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Arms Race ~ Ekrund

Nestled along the southern tip of the Dragonback Mountains is the Dwarven Hold of Ekrund. Isolated from the rest of Karak Ankor and not connected to Undrin Ankor, the vast underground tunnel network connecting the Dwarven Holds, Ekrund has always been very vulnerable to Greenskin attacks. In fact laying between Ekrund and the World’s Edge Mountains are the Badlands, an area ripe with Greenskins and other inhospitable filth. However, Ekrund has always been a critical mining center, particularly of the rare Bitterstone, and both the dwarves and the Greenskins recognize its vital role in the Dwarven economy. Such an isolated location would quickly fall victim to the Greenskin hordes were it not for its massive runic gates protecting the city. But even the greatest mountain can be taken apart stone by stone given enough time… In the Age of Reckoning the Hold of Ekrund is under siege and time is working against it. The Greenskins are almost at the point of breaching the mighty gates of Ekrund and the fate of the mighty city rests on reinforcements, should they come in time.

“For millenia the dwarves have held sway over the Dragonback Mountains. The rangers ruled the rocky crags and no Greenskin rabble could threaten our existence. For millenia Ekrund has provided Karak Ankor bountifully, and now under my watch all that our ancestors have worked for is threatened. Tell me Kargrin, are we to let our ancestors down and let Ekrund fall on my watch?” an old weary dwarf quietly asked his companion with their backs turned to a multitude of gathering dwarves.

“We shall fight for every stone of Ekrund my friend. For every foot of ground the Greenskin filth gains they will pay by the score in corpses. The fate of Ekrund does not rest on your shoulders alone Rudgar, every dwarf will pull his own and we will send that rabble back into the Badlands,” Kargrin replied.

“But all we’re left with are a handful of veterans and this multitude of green beardlings. Smiths, brewers, priests of Valaya… so few know combat. All the Longbeards and veterans were swept up with the Oathbearers…”

“They are dwarves Rudgar, and they will fight with all their heart. Not one will perish without taking a score of greenskins with him. If you, their commander, do not inspire confidence in them, how are they to fight with all their hearts?”

“You are right my friend…” Rudgar replied quietly and then turned to face the beardlings who had gathered to prepare for the coming battle. He yelled out with a powerful voice, “That Greenskin rabble bangs on our mighty gates and thinks they are fit to challenge the might of Ekrund, but they know not what beast lays lurking behind those gates. When those gates break open you, sons and daughters of Ekrund, will answer their lust for battle with iron and lead. The Greenskins do not know what constitution a dwarf is made of, and we shall show them with the edge of our axes! Warrior blood flows through every dwarf and we shall meet our most hated enemies in our beloved home and force them to pay dearly for their transgression! The halls of Ekrund will run green with Greenskin ichor! We shall engage our foes in such a bloody battle that the halls of Ekrund will ring so loudly that all of Karak Ankor will know of the plight of Ekrund! Our hearts are strong, and so long as one dwarf stands Ekrund will not fall!”

With that the hall erupted with a massive cheer which shook the walls and Rudgar smiled a rare smile. Ekrund would fight hard, and Karak Ankor would answer.


Malgor Bloodeye looked at his mighty horde idly sitting on the steps leading to the massive gate; they grew fat and lazy and needed a good brawlin’ to keep their skills and blades sharp. Irratated with the slow progress of the siege Malgor let his rage out on a napping goblin as he brutally kicked him.

“Wot’s da hold up?! Why ain’t those stuntie gates broken down yet?!”

Cowering the goblin, who was the leader of the siege crew, replied, “Warboss Bloodeye, dem stuntie gates are thick as a orc skull! Wez doin’ our bestest to bash em day and night, but dats all we can do!”

Picking up the quivering goblin by his neck and raising him to eye level Malgor let his victim take in his foul breath for a while before he roared so all could hear, “Malgor Bloodeye will take dis stuntie hole! You lazy brutes will not make Malgor look bad in front of Warboss Grumlok! I see one orc or gobbo sittin’ around I’ll gut ya and let da snotlings eat yer insides while ya watch! I want every one of you runts bangin’ on dat wall now!”

The greenskin horde immediately reacted fearing their warboss. With the ram still swinging away at the looming gates the rock lobbas started flinging their loads again, to little effect. Every Greenskin who wasn’t on a siege weapon crowded around the massive gate and with great futility hacked away at it with their weapon. Even though only a score or so Greenskins could hack away at the gates, the massive WAAAAGH! crowded around and flailed their arms about in the air to feign effort.

Turning his attention back to the goblin Malgor growled, “If dat gate aint open and I’m not eatin’ stuntie hearts dis night den I’m gonna eat yers! All da world will know that Malgor’s WAAAAGH! took down dis stuntie hole! Now tear down dat wall!”

Whimpering the goblin replied, “Yes warboss, you da boss. Wez gonna tear down dat stuntie wall and you be eatin’ all da stunties ya want and wez make you a nice stuntie-beard cape fer da bestest warboss! Gate goin’ down right away boss! Stunties for dinna!”

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