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Khemri ~ Overview

v1.6.3b brings players to the citadel of Khemri. Yesterday we discussed how players get to Khemri and what role it plays in the Tier 4 campaign, today we shall look at it in an introductory manner.

Khemri is a dense urban center with twisting streets and alleys (some which lead to dead ends!) However the battle over the city will not just take place in the streets, for players will be able to combat through the urban scenery, under ground, and atop the rooftops! Order players have their warcamp in the north-western breach in the citadel wall; Destruction players have their warcamp in the south-eastern breach in the citadel wall. The city is bisected from east to west by a wide avenue known as the Way of Ptra, enclosed on both ends by the towering Gates of Khemri, forever sealed like cold tombs. The northern portion of Khemri consists of the three public quests linked with the progress of the Order faction: The Market of Sokth, the Library of Tahoth, and the Pyramid of Eternity. The southern portion of Khemri consists of the three public quests linked with the progress of the Destruction faction: The Water Gardens of Geheb, the Palace of the Tomb Kings, and the Temple of Djaf. The central battleground which decides from which faction the first public quest will be is the Asaph Plaza.

The Asaph Plaza
When the 10 minute preparation timer ends, the Asaph Plaza public quest begins pitting players of both factions not only against each other but also against the Aspect of Asaph, the god of magic and vengeance. The Aspect of Asaph patrols the central plaza and does not attack back himself; however, this is not to mean that he will not fight back. In the corners of the plaza are four small obelisks which will emit magical blasts at the faction which is generating the most hate on the Aspect of Asaph. The key object of the Asaph Plaza however is the mighty obsidian obelisk that graces the center of the plaza, the tool with which Asaph will send forth his vengeance. At specific intervals of the Aspect’s health, the central obelisk will emit a powerful blast of Nehekharan magic which will alter the fate of those it touches. Asaph’s vengeance will be swift and just to those who would dare challenge him. Which realm will face the challenges Asaph will throw at them, prevail, and reap the rewards?

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