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Khemri ~ Northern Sector

Today we take a slightly closer look at the three public quests in the northern sector of the citadel. These three public quests are associated with Order; and should Destruction win a public quest then the next public quest will be chosen from among these three which are closer to the Order warcamp.

Market of Sokth
Tucked in the north-western corner of the citadel is what was once a thriving economic center of the noble elite. As harsh times fell upon the peoples of Nehekhara during the civil war against Nagash, the market was rechristened in the name of Sokth, the god of thieves and assassins. This open-air market is a twisting labyrinth of stalls and warehouses. Now as the city of the dead is filled with the beating hearts of the living, the Market of Sokth comes to life with those who seek other means to make a living. As players race through the twisting streets and leap across the terraced roofs and cloth canopies, undead assassins lurk to leave their mark and pay their debt to Sokth. Survive the lurking dangers of the market and face the Aspect of Sokth in a brutal melee brawl.

Library of Tahoth
Situated in the center of the northern sector is the Library of Tahoth, a massive structure dedicated to the literary pursuits of the Nehekharans who came before, and the Tomb Kings who came after. The library of Zandri and those of the great urban centers of the Old World, such as those in the Inevitable City and in Altdorf, pale in comparison to the pursuit of knowledge reached for by the ancient Nehekharans and the fiendish Tomb Kings. The massive structure is a testament to the vast knowledge of the desert kingdom and is dedicated to the god of knowledge and keeper of sacred lore. Within the lofty halls of the library are many sacred texts pertaining to great knowledge of the past, and also many cursed tomes dedicated to the dark art of necromancy. Search the main floor and upper galleys for the heretical texts pertaining to necromancy and set them ablaze. Enrage Tahoth and face his Aspect to see which secrets he truly hides.

Pyramid of Eternity
In what is the north-eastern corner of the citadel of Khemri, and the actual center of the necropolis of Khemri, is the ebon Pyramid of Eternity – a conduit for dark magic. A massive image burned into the desert landscape created for the purpose of seeking eternal life… by any means possible. The Tomb of the Vulture Lord pales in comparison to the mighty Pyramid of Eternity, a vast structure of twisting corridors ridden with traps and dead ends. As the invading players of Order and Destruction seek the most precious relics and artifacts, their most cut-throat struggle will take place in the dark corridors of the Pyramid of Eternity. As players race to secure the passages and set traps for their enemies, they may unknowingly cut off their allies and seal their doom. The living have no place in the Pyramid of Eternity.

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