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Faith and Blood

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The Might of Ursun by Gregorius Volff of Erengrad


Norsca, a harsh land resting in the shadow of Chaos. The influence of southern gods like Sigmar and Ursun do not penetrate deep into this harsh land. No, this rugged land and its forsaken people are left to the whims of the Chaos gods. When Khorne was drawn into the greater struggle of the forces of Destruction against the forces of Order he sought to enlarge his army at the expense of the Norscan tribes. The Griffon Order quickly pushed into Norsca to aid their Kislev allies against the new threat in the north, but a strong counter offensive could not be established in a region so heavily dominated by the forces of Chaos. Any efforts to stop Khorne’s advance were met with bloodshed, and such events only served to drive the Blood God further. 

A firmer resolve was needed to counter the influences of Chaos in the untamed realms of Norsca. Called from the wilderness of the lands surrounding Kislev were the pious men devoted to the Kislevite god Ursun, the Priests of Ursun. The Priests of Ursun spend much of their lives living in the wilderness to grow in closer union with Ursun. Perhaps these men of the wild and the bear-god are the link between humanity and the peoples of Norsca, who love on the edge of humanity. Born of an equally zealous constitution are the Bloodflayers of Khorne, bloody fanatics who spill blood in the name of Khorne and tell their disciples to ‘feed off of the weak.’ In the harsh lands of Norsca the Priests of Ursun and the Bloodflayers meet in an attempt to claim the souls of Norsca for their own.

The realm which gathered the most Organs during the Norscan Fate Live Event wins 3 weeks early access to the two new classes, the losing realm gets 10 days early access. Destruction players who soaked Norsca with blood and earned the Elite Reward from the Norscan Fate Live Event, the Crude Flaying Implement, can create a Bloodflayer up to three weeks earlier than their weaker allies. Order players who displayed the determination to preserve civilization and earned the Elite Reward from the Norscan Fate Live Event, the Blood-Hammer of Ursun, can create a Priest of Ursun up to three weeks earlier than their less committed allies. As Khorne’s army grows, can the pious men of Kislev slow the blood-tide?

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