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Forged in WAR

As the arms race between the forces of Order and Destruction continues, the efforts of this struggle begin to spill into the realm of warfare. A vicious struggle ensues in the Hold of Ekrund deep in the southern Dragonback Mountains, and while forges across the Old and New World ring out with the hammer striking the anvil, blood is being spilled in every corner of lands. The time has come for the generals of both factions to begin unleashing their newly crafted weapons.

Forged in WAR is a follow-up to the Arms Race Live Event, and more specifically it is a follow up to the spoils players obtained in the Halls of Ekrund. Now players will learn what doors the keys found in Ekrund unlock, to what end they can use their anvils, what weapons need the new ammunition stockpile, and what machinery the gadgets operate. Introduced with the Forged in WAR patch are three new armor sets, two new dungeons, a new genre of trade skills,  and new avenues players can use to engage in siege warfare. Only those who proved true warriors in the cause of the arms race will be able to show that they have been Forged in WAR.

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