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Arms Race Teaser

Those blasted elgi had to go off and poke their noses about that forsaken desert… ‘A grand expedition it’ll be’ they said, ‘Glory for the realm of Order’ they said. They didn’t mention ‘The Dwarves’ll be the ones to do the grunt work’. All that blasted elgi expedition did was waste valuable supplies that could have been used to defend Karak Ankor. When the senseless hordes of Destruction caught wind of the plot for precious relics the secret mission into the depths of the desert turned into a bloody war. Those elgi sure did find a way into Khemri, but now they’ve just opened up another front for us to fight at. With the struggle for the survival of the realm of Order stretched across Ulthuan, the Old World, and the southern deserts the available resources have been stretched thin. Now the High King has ordered us to speed up the production of the Doomstrikers and other arms. Our forges start turning out more weapons and stacking them high for the enemy to see and those blasted greenskins start doing the same! They see us increasing our mining efforts and convoys so they attack our mines and raid our convoys. No doubt their dark elgi task masters put them to it. New armies need new weapons, but the last thing we need is for the greenskins to have a reason to start producing more of their own weapons!
~ Gudrin Ironhand, Blacksmith of Karaz-a-Karak

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