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Arms Race ~ Halls of Ekrund

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The gates of Ekrund have been breached! As the doors splintered apart and the greenskins rushed in, they were met with a lethal salvo of dwarven firepower. Subsequent waves met the same fate and the dwarves felt that they were invincible. Malgor Bloodeye ordered his horde to blindly charge in, and they did out of fear of him. With no way to reach the Dwarven gunners and cannons the greenskins morale began to decline. It was then that Gorb, the goblin siege crew leader who Malgor had assailed earlier, came up with a plan that worked.

Gorb confronted Malgor with his plan and the clever goblin had his way. His plan was gruesome but effective, order a concentrated charge and let the bodies pile up, once a wall of greenskin corpses was high enough, the rest of the WAAAAGH! would be safe from enemy fire. Naturally goblins wouldn’t build a tall wall, so the chant started by the goblins echoed through the greenskin lines “Da bigga da orc, da bigga da wall! Gobbos iz too small!” Once the first berm of greenskin corpses had been built but yards from the gate of Ekrund, the goblins reassembled their rock lobbas and spear chuckas inside the hold of Ekrund and returned fire on the unsuspecting Dwarves.

Realizing the effectiveness of the corpse-wall, and the bloody cost at which it was achieved, Rudgar ordered the dwarves to fall back out of range of the greenskin siege. Malgor ordered another wave of assaults to build another berm closer to the dwarves, and once again the dwarves retreated deeper into the halls of Ekrund. The dwarves were only buying time with this tactic, the more ground they lost the harder it would be for them to recover, and the greenskins had a limitless horde of their kind. The plight of Ekrund had reached both Karak Eight Peaks and Karaz-a-Karak, and seeing how the fate of Ekrund teetered on the edge of a blade, the leadership of both factions took great interest in the struggle. Reinforcements were on the way but who would arrive first and secure victory in the battle of the Halls of Ekrund? Read more…

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