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Burning Sands ~ Mausoleum of the Red Sun

July 24, 2011 1 comment

Buried in the southern desert beyond Zandri lays what was once a Nehekharan temple dedicated to the sun god. In the wars with Nagash humanity faced its defeat at the unstoppable tide of the undead, and the land withered into a scorched shell of its former life. The bygone era of the weak mortal body was memorialized in a twisted fate which turned this temple, which once commemorated a bountiful life, into a crypt which interred the last resistance to the inevitable dominion of death. And so the ancient Nehekharan temple was rechristened at the hands of death itself as the Mausoleum of the Red Sun, a name meant to indicate that the sun no longer provided life in these lands, but instead took it.

Now, in the Age of Reckoning when the realm of the living dares to disturb the Land of the Dead this ancient temple complex once again plays a role in the struggle for survival. As both realms attempt to push the bounds of exploration beyond Zandri they will come to blows in the Mausoleum of the Red Sun. In this lethal scenario players will have to tread carefully around the trap-ridden complex as they attempt to add their enemies to the permanent list of residents of the Mausoleum of the Red Sun.

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