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Bloodied Steppes Guide

July 11, 2011 Leave a comment

v1.6.1a consists of the Bloodied Steppes Live Event. The Live Event has 11 tasks for both realms. This Live Event ushers in new content, early access to this new content is determined by the winning realm in a ‘realm-pool competition’. Players individually contribute to a realm-pool, but the victor is determined by the success of the whole realm. However, the only players who can partake in the early-access of the content are players who have obtained the Elite Reward. Members of the winning realm who obtained the Elite Reward have 3 weeks early access, and members of the losing realm who obtained the Elite Reward have 10 days early access. Read more…

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Bloodied Steppes ~ Blood Arena

July 10, 2011 1 comment

Introducing the newest scenario for Warhammer Online – the Blood Arena. As the forces of Order and Destro clash over Bastion Stair in an attempt to reign in the power of Khorne, their struggle comes head-to-head in the middle of the stronghold. Regardless of either realm’s aims, the blood they spill in the Blood Arena will server to further Khorne’s bloodlust.

The Blood Arena is a massive circular chamber with three passages branching off the upper tier, and a lower tier serving as the ground floor of the scenario. Players of the two realms spawn in the south and north passages as they rush to the bottom floor to clash. This scenario is a death-match scenario, meaning that victory can only be achieved by killing the enemy and spilling their blood. Khorne will randomly assign his blood-favored marking on a target – killing this target will generate more points for that realm, but whoever kills the marked target is then marked.

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Bloodied Steppes

July 9, 2011 5 comments

v 1.6.1a

The blood-tide has come. For days soldiers fighting over Praag watched as the sky turned red and the river flowed with blood. To the north-east lay the source of all the woes to come – Bastion Stair. A new chapter has begun in the struggle over the lands of Kislev.  Already the blood has begun to cascade down the steps of Bastion Stair unto the steppes of Kislev. Can the Blood God be stopped before he satiates his appetite by drenching the world in blood?

Read more…

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Bloodied Steppes Teaser

July 8, 2011 5 comments

Praag… I pity anyone who dares call that city their home. A living nightmare it is! Shattered houses, the taint of Chaos hovering in the air over the city, and worst of all, those bloody cold winds from the north… they cut right through you like an icy blade! As if being stationed here wasn’t bad enough, things had to get worse…

First it was as if the sun had fallen onto the earth and seared the sky red, then the Lynsk River began to flow thick and red with blood… and then the howling and shrieking started. At first we thought it was those infernal winds rolling across the steppes; how wrong we were. A day after the shrieking had filled the air an Ungol horseman came riding towards our camp screaming with a look on his face as if death had chased him across the steppes. He rode up to General Kamiensky, our Kislevite allied commander, and collapsed at the general’s feet. Blood began to gush from the rider’s mouth as he gasped for life’s last breath. Suddenly the dying man’s eyes became  bloodshot and a daemonic cackle emerged from the rider’s mouth as he said ‘Blood for the Blood God’. With that the man lay dead, not a wound on his body. As if the damned city wasn’t bad enough, now ill omens come falling at our feet. No man deserves to die in this horrid place…

~ Jurgen Kuper, Private of the Altdorf Volunteer Regiment


As some of you may have heard, I was invited to visit Mythic’s studio in Faifax two days ago. I just wanted to take a moment to thank Mythic for this opportunity. Getting to meet the Devs and have a two-way conversation was a true treat, and I know the decision to invite an openly critical blogger as myself was not made easily and for this I appreciate their gesture even more. Sharing the hot-seat with me were bloggers Werit, Mykiel, Gaarawarr, and via skype Bootae, Zizlak, and Erdknuffel. While I could write about what secrets Mythic shared with us, it is easier to redirect you to their sites since they’ve already done great jobs summing up what we can discuss.

Kai doesn’t know it yet, but he is ready to confirm that slated in the future changes are also – Shadow Warriors getting dual wield…. bows! (they have to draw the bow-strings back with their ears); Engineer mounts being changed into locomotives!; and DoKs having a new mechanic where they have a 10% chance to turn into a chicken upon using an ability (part of the class balance)!

Once again, my sincere thanks to the Mythic staff for being very kind and welcoming, and for the opportunity to bounce around ideas. P.S. Steven E. – we never got to spar.

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Civil Unrest – Infiltration Quest

July 7, 2011 1 comment

Introduced with the Civil Unrest 1.6.0 patch is the new Infiltration Quest! This quest is in fact an Epic Quest players can follow from Renown Rank 6 to 100. The Quest is broken up into 14 parts, each available at different renown ranks: RR6, RR12, RR18, RR24, RR30, RR40, RR50, RR60, RR70, RR80, RR85, RR90, RR95, and RR100. The reward for each step of the quest is a weapon suitable for that renown rank; players will have multiple options to choose from. To access the Infiltration Quest, players must obtain the infiltration garment (Chaos Cowl or Emissary’s Robe) and then speak with Lycithas the Harridan Seer or the Supreme Patriarch Thyrus Gormann. Should a player fail to obtain this item before the Live Event ends, these garments can be obtained at RR5 by completing a quest from the same NPCs after the conclusion of the Civil Unrest Live Event.

In order to enter the enemy city, players have to don the infiltration garment which will alter their appearance and allow them to move disguised. However, players must be wary for the higher the state of alert in the enemy city, the higher the chances they will be apprehended! That means the lower the enemy’s city-rank is, and the more guards that are on patrol, the harder it is to move around the enemy city. If a player is discovered by the enemy (NPC or player) while in the enemy city, a message will flash across the enemy’s screen alerting them of your presence and general location. When players don the infiltration garment, their action bar is changed to a blank action bar with few abilities. As players progress through the Infiltration Quest-line, they will gain more abilities while using the infiltration garment which will assist in their mission of havoc.

Let’s take a look at the Infiltration Quest-lines! Read more…

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Civil Unrest Guide

July 6, 2011 3 comments

v1.6.0 is accompanied with the Civil Unrest Live Event. This Live Event has 6 tasks for both realms.


  • Kill either 100 members of the Empire or 200 of their allies (High Elves or Dwarves). This task can be achieved by killing enemy players only.
  • Locate the Smugglers Tunnels into Altdorf. These tunnels are located somewhere in eastern Reikwald, find them and sneak into the peaceful city.
  • Gaze into the Enemy capital. Visit Lycithas the Harridan Seer and seek her guidance to gaze into Altdorf.
  • Interrogate 10 Suspicious Citizens in the Inevitable City. Obtain the Orb of Soulless Void (Advanced Reward) and use it on citizens of the Inevitable City to find those loyal to Destruction.
  • Complete the First and Second stage of the Infiltration Quest-line. Obtain the Emissary’s Robe (Basic Reward) and receive the Infiltration Quest from Lycithas the Harridan Seer, then complete the first two stages within Altdorf.
  • Explore the Districts of Altdorf while it is safe. The districts to explore are: The Slums, The Marketplace, The War Quarters, The Temple of Sigmar, The Altdorf Docks, and The Imperial Palace.


  • Kill either 100 members of Chaos or 200 of their allies (Dark Elves or Greenskins). This task can be achieved by killing enemy players only.
  • Locate the Nurgle Burrow into the Inevitable City. These tunnels are located somewhere in the eastern Maw, find them and sneak into the peaceful city.
  • Gaze into the Enemy capital. Visit Supreme Patriarch Thyrus Gormann and seek his guidance to gaze into the Inevitable City.
  • Interrogate 10 Suspicious Citizens in Altdorf. Obtain the Pure-Heart Ruby (Advanced Reward) and use it on citizens of Altdorf to find those loyal to Order.
  • Complete the First and Second stage of the Infiltration Quest-line. Obtain the Chaos Cowl (Basic Reward) and receive the Infiltration Quest from Supreme Patriarch Thyrus Gormann, then complete the first two stages within the Inevitable City.
  • Explore the Districts of the Inevitable City while it is safe. The districts to explore are: The Lost Narrows, The Apex, The Undercroft, The Monolith, Fate’s Edge, and The Eternal Citadel.
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Civil Unrest

July 5, 2011 4 comments

The war between Order and Chaos has taken a heavy toll on the citizens of the capital cities. Constant assaults leave the cities in ruins, and their inhabitants either dead or in hiding. But life must go on, and the cities must rebuild knowing that the resolve of the defenders will be tested again. However, rebuilding a city is no easy task, and among the turmoil of the ruins dark shadows thrive and prey on the weak. How will you handle the growing civil unrest? Read more…

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Civil Unrest Teaser

July 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Wave after wave of Chaos minions… Rubble litters the streets, corpses lay rotting in alleys, doors stay barred from within, windows are smashed and a black smoke fills the air. This is the proud mighty capital of the Empire? Fie upon Karl Franz and his councilors! It is their duty to protect the city and the Empire, yet when hard times fall upon the Empire it is we, the common-folk, who suffer for his decisions! This is no way to live! Now we’re told we have to pay a ‘Reconstruction Tax’ to help rebuild the once-glorious city! More stinkin’ taxes?! Martial law to protect us?! It’s hard enough to lead a normal life with all this warfare going on and now more taxes and our own neighbors breathin’ down our necks… Well if Karl Franz wants to tax me more then it looks like I’ve got to find another way to make a quick coin…

~ Jurgen Kuper, Citizen of Altdorf

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1.5 Cycle Conclusion

July 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Today we look back at the 1.5 Patch Cycle and what it means for the grand scheme of Warhammer. While it appears that this patch cycle did not usher in any new content, it took a very serious approach to looking at existing content, fixing it, and presenting it in a new light.

The 1.5 Patch Cycle began with the three part WAR Anvil series ushered in with 1.5.0a, a focus on balanced PvP. PvP interactions are the core of Warhammer Online and for everyone to have an enjoyable experience the classes need to be balanced both with their mirror counterpart and amongst their archetypical counterparts. The WAR Anvil series continued with 1.5.0b which addressed Open RvR combat and other PvP interactions. While PvP may be the heart of Warhammer Online, it exists within the greater body of ORvR. It is for this reason that the heart must be addressed first before the body can heal, but likewise the body must provide a suitable environment for the heart to thrive. With 1.5.0b ORvR was revitalized with new player roles regarding resource allocation, new zone domination mechanics giving Battlefield Objectives a meaning, the reintroduction of forts to give the campaign a grander sense, and many other improvements. The WAR Anvil series ended with 1.5.0c which took a focus on the PvE aspects of the game which although not the main focus for many players, are still a key aspect of the game and should perform smoothly. 1.5.0c took steps towards making Dungeon gear sets more acquirable and making chapter influence rewards more viable in the changing atmosphere of Warhammer.

After the WAR Anvil series, the 1.5 cycle took two steps towards utilizing existing PvE content in a new way to expand the realm of ORvR. 1.5.1 took WAR back to the Empire v. Chaos pairing in Tier 3 as a new battleground for Renown Rank 90+ players seeking to enhance their performance in the reintroduced fortresses. 1.5.2 escalated the Tier 4 campaign to newer grander levels. Amazing locations which previously only served a role in the PvE storyline have become incorporated into the Tier 4 campaign for rank 40 players. With 1.5.2 the Battlefield Objectives are both meaningful locations in the realm of Warhammer and also locations which provide unique opportunities for PvP interactions.

While the five patches of the 1.5 cycle do not offer new content, they do offer new approaches to existing content which help make the ORvR experience fresh. The reintroduction of fortresses and the expansion of ORvR lakes across the whole of Tier 4 are but the first steps into aggrandizing the Tier 4 campaign into something truly worthy of the word ‘campaign’. The 1.5 patch cycle is not the end of the improvement of Warhammer, it is but the beginning. 1.5 has laid the foundation for a gradual rate of change for the age to come.

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Escalation of WAR

July 2, 2011 1 comment

The war had grown beyond anyone’s initial designs. Each faction was determined to drive to the heart of the enemy’s realm and purge the land of their presence once and for all. Offensive met with counter offensive. Though the war had linear designs with skirmishes on the fringe of the war-path, each thrust forward was met with stiffer resistance. As a spear is deflected off of plate mail, so too have the thrusts been deflected. Brute force and frontal attacks could no longer win the day, the time had come for the battle to expand into the fringes. This is the time of the Escalation of WAR.  Read more…

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