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Khemri ~ Southern Sector

Today our explorations take us to the three public quests in the southern sector of the citadel of Khemri. These three public quests are associated with Destruction; should Order win a public quest then the next public quest will be chosen from among these three which are closer to the Destruction warcamp.

Water Gardens of Geheb
Located in the south-western corner of Khemri are the Water Gardens of Geheb, the god of earth and giver of strength. What was once a lush pleasure garden for the noble elite of Nehekhara has withered away with the curse of Nagash and become a lifeless symbol of the fate of Nehekhara. The life that remains in the gardens is of a twisted sort, it would be more appropriate to call it a mockery of life. Vegetation sustaining itself on the poisoned waters, creatures cannibalizing each other and picking the bleached bones clean. Here invaders will have to maneuver the environment as they attempt to defeat the Aspect of Geheb, but will the invaders make the connection with Geheb and his earthly nature? The god of the earth still finds sustenance in the land despite its nature and will need to be separated from that which nourishes him. Also a unique feature of the southern sector of Khemri are the water canals that connect the Palace to the Water Gardens, as the royals sought a private route to the gardens. Will the invaders brave the poisonous waters to seek alternate routes in and out of the Water Gardens of Geheb? Or will the invaders risk the waters and just become another meal for the carrion feast?

Palace of the Tomb Kings
At the center of the southern sector of the citadel is the massive Palace of the Tomb Kings, a grand lofty structure divided into a main hall with smaller ante-chambers. Before the time of the Tomb Kings, the Palace served the Nehekharans who in their later years became more and more embroiled in strife. As the days of darkness approached elaborate escape tunnels spanned from the ante-chambers to different portions of the city. As players descend upon the palace from the main entrances and from the underground tunnels, a brutal struggle will erupt in these times much as it did in ancient times. Players will have the opportunity to clash on the ground floor and fire down upon their foes from the galleys and balconies above. While the structure is large and open, there are many corners for players to wait lurking for their prey to arrive.

Temple of Djaf
Tucked in the south-eastern corner of the citadel of Khemri is the lofty temple once dedicated to Neru, the wife of Ptra and goddess of the great moon. The times for praising Neru however have passed and the temple was rechristened in honor of Djaf, the jackel god of death. While the temple proper is dedicated to Djaf, the struggle will span into the deep depths of the temple, to the Catecombs of Usirian, the faceless god of the underworld. While the main floor of the temple may prove aery and open, the invaders will have no choice but to descend into the dark depths of the Catacombs and provoke the gods by desecrating the ossuaries. In these dark tight corridors reeking of death players will face the fears of the underworld. Only when sufficient damage has been done to the catacombs will the Aspect of Djaf appear to challenge the foolish mortals.

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