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Norscan Fate ~ Stormstaad

July 17, 2011 1 comment

Situated along the coast of the Sea of Claws is the Norscan fishing village of Stormstaad. The forces of Chaos seek to claim the village for their war levy while the forces of the Empire seek to preserve what humanity remains among the ramshackle huts.

The Stormstaad scenario is a three-point capture scenario. The forces of Order have their warcamp in the west, and the forces of Destruction in the east. Nestled between the two warcamps is the village itself with the primary objectives of: the mill, the village hall, and the wharf. Read more…

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Norscan Fate

July 16, 2011 Leave a comment

The forces of Order thought that their efforts to suppress the forces of Khorne would suffice to quell his ambitions, little did they know that their actions only served to deepen his hunger for blood. The Bloody Summer of Praag, as it became known, was but the first swing of the pendulum. From the halls of his mighty citadel Khorne sent forth his Scions, but an army is not built by a few mighty champions. No, Khorne had to levy his troops elsewhere, and fate would have it that Norsca was the prime recruiting ground for the gods of Chaos… Read more…

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Norscan Fate Teaser

July 15, 2011 Leave a comment

After the Bloody Summer defending Praag our commanders deemed our unit in need of lighter duties… to give our minds ease. The carnage that ensued in Praag after Khorne’s appetite was awaken was horrendous; the weak of mind went mad and wandered off into the Northern Wastes never to be seen again. We witnessed bloodshed on a scale unseen; however, we were still soldiers. So our unit followed the River Lynsk south to Erengrad and then commandeered a vessel to take us to the northern outpost of the realm of civilized men – Norsca. Our commander assured us that the struggle in these harsh lands would be easier on seasoned soldiers like ourselves. We were to keep an eye on the weak-willed Norse and make sure the Raven Host made no great inroads in this dreary region.

Our outpost was on the outskirts of some plague-stricken town by the name of Gotland. The villages were infested with savage Norse men and women seeking to join the Raven Host, and it was our job to suppress their foolish thoughts. Every now and then we would bring in a villager and interrogate him – some needed more coaxing than others. “Elements of the Raven Host in that village,” or, “My village elder is the vessel of Tzeentch,” – false reports not worthy of our time. That was until one night late into Autumn… that night changed everything.

Late one night a patrol came back with a savage bound by chains raving like a mad man. He’d bit one of the younger lads; the wound was festering and driving the lad into a feverish delirium. As the sergeant of the watch I called the officer on duty, some noble’s bastard spawn seeking honor, and we approached the man who closer resembled a rabid beast.

“And from where does this beast come?” asked the officer.
“We picked him up north by the river towards Thorshafn,” the sergeant of the patrol replied.
“What ails you man? Do the Chaos powers possess you? From what village do you come?” the officer spurted question after question, giving the name no time to reply.
The creature hung his head low rattling the chains that bound him.
The sergeant of the patrol landed a heavy blow on the creature’s head with his spear-staff sending the creature to his knees. “Answer the officer, foul spawn!”

The savage begun to laugh an unearthly laugh and looked up at the officer piercing the officer’s body with his bloodshot eyes. He then lunged at the officer knocking him to the ground and began to bite at him with a bestial ferocity unknown to civilized men. A dozen spears went into the man’s body; he rolled off the officer, revealing a sickening bloody smile and with his last breath said through those bloody teeth, “Khorne hasn’t forgotten, Blood for the Blood God.” With those words the blood left every man’s face leaving us specters in the Norscan night.

It was a bloody nightmare happening all over again…

~ Jurgen Kuper, Sergeant of the Altdorf Volunteer Regiment

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Scion of Khorne – Khorne Tank

July 14, 2011 6 comments

“Some men grow weak at the sight of blood, others are unmoved by the sight of blood, and there still some men who are driven forward at the thought of bloodshed. But there are few men who thirst for blood. I do not mean a metaphorical thirst, but an actual daemonic thirst from within – the desire to consume the blood of other men. It is these men, the blood-crazed, that we must keep a vigilant eye for. Here in the northern reaches of human civilization the weak of mind are preyed upon by the Chaos gods, and the worst we can face are those preyed upon by Khorne. It is we, the men of Kislev, who are the first line of defense of humanity against the horrors of Khorne. And it is we, the men of Kislev, who shall be the first to die if we do not keep a vigilant eye on the icy mountains to the east. From there come the Scions of Khorne, men who scream like wild beasts and fight like daemons. Those are the blood-crazed men, and they will stop at nothing to have at your blood.” Colonel Bukarov of the Fortress of Zenilev

Scion of Khorne

Archtype – Tank

Armor – Heavy

Weapon – Axe and Shield; Greataxe

Mechanic – Khorne’s Thirst

  • You charge into the battlefield and satiating the thirst of your god with the blood of your foes. You have a meter of 0-100 Thirst which will increase while in combat, this meter is divided into three portions: 0-50 is ‘Unquenchable Thirst’, 51-75 is ‘Ravaging Thirst’, and 76-100 is ‘Demonic Thirst’. Certain abilities can only be used once a certain degree of Thirst has been achieved. Other abilities will exhaust your Thirst. At Unquenchable Thirst your auto-attack is increased by 2%, at Ravaging Thirst your auto-attack is increased by 6%, and at Demonic Thirst your auto-attack is increased by 10%.

Mastery Trees

  • Bloodthirster – You focus your attention at one enemy at a time and deliver deadly blows.
  • Bloodholder – You turn your attention at self preservation for the glory of Khorne.
  • Bloodletter – You drain your enemies of the very life that drives them on. Read more…
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Grypon Lancer – Kislev Tank

July 13, 2011 5 comments

“In the dark days the savage hordes of Norsemen descended upon the fair plains of Kislev. Driven mad by the twisted Chaos gods, these men were laying waste to the country and moving through the Northern Wastes towards Erengrad. Frontiers outposts were overrun and their garrisons were massacred by the savages; Erengrad was facing a devastating tide. It was then that the famed Gryphon Legion rushed across the steppes to face the children of Chaos. As the thousands of savages descended upon the outskirts of Erengrad, the Gryphon Legion appeared on the eastern horizon. With dawn setting in, the sun light reflected off the Legion’s polished armor; it was as if a beacon of divine light had shone to give the city hope. Outnumbered at least ten to one, the Gryphon Legion charged forward to strike down the Chaos horde. Shining plate mail, wings bedecked with eagle feathers, leopard skins as cloaks. A sight to strike fear in the hearts of any. Against all odds the five hundred men of the Gryphon Legion charged forth to decimate the foes of Kislev and the carnage that ensued was deafening. This city’s existence is a testament to their valor.” Yuri Pavlov, Royal Historian of Kislev

Grypon Lancer

Archtype – Tank

Armor – Heavy

Weapon – Lance, Sword and Shield

Mechanic – Battlefield Valor

  • You charge into the battlefield and earn your valor with the blood of your foes. You have a meter of 0-100 Valor which will increase while in combat, this meter is divided into three portions: 0-50 is ‘Uncommon Valor’, 51-75 is ‘Exceptional Valor’, and 76-100 is ‘Heroic Valor’. Certain abilities can only be used once a certain degree of Valor has been achieved. Other abilities will exhaust your Valor. At Uncommon Valor your speed is increased by 2%, at Exceptional Valor your speed is increased by 3%, and at Heroic Valor your speed is increased by 5%.

Mastery Trees

  • Lance Formation – You have trained to punch through enemy lines and deal precise devastation.
  • Shield Formation – You have trained to hold your ground against the onslaught.
  • Gauntlet Formation – You have trained to beat your enemy down so your allies can kill them. Read more…
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Northern Allies

July 12, 2011 4 comments

The Battle of Belyavorota by Gregorius Volff of Erengrad


The blood-tide had swept over the northern lands. Despite the best efforts of the forces of Order, nothing they could do could stop the bloodshed. In the defense of Kislev and the assault on Bastion Stair the valiant soldiers of Order had to spill blood to achieve their means, and the bloodshed only served to drive Khorne into an insatiable frenzy. The matter was not made any better by the Destruction assault on Bastion Stairs, an assault meant to purposefully cause as much bloodshed within Khorne’s stronghold. When the two factions met in the center of the complex and clashed over the Blood Arena the balance had shifted beyond the control of Order. Khorne had tasted blood, and Khorne wanted more.

With Khorne’s blood-thirst unquenchable, the forces of Destruction had achieved their aim – to draw Khorne into the greater war against Order. Khorne’s contribution to the cause, his legion of mighty Scions – a force beyond reckoning on the battlefield. These chosen of Khorne are the symbol of his power in the world, men driven by Khorne’s blood-thirst. To counter this onslaught the Tsardom of Kislev has committed itself to Order’s cause to a greater degree. With its lands torn asunder by the Chaos incursion, Kislev had held back and played a reactionary role in the greater struggle. However, the incursion of Khorne’s forces unto the steppes of Kislev spells certain doom for the kingdom, so the Tsarina has chosen to follow a course of direct involvement. Called from her private ranks to join the forces of Order against the hordes of Destruction are the Tsarina’s Gryphon Legion. The mighty Gryphon Lancers are an impressive force which holds sway over the steppes, and they shall break their lances upon the shields of the Scions in the defense of not only Kislev, but in the defensive of mankind.

The realm which gathered the most Enemy’s Blood during the Bloodied Steppes Live Event wins 3 weeks early access to the two new tank classes, the losing realm gets 10 days early access. Destruction players who showed themselves to be tools of unstoppable bloodshed and earned the Elite Reward from the Bloodied Steppes Live Event, the Bloody Missive, can create a Scion of Khorne up to three weeks earlier than their weaker allies. Order players who displayed the greatest resolve to hold back the blood-tide and earned the Elite Reward from the Bloodied Steppes Live Event, the Imperial Communique, can create a Gryphon Lancer up to three weeks earlier than their less committed allies. It is too late to halt Khorne’s entry into the war, but can Kislev’s greater commitment help shift the scales of war to Order’s favor?

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Bloodied Steppes Guide

July 11, 2011 Leave a comment

v1.6.1a consists of the Bloodied Steppes Live Event. The Live Event has 11 tasks for both realms. This Live Event ushers in new content, early access to this new content is determined by the winning realm in a ‘realm-pool competition’. Players individually contribute to a realm-pool, but the victor is determined by the success of the whole realm. However, the only players who can partake in the early-access of the content are players who have obtained the Elite Reward. Members of the winning realm who obtained the Elite Reward have 3 weeks early access, and members of the losing realm who obtained the Elite Reward have 10 days early access. Read more…

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