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Burning Sands Teaser

“Tell me again Rynellier why we are wandering through this forsaken desert while Ulthuan is under siege,” the figure in the front yelled over the roaring winds.

“The Nehekharans were among the first men to inhabit the world. It is believed that the Old Ones may have helped this first among civilizations of men and left them with powerful artifacts to combat the forces of Chaos. The Asur are stretched thin defending our allies in the Old World and on Ulthuan; any artifact we could find to strengthen the position of our allies in the Old World will allow Finubar to send more of our kin back to Ulthuan,” the Archmage replied.

“Were not the artifacts of Zandri enough?” the figure in the front yelled back.

“Zandri is nothing Shadow Warrior. More powerful winds stir at the center of the realm of the Tomb Kings,” the Swordmaster commented.

“So eloquently put Ledreal… What he means Firbael is that Zandri as the farthest north of the necropolises is most likely to have been pillaged long ago. The high lich priests would have been more prone to safeguarding their most prized possessions in the heart of the desert, away from the reaches of invaders,” Rynellier yelled over the roaring wind.

“At least here Shadow Warrior your chances of having a witch elf stab you in the back are far lower,” the Swordmaster said with a rare smile which the Shadow Warrior had no way of seeing in the blistering wind.

“You mind your own concerns Ledreal and I shall mind mine,” Firbael replied as he stopped atop the crest of a dune.

Catching up to the Shadow Warrior at the front, the Swordmaster put his hand on his friend’s shoulder and said, “You are my concern.”

Rynellier caught up to the two, “Why do you stop Firbael?”

With a fierce sandstorm raging around the three, visibility was very low. It was not enough that they had to bear the burning heat, they also had to withstand the stinging sand as it blasted across their bodies. The Shadow Warrior spit sand out of his mouth, raised is mask back over his face and pointed to the south west. The two others followed his finger and stared blankly into the sandstorm.

“An oasis Rynellier,” Firbael stated.

“There is nothing there. Surely a mirage,” Ledreal said.

The Shadow Warrior turned to face his companions in the eyes, “An oasis. What we came to find.”

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