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Beyond Zandri ~ Khemri

July 27, 2011 1 comment

Deep in the south of the Nehekharan desert lays what was once a booming metropolis of the Nehekharan kingdom, but fate had another design for the prosperous city of Khemri. The pursuit for immortality led the Nehekharan nobility down the dark path of necromancy, a path which damned the civilization to an endless servitude to the lifeless desert and its greedy kings. The final blow to the Nehekharan kingdom was dealt when Nagash was denied the throne of Khemri and began a civil war which tore the lands asunder and led Nagash to cast a powerful spell over the land which sucked the life out of it and its people. And so the mighty metropolises of the southern lands turned into vast necropoles serving the Tomb Kings.

Stepping into the Oasis of Eternity, Firbael the Shadow Warrior became the first living soul to set foot in Khemri since the bygone era before Nagash. His journey into the heart of the kingdom of death would usher in a new era for the Land of the Dead, for it would bring word back to the realm of the living that such a journey was possible. In his footsteps the forces of Order and Destruction would race to secure the artifacts of the mighty Tomb Kings. Read more…

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