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Beyond Zandri ~ Khemri

Deep in the south of the Nehekharan desert lays what was once a booming metropolis of the Nehekharan kingdom, but fate had another design for the prosperous city of Khemri. The pursuit for immortality led the Nehekharan nobility down the dark path of necromancy, a path which damned the civilization to an endless servitude to the lifeless desert and its greedy kings. The final blow to the Nehekharan kingdom was dealt when Nagash was denied the throne of Khemri and began a civil war which tore the lands asunder and led Nagash to cast a powerful spell over the land which sucked the life out of it and its people. And so the mighty metropolises of the southern lands turned into vast necropoles serving the Tomb Kings.

Stepping into the Oasis of Eternity, Firbael the Shadow Warrior became the first living soul to set foot in Khemri since the bygone era before Nagash. His journey into the heart of the kingdom of death would usher in a new era for the Land of the Dead, for it would bring word back to the realm of the living that such a journey was possible. In his footsteps the forces of Order and Destruction would race to secure the artifacts of the mighty Tomb Kings.


Khemri is the newest addition to the Land of the Dead. Situated south of Zandri along the River Mortis, it is the seat of power for the Tomb Kings. Within the mighty necropolis lies the royal citadel, a walled enclave within the greater city of the dead, and within this walled citadel are mighty artifacts of the Tomb Kings, but they will not be given up freely.

Packing For the Journey to Khemri
Players begin their journey to Khemri by their success in the Burning Sands Live Event. The realm which collected the most Expedition Supplies has 3 days early access to Khemri. Khemri can only be reached via the two Oases of Eternity located along the northern and southern borders of Zandri, which in turn can only be reached by players who have both the map to the Oasis of Eternity, and a supply of the Waters of Eternity found within the Tomb of the Vulture Lord. After the Burning Sands Live Event is over, players can obtain the Expedition Map or Map of the Dhar Winds via a quest from the warcamp in Zandri. With these two pocket items equipped, players can navigate the fierce sandstorms on the fringes of Zandri to reach the Oases of Eternity; the Waters of Eternity have a 3 minute duration and 90 second cool-down and prevent players from taken environmental damage from fatigue while in the sandstorms. The Expedition Map and Map of the Dhar Winds allow players to properly navigate to the Oasis of Eternity, for the raging sandstorm leaves no landmarks visible and the shifting sands constantly make it appear as if the Oases have moved. Upon finding the Oasis of Eternity, players may enter Khemri. However, the raging sandstorms ebb and flow in their ferocity and players can only manage to enter them when their strength is at their lowest; this means that players will only be able to attempt to reach the Oases of Eternity for a certain window of time before the winds pick up and prevent players from entering the sandstorm.

Cyclical Sandstorms
The sandstorms protecting Khemri act both as a barrier to keep players from entering the zone when not permitted to do so, and to keep players from overstaying their welcome. Khemri exists as an ORvR instance without population caps. When the sandstorms surrounding the Oases of Eternity ebb to their weakest, Khemri will reset and players will have 10 minutes to access the zone and prepare in the warcamps within the citadel walls. After the preparation timer is done, the sandstorms will remain at a low for 50 minutes during which time players can enter and leave Khemri safely. After the sandstorms have been at a low for 1 hour, they will pick up again to a deadly degree killing players instantly who attempt to enter the sandstorm and porting them back to their warcamp in Zandri. For thirty minutes after the sandstorms seal Khemri,  only players within the city may remain there and fight freely. After 90 minutes of Khemri being accessible the mighty winds of the Nehekharan desert will pour over the walls of Khemri and suck the life of all within them. The sandstorms will rage within Khemri for 30 minutes, bringing the cycle to two hours at which point it resets and repeats. In summation: Khemri is in its ‘preparation phase’ for 10 minutes, then it is in its ‘contested phase’ for 50 minutes, followed by its ‘sealed phase’ for 30 minutes, and ending with its ‘purge of the living phase’ for 30 minutes.

The Nature of Khemri: Reliquaries
Due to the tie to the Tomb of the Vulture Lord, Khemri is a zone intended for players renown Rank 70+.  The purpose of this zone is linked to the reintroduction of fortresses. Located in the sacred vaults of Khemri are precious artifacts with potent powers. These artifacts exist in 6 locations around the city which operate in the form of Public Quests. When a realm wins the Public Quest a reliquary will drop with a sacred artifact, the winning realm then has 20 minutes to take and escort this reliquary to one of their fortresses. Once a reliquary is planted in a fortress it will provide a boon for that entire pairing; so for example if the forces of Destruction take a reliquary to the Maw, Destruction players from the Maw to Reikwald will benefit from this reliquary’s boon. Should the escort carrying the reliquary die, it may be retrieved by a friendly player so they can continue the journey, but if an enemy player picks it up then it resets to its original location. Reliquaries have varying boons ranging from increased renown gain to decreased damage taken, and there are a dozen different reliquares. However, the reliquary for each Public Quest is random and once a realm has won three Public Quests and been assigned their three reliquaries they can not acquire different ones until Khemri resets. Reliquaries last for 4 hours.

The Nature of Khemri: The  Coin-Toss
The forces of Order will have their warcamp in the north-western breach in the citadel wall, and the forces of Destruction will have their warcamp in the south-eastern breach in the citadel wall. After the preparation timer is completed, both realms will rush to the center of the citadel to clash at the coin-toss Public Quest: The Asaph Plaza. The Asaph Plaza is a plaza centered around a massive obsidian obelisk dedicated to the god Asaph. The objective of the Asaph Plaza is for players to defeat the Aspect of Asaph, victory is determined by a victory-meter akin to Thanquol’s Incursion. This Public Quest does not provide the victors with a reliquary, it is a balance act to determine which realm needs a initial boost. The victors of the Asaph Plaza receive a short duration boon, but are locked within the plaza for two minutes. The losers of the Asaph Plaza are teleported back to their warcamp and the Reliquary Public Quest is chosen from among the ones closest to the losing faction’s warcamp.

The Nature of Khemri: The Reliquary Public Quests’ Layout
Situated in the north-west is the Order warcamp, and in the south-east is the Destruction warcmap. Khemri’s citadel is divided into six districts, each a Public Quest. The three northern Public Quests are considered ‘Order’ Public Quests, and the three southern Public Quests are considered ‘Destruction’ Public Quests. Should Order win the Asaph Plaza, a random ‘Destruction’ Public Quest will open up to compete in. Because Destruction lost and Order is locked in the central plaza, Destruction will have a slight head-start on the public quest to give them an edge. If Order wins again, they are locked within that Public Quest a little longer to give Destruction more time, but if Destruction wins then the battle shifts to the northern sector of the citadel! And so the battle randomly rotates among the twisting streets of Khemri. Once a realm has won three Public Quests and been awarded their three relics they cannot win another Public Quest; however, this is not to say that they should leave and let the enemy freely win their quests because we wouldn’t want the enemy to get their hands on reliquaries would we? Six unique locations to fight in and challenge players differently, but who will triumph in the face of death? To the victor, the spoils!

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  1. July 27, 2011 at 11:21 PM

    With the opening of Khemri, the temporary opening of the Tier 3 EvC pairing to RR90+ brought about by v1.5.1 “WAR’s Reversal” (https://ekaslime.wordpress.com/2011/06/26/wars-reversal/) would be ended. Khemri would be open to lower renown ranks but would replace the temporary solution that was WAR’s Reversal.

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