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Forged in WAR ~ Bounty Quests

August 9, 2011 1 comment

Kill a greenskin, and another one pops right up to take their place! Can’t kill enough of em myself, but with some help… Maybe with some help we could eradicate the vermin that infest our lands… With the right incentive, there’s always some fool ready to take up a quest to do killin’ for ya.
~ Hargrim Rustbeard

As part of the arms race, new armor sets have been commissioned for the new warriors who are preparing for battle. Introduced with the Forged in WAR are two new armor sets to complement the Stalker and Tracker armor sets already found in the world of Warhammer Online. Players can now find new PvP Kill Quests throughout Tiers 1 and 4 to expand their armory and better arm themselves for the coming battle.

“Hunter” Set – Tier 1
Dwarf Chapter 3 – Kron-Komar Gap. Quest: Bouncin’ Menaces – Kill 20 Squig Herders. Reward: Hunter Boots
High Elf Chapter 4 – Cliffs of Ushuru. Quest: Malekith’s Own – Kill 20 Black Guards. Reward: Hunter Chest

Greenskin Chapter 3 – Kron-Komar Gap. Quest: How Many Stunties Does It Take… – Kill 80 Players. Reward: Hunter Boots
Dark Elf Chapter 4 – Malagurn’s Charge. Quest: Fallen Sons of Chrace – Kill 20 White Lions. Reward: Hunter Chest

“Predator” Set – Tier 4
Empire Chapter 15 – Kreuznach. Quest: Tides of Chaos – Kill 100 Players. Reward: Predator Boots
Dwarf Chapter 16 – Hungry Troll Pub. Quest: The Bigger They Are… – Kill 20 Choppas. Reward: Predator Gloves
High Elf Chapter 17 – Gate of Sacrifice. Quest: Taming the Winds – Kill 20 Sorceresses. Reward: Predator Shoulders
Dwarf Chapter 18 – Palik Watch. Quest: Killing Da Smallest – Kill 20 Shamans. Reward: Predator Helm
Empire Chapter 19 – Knight’s Watch. Quest: Champions of Change – Kill 20 Magi. Reward: Predator Chest

Chaos Chapter 15 – Deathchill. Quest: Fields of the Dead – Kill 100 Players. Reward: Predator Boots
Greenskin Chapter 16 – Da Great Big Food Pot. Quest: Oh the Shame! – Kill 20 Slayers. Reward: Predator Gloves
Dark Elf Chapter 17 – Gate of Silence. Quest: Silent to the Grave – Kill 20 Shadow Warriors. Reward: Predator Shoulders
Greenskin Chapter 18 – Da Scrappin’ Camp. Quest: Gork Dunt Like Dat – Kill 20 Rune Priests. Reward: Predator Helm
Chaos Chapter 19 – Southern Breach. Quest: Sons of the False God – Kill 20 Warrior Priest. Reward: Predator Chest

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