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Arms Race – Guide

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v1.7.0a consists of the Arms Race Live Event. The Live Event has 10 tasks for each realm, with a title unlocked after completing all 10 tasks. Like prior Live Events, this Live Event also ushers in new content, early access to this new content is determined by the winning realm in a ‘realm-pool competition’. Players individually contribute to a realm-pool via collecting resources in the ORvR lakes, but the victor is determined by the success of the whole realm. However, unlike prior Live Events, the Arms Race has two competitive pools to build towards – the Metal Slag Stockpile, and the Weapons Stockpile. The winning realm of the Metal Slag Stockpile will have 5 days early access to the new content, while the winning realm of the Weapons Stockpile will receive a small week long boon. While the struggle of the Arms Race takes place across forges all over both the Old World and Ulthuan, the true battles that will decide the victor of the greater war of the Arms Race take place in the land of the dwarves. Who will prove victorious in the Arms Race? Read more…

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