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Arms Race

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When the High Elves sent an expedition into the deserts of Nehekhara seeking magical artifacts to turn the tide of war, the dwarves sought other means to achieve the same end, means they were more attuned to. High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer ordered all of the forges and smithies of Karak Ankor to vastly increase the production of weapons for the fielding of new armies – weapons suitable for both man and dwarf. The success of the Khemri expedition was misgiving, for the forces of Destruction also caught onto the southern route and Khemri turned into a quagmire of blood and twisted metal. It was then that the dwarves would step forward to propose their solution – a show of sheer force by fielding new armies. High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer particularly signaled out the great need for Doomstrikers, powerful hammers composed of several different types of precious ores found in various locations.

However, no mining activity of the dwarves goes unnoticed, and the keen goblins were very quick to pick up on the increased activities in regions crawling with greenskins. Raids on dwarven caravans produced crates full of ‘shiny rocks’ and the clamor from dwarven forges reverberated throughout the mountains leading the goblins to rightfully assume ‘dem stunties are hammerin’ the rocks into sharp fings’. The most obvious dwarven incursion into hostile territory was the entrance into Mount Gunbad, the most accessible source of Brightstone, which also coincidentally was crawling with Night Goblins. Chaos spies across the Empire also reported increased weapons production. It was clear, the forces of Order had greatly increased their weapons production, and the forces of Destruction would react in kind. Read more…

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