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Burning Sands

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Sent into the desert wilderness of the Land of the Dead, an elven expedition found the source of Teclis’s visions. They returned to Altdorf to report their findings to the War Council and the news was received with great hope. At last, a way deeper into to desert, a way to explore the heart of Nehekhara. A glimmer of hope emerged for the forces of Order, but their joys were to be short-lived. A Dark Elf Shade who had penetrated the Emperor’s Palace in Altdorf quickly caught wind of the elven discovery and reported it back to his superiors. The information created a wildfire among the leadership of the two factions, both aware of the implications if their enemy reached the heart of the desert first. A massive expedition was underway to Zandri and beyond, but which realm would muster the supplies first? Read more…

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