‘Ravaging Thirst’, and 76-100 is ‘Demonic Thirst’. Certain abilities can only be used once a certain degree of Thirst has been achieved. Other abilities will exhaust your Thirst. At Unquenchable Thirst your auto-attack is increased by 2%, at Ravaging Thirst your auto-attack is increased by 6%, and at Demonic Thirst your auto-attack is increased by 10%.

Mastery Trees

  • Bloodthirster – You focus your attention at one enemy at a time and deliver deadly blows.
  • Bloodholder – You turn your attention at self preservation for the glory of Khorne.
  • Bloodletter – You drain your enemies of the very life that drives them on. Read more…
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