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Bloodflayer – Khorne Healer

July 21, 2011 3 comments

“Blood for the Blood God! Yes my lowly minions, blood! Kill the weak! Kill those who are unworthy to have Khorne feed on their blood! Their blood is unworthy of Khorne but suitable for your sustenance. Let the blood flow and drink of it. Drink of the blood and grow closer to Khorne! I am the scythe that reaps the blood-harvest. Walk in my shadow and consume the blood that will feed Khorne’s army. Where I go blood will soak the land and from this blood will rise a crimson dawn to honor the Blood God!” Vordred Bloodhand, Disciple of Khorne


Archtype – Healer

Armor – Medium Robe

Weapon – Great-Flail

Mechanic – Khorne’s Blood

  • You have a pool of 0-100 Blood of the Fallen which is harvested through certain abilities. You may use this secondary pool of points to enhance the performance of an ally temporarily, but they must be above 20% health.

Mastery Trees

  • The Sanguinary – A mastery path focusing on attacks that heal your allies by drenching them with the blood of your enemies.
  • The Gory – A mastery path focusing on attacks which damage your enemies and harvest Blood of the Fallen.
  • The Hematic – A mastery path focusing on infusing your allies with the charged Blood of Khorne.  Read more…
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