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Executioner – Dark Elf HDPS

August 31, 2011 4 comments

“Cursed sons of Naggaroth! Of all the druchii, perhaps none are more loathed amongst the Asur than the Executioners of Har Ganeth. Damnation upon that cursed city! Even to utter its name sends chills down my spine. The sinister Executioners thrive on the cries of the weak and defenseless, they drink the blood of fallen, they consume the flesh of the living. No, these are not living creatures, these are the foul spawn of the cytharai. Woe unto Ulthuan for having to suffer their existence. 

~ Prince Eothein of Cothique


Archtype – Heavy DPS

Armor – Heavy Splint

Weapon – Greatsword

Mechanic – Sinister Determination

  • You feed off of the weakness of your foes. You have a meter of 0-100 Sinister Determination. Your abilities either build or consume Sinister Determination. Every 20 Sinister Determination your damage is increased by 4%, for a total of 20% damage increase at 100 Sinister Determination and your chance to critically hit by 2%, for a total of 10% critical hit bonus at 100 Sinister Determination; however your magical resistances are decreased by 5%, for a total penalty of 25% magical resistance at 100 Sinister Determination.

Mastery Trees

  • Tullaris – A focus on directing your attention at one foe.
  • Malekith – A focus on wide-spread slaughter.
  • Har Ganeth – A focus on weakening your foes further. Read more…
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Phoenix Guard – High Elf HDPS

August 30, 2011 Leave a comment

“There are Asur who live solely to protect the Phoenix King, both celestial and earthly. They give their lives in the name of the Phoenix King, and so dearly approach their task that they are said to be the most stalwart of defenders on all of Ulthuan. These awe-inspiring High Elves have sworn an oath of silence, for they have entered the Shrine of Asuryan and witnessed the might of Asuryan in the Chamber of Days, which chronicles the past and future of the Phoenix Kings; the knowledge they have been blessed with they have sworn to take to the grave, never uttering a word. Their greatest sacrifice came in the time before the Sundering, when Malekith sought to claim the right of the Phoenix King and assaulted the Shrine of Asuryan. In the battle that ensued many noble princes of Ulthuan were slain, but the Phoenix Guard gave their lives in the defense of the most holy shrine. They will not easily forget the gravest offense Malekith committed against Asuryan.”

~ Aithanir, High Priest of the Shrine of Asuryan

Phoenix Guard

Archtype – Heavy DPS

Armor – Heavy Splint

Weapon – Halberd

Mechanic – Asuryan’s Resolve

  • You fight with Asuryan to fuel your actions. You have a meter of 0-100 Asuryan’s Resolve. Your abilities either build or consume Asuryan’s Resolve. Every 20 Asuryan’s Resolve your damage is increased by 4%, for a total of 20% damage increase at 100 Asuryan’s Resolve, and your chance to critically hit by 2%, for a total of 10% critical hit bonus at 100 Asuryan’s resolve; however your magical resistances are decreased by 5%, for a total penalty of 25% magical resistance at 100 Asuryan’s Resolve.

Mastery Trees

  • Aenarion – A focus on dealing damage to a single target.
  • Tethlis – A focus on wide-spread damage.
  • Caledor – A focus on weakening your enemies. Read more…
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Battle of the Phoenix Flame

August 29, 2011 Leave a comment

The Battle of the Phoenix Flame by Gregorius Volff of Erengrad


The Black Ark from Har Ganeth has landed! Making landfall in eastern Eataine, along the border with Yvresse, the foul beast began to spew forth its army of death. A vicious battle across Ulthuan precluded the landing as the Shining Guard tried with all its might to reverse Malekith’s gains while the fog shrouded the island, and at the same time dedicated precious resources to tracking the Black Ark’s location. However, House Uthorin was viciously countering every move the High Elves made, slaying their couriers and opening counter offensives to flank the High Elves. While Malekith’s Fist was forced to withdraw from Caledor, the victory was short-lived as soon after the Black Ark from Har Ganeth made landfall.

Har Ganeth, a name no Asur dares utter. The cursed City of the Executioners has been called forth in the Age of Reckoning, and from the bowels of the black vessel spewed forth the very dread of Ulthuan – the Executioners. The horrid warriors of Malekith are loathed across all of Ulthuan for the atrocities they committed against the High Elves. During one of the largest expeditions against Naggaroth the High Elves ever carried out, the city of Har Ganeth was besieged and after many days of fighting the High Elves began to lose ground. Upon falling back the High Elves were slaughtered or taken prisoner – those taken prisoner were scarified alive in the name of  Khaine and the Executioners feasted on the Asur blood and flesh. Now these foul creatures march forth from the Black Ark into eastern Eataine to bring much despair to the land.

Tyrion had expected the Black Ark to land where it did and properly set up defenses, but the situation proved troubling with the Shrine of Asuryan laying between the Black Ark and Lothern. The time had come for Ulthuan to call forth its sons who give their life for the Phoenix King. With Finubar’s blessing, Tyrion issued forth a decree summoning all Phoenix Guards to join the Shining Guard in the greatest struggle against the forces of Malekith. Though the Executioners are savage creatures who crave the taste of blood, the Phoenix Guard are the most stoic defenders Ulthuan has ever known and they shall remind Har Ganeth of its gravest offense against Ulthuan.

The Executioners march forth from the Black Ark across eastern Eataine towards Lothern, and the Phoenix Guard has been called forth to meet their challenge. The Battle of the Phoenix Flame has begun.

Order players who obtained the Oath of Asuryan in the Dusk of Ulthuan Live Event have two weeks early access to the Phoenix Guard. Destruction players who obtained the Executioner’s Orders in the Dusk of Ulthuan Live Event have two weeks early access to the Executioner.

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Dusk of Ulthuan Guide

August 28, 2011 Leave a comment

v1.7.2a consists of the Dusk of Ulthuan live event. This live event consists of 11 tasks for each realm. After the delivery of a warning note to the defenders of Ulthuan, Tyrion has mobilized scouts along the northeastern shore of Ulthuan to track the progress of the Black Ark from Har Ganeth and its escorting fleet. Players from both realms will clash over the fate of Ulthuan as the invasion force looms; it is not a question of whether or not the Druchii fleet will arrive, but rather when and where. Can the forces of Order aid the Shining Guard and alert the defenders of Ulthuan of the Black Ark’s location, or will the forces of Destruction rally behind House Uthorin and thwart the defenders? The fate of not only Lothern, but of all of Ulthuan rests in the hands of these two realms. Read more…

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Dusk of Ulthuan ~ Tor Anroc

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“That cretin Bel-Shanaar usurped the throne from the true line of Aenarion, and during his reign his pitiful kingdom of Tiranoc grew fat off the wealth of Ulthuan. Fate did him and his wretched city justice when they sank into the sea and its people were consumed by the elements. The greatest shame is that the old fool did not see his grand city sink into the sea and his lands ripped asunder for the wrong he committed against my son.”

~ Morathi, Hag Queen of the Druchii

As dusk approaches Ulthuan, Tor Anroc makes a return to the scenario queue for Warhammer Online. In the initial aftermath of Teclis’s spell to cover the waters of the world in a dense fog the forces of Order pushed hard against Malekith’s foothold in Caledor. As the situation in Caledor grew more tenuous, Malekith had little choice but to pull back his Black Ark farther up the coast to a place that fate deemed ironically fitting for his new foothold – Tiranoc. After the death of Aenarion, Bel-Shanaar of Tiranoc was chosen to be the new Phoenix King, to usher the Asur into a new age of peace. During the Sundering perhaps no kingdom suffered a greater tragedy than Tiranoc as much of its lands were lost to the Great Ocean. Now players have the opportunity to return to Tor Anroc to battle amongst its ruins as they fight for the fate of Ulthuan.

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Dusk of Ulthuan ~ Shrine of Asuryan

August 26, 2011 Leave a comment

The most holy site in all of Ulthuan, the Shrine of Asuryan bears great significance for both the Asur and the Druchii. Our most holy shrine fills Malekith’s soul with rage as the flames of Asuryan rejected him. Now he seeks to destroy Ulthuan’s most beloved shrine. We the priests of Asuryan can only aid your struggle with our prayers, but the legion of Phoenix Guards will give their life for the defense of the Phoenix Throne and the Shrine of Asuryan. While the fate of the Shrine has been foreseen by the oracles, but it is our duty to ensure that druchii boots do not tread in this holy sanctuary.

~ Letter from Aithanir, High Priest of the Shrine of Asuryan, to Tyrion, Defender of Ulthuan

Located on the Isle of Flame off the coast of Eataine in the Inner Sea, the Shrine of Asuryan is one of the most sacred locations of all of Ulthuan. Bearing great significance for the High Elves, it was in the Shrine that Malekith attempted to assert his right to the throne and was rejected by the flames of Asuryan. Now, in the Age of Reckoning as the Black Ark from Har Ganeth descends upon the south eastern coast of Ulthuan, the forces of the Dark Elves march under Malekiths command to assault the sacred shrine and raze it to the ground. Malekith believes that the sorcery of the priests of Asuryan will not deny him of his rightful claim. The defense of the Shrine rests in the hands of the Shining Guard and their allies.

The Shrine of Asuryan is a death-match scenario that takes place at the entrance of the shrine as the forces of Order hold the stairs and repel the Destruction invaders who push in from the southern sea route. This battle will only be won when enough blood has been shed.

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Dusk of Ulthuan

August 25, 2011 Leave a comment

Teclis’s plan to buy the smiths more time to equip the new hosts worked; the world was covered in a thick fog and for a brief while the scale of the war was drawn back. However, Malekith took no time turning the situation to his advantage. A message reached Tor Yvresse containing a bloodied map and note wound around a arrow and bound by a bow string. These articles plus the signature of A.A. are enough evidence to indicate that the Shadow King Alith Anar was the author of the note and is the loyal eye of Ulthuan in Naggaroth. The note warned of a Druchii invasion on the southeastern shore of Ulthuan consisting of a Black Ark for Har Ganeth, which undoubtedly is accompanied by a fleet of corsair ships. As Tyrion mobilizes the defenders of Ulthuan against this incoming threat, scouts in the Blighted Isle patiently await the passing of the Black Ark. As the fog envelopes the land, the sun sets and dusk encroaches on Ulthuan. Read more…

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