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Arms Race ~ Bitterstone Mine

August 3, 2011 1 comment

For centuries my family has guarded the Bitterstone Mine, and for centuries have we toiled in it and provided Karak Ankor with the precious Bitterstone ore. The halls of Ekrund are built upon the wealth of the Bitterstone clan and our hard work, and I’ll be damned if some greenskin rabble comes in here and threatens our Hold. If they push, we shall push back, and we shall drive them into the dark depths of the earth until they burn in the molten rivers of the underway. So long as a Bitterstone lives, this mine shall not fall!

~ Enellda Bitterstone of Ekrund

The Bitterstone Mine is a new scenario that takes place within the Dragonback Mountains of Ekrund. Long have the dwarves held these mountains and mined them for their precious ores, but recently the Greenskins have spilled forth into the Dragonback Mountains from the barren Badlands to the east. The dwarves held the gates of Ekrund firmly and the Hold of Ekrund stood against the Greenskin onslaught. The goblins, being the cleverer of the Greenskin races, recognized that frontal assaults on dwarven strongholds would gain no ground. And so the Greenskins burrowed into the abandoned mines and dwarven tunnels in an attempt to breach the defenses of Ekrund. It is here, in the ancient Bitterstone Mine that flanks the Hold of Ekrund that the battle over Ekrund has taken its bloodiest toll. The Greenskins were quick to find and tunnel into abandoned mine-shafts and they began to pour forth into the upper levels.

In the Age of Reckoning the forces of Order must hold firm against the invading armies of Destruction who seek to destroy the Hold of Ekrund. The battle over Ekrund will be decided in the halls of the Bitterstone Mine as the two factions battle over the Mine Junction, the Pumping Station, the Cannon Battery, and the Main Hall.  The forces of Order will rally at the Pick and Goggles tavern to repel the onslaught; the forces of Destruction will be able to spawn at either the depths of the mine shafts or the exterior bridge leading to the mine, however they will always start the scenario in the mines.

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