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Arms Race ~ Ekrund

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Nestled along the southern tip of the Dragonback Mountains is the Dwarven Hold of Ekrund. Isolated from the rest of Karak Ankor and not connected to Undrin Ankor, the vast underground tunnel network connecting the Dwarven Holds, Ekrund has always been very vulnerable to Greenskin attacks. In fact laying between Ekrund and the World’s Edge Mountains are the Badlands, an area ripe with Greenskins and other inhospitable filth. However, Ekrund has always been a critical mining center, particularly of the rare Bitterstone, and both the dwarves and the Greenskins recognize its vital role in the Dwarven economy. Such an isolated location would quickly fall victim to the Greenskin hordes were it not for its massive runic gates protecting the city. But even the greatest mountain can be taken apart stone by stone given enough time… In the Age of Reckoning the Hold of Ekrund is under siege and time is working against it. The Greenskins are almost at the point of breaching the mighty gates of Ekrund and the fate of the mighty city rests on reinforcements, should they come in time. Read more…

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