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Arms Race ~ Redeye Grotto

August 4, 2011 3 comments

“Oi Chompa, whatcha catch fer da mushroom soup I makin’ fer our dinna?”

“I’m da best bat killa in all of Gunbad! I gots us a nice big fat un, Sharptoof!”

“Mmm bat and mushroom soup, dats da life Chompa!”

“Say Sharptoof… ain’t mushroomies just baby gobbos and orcses and squiggies?”

“Ya dats right Chompa, why?”

“So dis mushroom soup could be da next warboss…?”

“No no no, dis mushroom is da big and tasty kind, not nasty like a big ol’ dumb warboss.”

“Wot if dat mushroom was baby Gork and yer boiling Gork now?”

“Den Gork ain’t gonna be happy and’ll turn us into squig goo… I dunt like da sound of dat!”

“Ahhh lets get outta here Sharptoof before we’z turned into squig goo for eatin’ Gork!”

~ Chompa and Sharptoof, Night Goblins of Mount Gunbad

Mount Gunbad, a cavernous network that for thousands of years has been home to strange tribe of goblins known as the Night Goblins. What was once a dwarven mining complex was overrun millenia ago and now the tunnels lay coated with rank slime and moldy mushrooms. The dwarves no longer walks the halls of Gunbad, now the mysterious Night Goblins prod along their squigs and call this home. Fate would have it however that Gunbad has the largest deposit of Brynduraz, or Brightstone, anywhere in the known world. The need for Brightstone has become pressing as High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer has ordered all runesmiths to increase productivity on the fabled Doomstrikers, for which Brightstone is one of the key components. Now, in the Age of Reckoning the dwarves must face enemies of old and return deep into the lost Hold of Gunbad to clear out the greenskin filth and begin harvesting the precious ore again. The Greenskins under Grumlok and Gazbag recognize how advantageous the dwarven conflict with the Night Goblins can be to their WAAAAAAGH! and have committed their forces to confront the dwarven onslaught. The struggle over Gunbad has grown to more than just a small skirmish as the two forces meet.

As the dwarves tunnel deeper and drive the Night Goblins into the depths of Gunbad, the forces of Order confront the forces of Destruction in a deep amphitheater known as the Redeye Grotto. The forces of Destruction spawn at the lower end of the path while the forces of Order spawn towards the upper reaches. The two factions will battle it out over the Night Goblin’s home territory as they fight over: the Squig Nursery, the Night Goblin Village, and the Brightstone Lode. Who will win the fight over the dark underground domain of the Night Goblins?

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